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Nguyen van thang en 081815


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Nguyen Van Thang's CV

Published in: Business
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Nguyen van thang en 081815

  1. 1. Mr. Nguyen Van Thang Master of Business Date of Birth: 30/01/1977 | Citizenship: Vietnamese Contact information: Mb: +84(0) 905 86 75 85; Add: No 02, Tan An 2 Street, Hai Chau District,Da Nang City Education: Master of Business – International Tourismand Hospitality Management, Griffith University,Australia (2008) Focus Areas: o Customer relationship management o Human resource and operation management o Business,Tourism,Hotel, Resort and Hospitality management o Marketing and strategic management (marketing research and market developing) o Research, analysisand creating leisureactivities o Strategic management o International business and financial analysisin organization and global trend Bachelor of Electric Engineering: DanangTechnological University,Hoa Khanh Campus, DanangCity, Vietnam (2000) Other training November 2010 Advisory TrainingProgramme, SNV - Nepal August 2010 The SNV Way Training –Hanoi, Vietnam IINNTTEERRNNAATTIIOONNAALL BBUUSSIINNEESSSS DDEEVVEELLOOPPMMEENNTT AANNDD OOPPEERRAATTIIOONN MMAANNAAGGEEMMEENNTT ((TToouurrii ssmm//HHoossppii ttaall ii ttyy//RReeaall EEssttaattee//FFMMCCGG)) Highly qualified with a MBA in International Tourismand Hospitality Management. Excellentknowledge of Vietnamese and Asian customers behaviours, the processes they use to select, secure, and dispose of products, services, experiences; ideas to satisfy their needs. Highl y competent management professional with extensive experience in international and national businessdevelopment, sales,marketing and operation. Expertise i n developing and directing international operating policies in support of quality standards and objectives while optimising customer satisfaction. Skilled in strategic marketing, sales and business development planning and implementation including practice and market analysis, plan developmen t, monitoring activities and budgeting. Recognised for orchestrating a customer-focused approach to marketing, sales and business innovation that delivers predictableand profitableresults.Inspirational leader and an outstandingteam player utilising collaborative approaches in work for translating vision into achievement.
  2. 2. KKEEYY SSKKIILLLLSS  Strategy Management – Skilled in undertaking strategic planning and decision-making at the executive level and formulating business strategies in alignment with business objectives. Implementing strategies for designing and executing freestyle programme and process es within defined cost, quality and timing specifications as suitable for international markets. Strategic marketing planning and implementing. Prioritising work effectively while multitasking and achieving marketing objectives within set timeframes and budget. Working with multiple products/services and consumer segments.  Team Leadership – Managingcross-functional business and development teams includingfinance,SRA, technical and innovation, supply chain, marketing, communications, legal and sales. Recruiting, motivating and retaining a highly-focused sales team through trust and respect while developing a positive, dynamic sales environment.  Programme Management – Leveraging programme management tools and processes to lead and manage international expansion projects including project charters, pilot test plans, project sponsors, status routines, communication rhythm and business stewardship.  Business Development – Expertise in identifying, researching, evaluating and pursuing business development opportunities for contributing to organisation'sshort- and long-term business goalsincluding sales, projects, consultancy engagements, partnerships, alliances and mergers/acquisitions.  Operation Management – Recruitment and training staffs; working with more than 100 staffs including maintain, sales, marketing, administration department; Assure everything going smoothly; Solving problem; Customer services  Marketing – Excellent skills in digital marketing. Worked on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and website development. Proven track record of developing new business brands utilising the internet. Conducting market research and collecting infor mation for analysing sales statistics and sales potential, developing apposite marketing strategies, gathering changing needs of customers and anticipating services/products development. Exceptional market problem-solving abilities, developing focus, providing tactical marketing solutions and determining opportunities for campaigns, products and distribution channels for increasing sales.  Stakeholder Liaison and Relationship Building – Competent in establishing credible working relations with external and internal stakeholders. Developing networking opportunities by actively participating in community and professional associations, sales trips, trade show activities and events. Developing and creating unique proposals and prospect from corporate lists while building robust relations with key customers/clients. D emonstrating a strong understanding of how company’s solutions can help them to achieve their own business objectives. KKEEYY AACCHHIIEEVVEEMMEENNTTSS GS Vietnam (GLV), Co. Ltd.  Responsible for Region and Vietnam master strategy for 2014  Increase more than 70% volume sales compared with 2012 at the same time and signed new contributor contracts for 2014 with 70% increased sales volume  Obtaining around more than 2% market share and extended 10 new big clients for each province
  3. 3. Duc Manh Corporation.  Business Orientation strategy focus on Residential, shopping center and social housing in this period time  Increase more than 400% client number come to real estate company (sub-company) get information and deposit for office for lease and social housing project  Convince existing clients in shopping center stay longer  Negotiate and convince new clients lease shopping center  Cooperate with 2 Japanese Real Estate companies to do property development projects in Danang city EEMMPPLLOOYYMMEENNTT RREECCOORRDD 1/2012 – 07/2015: Director/Founder Member - STEP Consulting Co, Ltd – Vietnam  Setting up and operating STEP company  Working with International professional consultants (Australia consultant 3 experts)  Create relationship with loyal and potential client as VNAT (Vietnam Administration Tourism) and International NGOs  Planning and controlling each project  Evaluating project in each activities and problem solving  Project features: - Develop a series of national tourismbrochures coveringfour product themes and six target markets. Key activities:Research;Manage design and content of VNAT (Vietnam TourismAdministration) brochures templates; Co-ordinatetranslation of brochures into 6 languages.  Project features: - Researchingand writing5 star hotel project in Sapa,Lao Cai Provinces.Attend to consulthotel property duringdesigning - Consultingto reset Hotels (Royal View Sapa in Lao Cai and Sao Xanh Hotel in Moc Chau) includingproperty innovation - Set up Backapacker Old Quarter Hostel in Hanoi and Proposal writingMaster Marketingstrategy for 2 HalongCruisefor Indoch ina Junk in Halong - Check all facilities,HR,marketing segmentation and come up with operation and marketing plan for stakeholders  Project features: CBT tourismproject development in Vinh Phuc.  Project features: Tourismdevelopment analyzingin Ninh Binh for ILO Organization.Trainingstrategies for Ninh Binh  Project features: Project development for Asia Easy Travel. Key activities:Two projects: Luxury Eco-accommodation complex in Hoi An and Paris Representative in Paris.Duties:Investigating, evaluating,analyzing,writingand communicatingmanagement projectto convinceinvestors and stakeholders (international and national).  Project features: Market development for GS Oil in Vietnam Central Region (from 10/2013 – 5/2014)  Project features: Market development for Cash sorting and counting machine (Japanese product) – from 3/2015 – 7/2015
  4. 4. 07/2014 – 3/2015: CentralBranch Office Manager – KERRY TTC EXPRESS (Including Express and Logistics Services)  To organizethe operational structure, procedures and resources and ensure effective sourcing,induction,trainingand development of operational staff in order to optimize the performance of people.  To build investment projects for Central Region as truck purchasing,newHUB and Officein Da Nang, new posts,and new additional services for whole region  To manage measure, review and take correctiveaction in order to ensure that servicequality meets customer requirements and Group standards.  To ensure all pick ups/delivery areperformed on time to meet committed servicestandards and the documentation is correct.  To manage and ensure strictcomplianceof security procedures and regulations for Road and Air operations.  To manage and control costs whilstensuringthatoperational servicestandards arecontinuously met in order to achieve budgets.  To ensure costs areregularly reviewed againstagreed budget targets.  Participatein budget preparation,management of profitand loss,and daily communication with customers and railroadson sch edulingand other issues to ensure a smooth and safeoperation.  To develop and execute a business plan (includingbudgeting, projecting,varianceanalysis,and costmanagement)  Committed to teachingand promoting personal responsibility for identifyingand performingsafe behaviors,conditions,and environmental responsibility  A positiveleader with the ability to be proactivein problem solving,makingdecisions,organizingand directingpeople,and utilizingcoachingtechniques for improvingbehaviours  Innovativesolutions driven to keep employee turnover low  Build and maintain strongrelationshipswith vendors  Set an example of professionalismand customer service  Hands on leadership with operational and technical skills to ensurethat "best practices"arebeing utilized  Create an environment where people are committed to professionalismand cleanliness 3/2013 – 10/2013: Strategic Business Development Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Vinh Trung Plaza Operation Manager (for products and services: Real Estate services, hotel/apartment, shopping center) - Duc Manh Corporation - Danang – Vietnam: Meeting and Discussingall matters with General Manager and Chairman of Board of Director related to Corporation every week to find out good solution in our businessand also in charge4 main duties: Strategy for all Sub-businesses Under Corporation:  Co-operate, business and division-level strategic planning for Hotel/apartment, social housing, land development and Shopping Center;  Core and adjacent market opportunity analysis;  SWOT and internal analysis;
  5. 5.  Competitors and customers analysis;  Create new strategy and operation process management to compete and develop Corporation (for hotel/apartment and office for lease product)  Product and services development analysis; and etc.  HRD strategy planning Business Development for all Sub-businesses under Corporation:  Identifies new business opportunities and develops long-term win-win relationships with strategic business partners that enhance the Company’s market: working with Japanese, Singaporeand international investment organization partners in investment cooperating in Real Estate services, Hotel/apartment, shopping center (find out and meeting to discuss with new partners from Japan, Singapore, Korea, and so on)  Business modeling: Internal and external research and analysis, then present new strategies to President and GM  New business development processes  White space opportunity development: find out to develop new product suited with different market in Vietnam  Identifyingand developing partnerships with both local and international organizations:find outand cooperating with Japanese and Singapore Companies in Real Estate, trading, shopping center, accommodation and hospitality industry  To lead the process of establishing strategy business plan, actions plan and organize project information nationwide.  To define, plan, communicate and follow up company’s business to ensure company’s long term viability with all direct reports .  To enhance our continuous offer and grow business in the next five years budget; and etc. Marketing and Sales for all Sub-businesses Under Corporation (focus on Hotel/apartment and Real Estate):  Market and product opportunity analysis and development;  Sales strategy for long and short-term  R&D strategy and making action plan for different period  Researching all service and facilities in Vinh Trung Plaza, Hotel/apartment, Real estate company and so on  Planning for Training and coaching staffs for Sales, marketing, and Vinh Trung Plaza operation division  Commercialization of new products (export and import sectors)  Help company to create new product introduction process  Support & Control Solutions businesses in identifying the markets, marketing master plan and business opportunities (in Real Estate, trading, shopping center, accommodation and hospitality industry) + And then Pricinganalysis + Competitive analysis + Segmentation + Branding + By listeningto customers and assemblingcross-businessteams to deliver customized solutions,
  6. 6. + Organizes events (government, marketing, brandingand activities to enhance Company's brandingand mindshare. + E-Business;and etc. Operation Manager: for Vinh Trung Plaza  Recruitment and training staffs  Working with more than 30 staffs including maintain, sale, marketing, administration department  Assure everything going smoothly  Solving problem  Customer services 05/2010 - 12/2011: Tourism Project Coordinator in 8 Northern Provinces and Tourism Consultant in other provinces - Under SNV Vietnam for the Departments of Culture, Sport and Tourism across 8 North West Vietnam Provinces – Vietnam  Project features: Assist Tourism Team to work with Da Nang City Tourism Development proposal Key activities: - Evaluatingand analysingin Da Nang about international and domestic market trend - Analyzing what Da Nang DoCST wants and needs - Make proposal and action plans for DanangTourismdevelopment - Communicatingwith Da Nang PPC and DoCST  Project features: Together with Team to work in Marketing research in Danang, Hoi An and Sapa (Lao Cai province)  Project features: Assist develop tourism trail to help unite 8 provinces across North West Vietnam (Lao Cai, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Ha Giang, Lai Chau , Son La, Dien Bien and Hoa Binh)  Capacity building key activities: - Tourismleadership training;tourism& hospitality management and services trainingfor businesses (TOs and Hotel) around 8 p rovinces and other (including:Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Brandingand Operation Management) - Capacity buildingin Dien Bien to improve tourismdestination management - Support Inception Phaseof High ImpactTourismTrainingProgram,Vietnam (8 provinces):Assistdevelops and implement qualita tivein depth interviews of informal tourismworkforce; Assist develop quantitativetouristsurveys for local and international market.  Marketing activities: - Doing farm-trip in Laos to improve capacity buildingfor region level and PR for this region - Marketing strategy for region level (focus on Hotel, Tour Operator business):doing8 provinces farm-trip with Vietnam media, TOs, PPC of 8 provinces. - Organizing farm-trip (for international and domestic TOs,travel media) and workshops to promote Northern Highland Trail destination - Work with International MarketingExpert team to create brandingfor 8 provinces:researching,organizingworkshop and create touri smMap, logo and slogan,tourismbrochures,websites - Planningand manage: Market need survey for Sapa district,Lao Cai province
  7. 7.  Tourismproduct development activities: - Assist8 provinces Level to create Northern Highand Trail:organized the workshop for this region level with strategy, plan a nd policy - Inspectingand evaluatingnew products in different 8 provinces - Lai Chau TourismDevelopment: Provideadviceand capacity buildingto government and privatesectors in order to identify and develop areas of the provincewith tourismpotential - Establishmentof Ta Phin HandicraftMarket(in Sapa district –Lao Cai province):Facilitatethe establishmentof the Ta Phin market as a tourist attraction to maximize the income for ethnic handicraftsellers and to reduce the incidenceof street vendors - Son La TourismDevelopment: Inspectingand analysingtourismpotential;then Provideadviceand capacity buildingto government and privatesector in order to identify and develop areas of the provincewith tourismpotential  Policies assistantdevelopment activities: - Assist to Create Sapa TourismMaster Plan:Support Sapa districtin developinga tourismmaster plan that maximizes the economic benefits of tourismwhilstaddressingnegativeimpacts includingcrowdingon trekking routes, trekking map, environmental degradation, pl anningoutof character and street vendors. 12/2008 – 4/2010: Vice Director (Founder member) - VCTravel Co, Ltd - Da nang City in Vietnam  Setting up the company  HR development  Doing marketing in the first period: farm-trip (cooperated with VNAT and French travel association)  Attend to international trade fair (Top resa, ITB Berlin, Fitur in Marid and so on) 2002-2006: Freelance in Real Estate – Da nang City in Vietnam:  Study and analyze real estate market in Danang  Buy and sell land and property (just small land) 2001-2004: Surveyor and Chief Officer Assistant - Vinacontrol Danang – Vietnam  Test and check quantity and quality of goods and equipments  Checking all documents from other Surveyors  Customers care  Reporting direct to chef and vice director 2000-2001: Engineering Supervisor - Danang Technology University Ltd – Vietnam  Reading technical draw
  8. 8.  Report to chef of University Electric Department  Check electric equipment  Supervising construction field  Report to Chef of department References: Mr. Quang Minh Nguyen Director Vinacontrol companyLtd – Danang city, Vietnam Ph:(+84) 511 3821 031 Mb:(+84) 913 422 566 Dr. Carl Cater Department of Tourism, Leisure, Hotel and Sport Management GriffithBusiness University - Australia Ph:(+61) (0) 7 5552 8364 Mb:(+61) 404 679 365 Mrs. Thuy Director manager (Stakehholder) VCtravel Co,Ltd- Danang City, Vietnam Mb:(+84) 905 240 009 Mr Phil Harman Asia Tourism Sector Leader SNV – NetherlandNGO Ph:(+043 8463 791/2) Mr Don Taylor Vice Director Steptourism co,Ltd Mb:(+84 1664173577) Email:; Mr Nguyen Luong Giap Vice General Director Duc Manh Corporation Mb:(+84 903 388 268) Email: Mr Giang General Director GS OIL Viet Nam Mb:(+84 913 810 126) Mr Đôn Lễ COO Kerry TTC Express Mb:(+84 937 958 689)