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Opening App Dar - Can Dar Be A Smart City?


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A presentation on pioneering discussion on #SmartCity movement for the city of Dar-es-salaam. Smart City Dar-es-salaam discussion took place at Buni Hub on July 30, 2016. Conducted by Ng'winula Kingamkono

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Opening App Dar - Can Dar Be A Smart City?

  1. 1. Opening App Dar Can Dar Be A Smart City? @nkingamkono @smartcitydar #SmartCityDar
  2. 2. Introduction About Ng’winula About Thinkers Tech About Age of Wonderland
  3. 3. Keep the conversation going @smartcitydar #SmartCityDar @nkingamkono @thinkerstech
  4. 4. We’ll talk about Big Data Open Data Smart City Design Thinking
  5. 5. Expected Outcome Understanding big data, open data and role they play in making cities smart Using design thinking to approach issues Inspired citizens
  6. 6. Diving Deep into Big Data
  7. 7. Big Data Definition Big data is a set of data too large for traditional software & method to capture, process and analyse Velocity, Volume, Veracity & Variety
  8. 8. Purpose of Big Data ● Improve operating structure ● Making predictive analytics ● Making fast and better decisions ● Increasing value to organizations Used by governments, organizations, sports, companies etc
  9. 9. Tools Used in Big Data ● Capturing (sensors) ● Storage ● Processing (Analysis) HPCC, MapReduce, Hadoop
  10. 10. Usage of Big Data in real life ● Bharatiya Janata Party 2014 win in India ● Moneyball method in baseball, use of big data to scout and analyse players ● Obama’s win in 2012 is attributed partly to use of big data ● Transport system in London
  11. 11. Challenges ● Expensive to implement? ● More data instead of sample space? ● Quality of data?
  12. 12. Discussion on Open Data
  13. 13. Open Data Definition Open data means making data freely available and accessible to the public to make use of it.
  14. 14. Where does data come from?
  15. 15. Why is data closed?
  16. 16.
  17. 17. What are the policies behind data usage in Tanzania?
  18. 18. Smart Cities
  19. 19. Smart City A city that combines ICT, IOT to manage it’s resources
  20. 20. Characteristics of Smart Cities ● Increased engagement of citizens in local governments ● Efficient usage of infrastructures and their improvements ● Prompt response in changing circumstances
  21. 21. How Can Dar Become A Smart City?
  22. 22. Current Situation ● Presence of Telcos with their services ● Presence of UDART ● Presence of eGov ● Increasing exponential growth in numbers of mobile device users and owners Population: Over 4 million people. Less than 70% live in unplanned settlement, unstable electricity
  23. 23. How can we harness these trends?
  24. 24. Design Thinking Crash Course
  25. 25. Design Thinking Steps ● build empathy and create an understanding ● ideate & prototype ● test & improve Human Centered Design
  26. 26. Working Together to Make Dar a #SmartCity
  27. 27. Activities Break into groups of 6 people (6 groups) Write down the biggest pains you face as being part of the city Who are the key players to approach? What do we miss in making Dar a smart city? What kind of questions do we need to ask to build empathy?
  28. 28. #SmartCityDar is a movement. Let’s keep it going.