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  1. 1. SWOT AnalysisSWOT is the combination of 4 key words, which constitutes the internal andexternal issues of a company. The 4 key words are,S=Strength; W=Weakness; O=Opportunity; T=Threat.Strength: Strength refers to the competitive advantages and the other distinctivecompetencies that a company can exert in the market place.Weaknesses: Weakness is constraints that hinder movements in certaindirections.Opportunities: A marketing opportunity is an area of buyer need in which acompanycan perform profitable.Threats: A threat is challenge posed by an unfavorable tend or development thatwouldlead, in the absence of defensive marketing action, to deterioration in sales orprofit.Strengths•Brand Image: The name Pran itself the premier beverage brand image. It hasbeen able to create enormous goodwill by its quality product all overBangladesh.•Innovative Product: There are lots of soft drinks and juice product like mangojuice, oranges juice etc are available in Bangladesh. But no one is come out withCoconut juice. Since it is the first product in Bangladesh, it has much moreprobability to achieve success.•Cost advantage: Already Pran provides various types of beverage productofferings to its customer and thus satisfies the needs of various customersegments. Therefore, as the organization has a lot of customers, its operationalcosts go down.
  2. 2. •Pricing: We do not take high price as other juices are taken in Bangladesh. Wethink that the price is quite reasonable to be succeeded.Weaknesses•Lack of Product Awareness: Though the product is new, it may fail to createthe proper awareness towards the target customer.•Availability of Coconut Juice: Bangladeshi climate is suitable for the coconutjuice. So people can collect juice easily. So it is the weakness of our product tocommercialize.Opportunities•Growing number of customers: Seeing the current situation of the beverageindustry and also the population boom, it can be depicted the Bangladesh needsmore modernized and different types of product and this is therefore a bigopportunity to enhance it’s sincere position in the consumers mind throughincreased number of quality product and different product.•Increasing customer’s awareness: In the years the people are very much awareabout their diet and drinks. They don’t like to take food and drinks from outsideand open market. So it will create the advantage to provide the quality drinks.•Lower technological cost: The world’s technology is changing rapidly to abetter future. If we can manage better technology in a lower cost then we canproduce better quality goods in lower price than our competitor.•Changing food habit: Due to many reasons the people of our county ischanging their food habit. They are shifting towards diet product and if theshifting rate increases like now, than in near future will get profitable revenuemore easily.Threats
  3. 3. •Increased competition: We have stated earlier that this market is in maturitystage but still many companies are interested to join the market. If they do, thenthe competition level will increase much higher than now and we can face manydifficulties to sustain in the market.•Down-ward pricing pressure: Due to heavy competition, we will always facethis threat that the price of the product can be decreased by the other competitorand then to carry on in the market we also have to decrease our product price.•Large number of indirect Competitor: In the coconut juice, there are lots ofindirect competitor. Lots of coconut sellers are available all around Bangladesh.It is easy to collect coconut and its juice. So these coconut sellers are the mainthreats of Pran coconut juice.WOT Analysis of PRANSTRENGTH•Large company•Experience•Greater sources of finance•Greater control over sources of raw materialsRisk-pooling•Huge distribution networkWeaknesses•Disproportionate promotions strategy
  4. 4. •Control•Lack of first-mover’s advantage•In-house media planning and promotional activities•Distance and transportation cost•Perishable itemOPPORTUNITY•Huge demand•Overseas expansion• Natural resources•Cheap labor•Ethnocentrism•Government incentives•Value Added Tax (VAT)•Duty Drawback facility•Cash IncentivesTHREATS•Price wars with competitors•Stricter health and technical standards•Reduced benefits•Competition12