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Basic ceo's tasks for small group


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I just did this presentation for small group. Anyone can help me to add more ideas in this. Thanks and regards

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Basic ceo's tasks for small group

  1. 1. Basic CEO’s Tasks
  2. 2. Objectives 1. Working with owner/stakeholders 2. Working more detail with sub-companies 3. Strategic development planning:(including Mission and Vision) 4. Implementing: a. Detail of strategy plan for Group b. Detail of strategy plan for each sub-companies c. HR Development d. Business development e. Sales/Marketing development f. Operation: Product/financing/reporting/decentralizing
  3. 3. 1. Inspection (Owner) HR Capital Products/services/ Brand and positioning/CA Relationship: partners and government Identify strengths and weakness of owners
  4. 4. Basic owner orientation Needs and wants/ mission and vision Product and quality of services/Bra nding Focus: P/L or Brand name/Marke t or both Market /Segmentati on (Existing and potential) Potential partners relationship (National and International )
  5. 5. 2. Inspection (Sub-companies) Realizing strength and weakness of sub-companies  HR  Physical  Market/segmentation  Product/services  Competition/CA/Differ entiation  Existing development plan/sales & marketing plan  (Report process) Mater plan (short and long-term):  Present master plan for organization as: investment, sales/marketing, HR development (chart/recruitment/re ward/fine/report process,..) , R.O.I
  6. 6. 3. Strategic Management Determine short ad long-term business goal to lead business to catch up Determine core product/services and market segmentation for Group Sales/marketing strategy for this Investment activities HRD strategy Estimated potential product/services/market to create new project(s) including find out new stakeholders/partners/suppliers Identify mission and vision for Group
  7. 7. Making strategy for: sales/marketing, HR, business development, finance, operation project management Follow up new project(s) with activities as above Unit business strategy
  8. 8. 4. Implementing a. Detail for Group: after found out Mission and vision  Doing basic research: including S.W.O.T, S.T.E.E.P  Writing up plans/projects (can be new products/sales & marketing projects)  Looking for Investors/Partners/suppliers  F.S.A presentation for owner(s)/stakeholders  Estimated risks/opportunities/result and R.O.I  Collecting and Gathering team/HR  Preparing capital/finance (allocating finance and task for team leader)  Monitoring/controlling/Evaluating
  9. 9. b. Detail for unit business: after got Group strategy  Making more detail of strategy(plan)  Presenting  Preparing resource for new strategy (HR, finance)  Implementing  Monitoring/controlling/evaluating/reporting  Operating (HRD, sales & Marketing, financing, business developing,..)
  10. 10. c. HRD: after got Group strategy
  11. 11. c. HRD: after got Group strategy
  12. 12. c. HRD: after got Group strategy
  13. 13. d. Business developing: after got Group strategy  New white space  Seeking new opportunities for new market/products/services in national and international  Seeking new potential local and international investors/partners  Existing products/services:  Identify business opportunities  Improving relationship with partners/loyalty customers  Internal and external analyzing to improve products/services quality and expand the market share  Create the differentiation to compete with competitors  Realize Internal communication process is smoothly and consistently to lead organization to catch up long-term goal
  14. 14. e. Sales/marketing: after got Group strategy e.1. Internal:  Sales policies for sales/marketing team: KPIs, reward  Investment proposal  Supports: relationship/budget/plan from group  Group strategy information
  15. 15. e. Sales/marketing: after got Group strategy e.2. External:  Understanding the big picture – where company stands in market place  S.W.O.T, S.T.E.E.P  External industry review (competition)  Market trends  Market influencers (what drives/changes the market)  Attractiveness & potential  Competitive review
  16. 16. e. Sales/marketing: after got Group strategy e.2. External (cont’):  Distribution channels & buyers/agents  Customers  Who are they?  Segments?  What, Why, where do they buy?  Customer opinions, reviews, satisfaction  What’s important
  17. 17. e. Sales/marketing: after got Group strategy e.2. External (cont’):  Branding and positioning  Products/services and price  Publicity and advertising
  18. 18.  Products/services  Identify the values of brand  Quality of products/services  Satisfy clients: various products/services/reasonable price  Create USP/CAs:  Staff perception d. Operating: after got Group strategy
  19. 19.  Finance  P/L  Cash flow/revenue/expenses  Investment and ROI  Division/projects budget  Budget planning  Reporting: fortnight/month/quarter/6month/year  Proposal/Approval processing d. Operating: after got Group strategy
  20. 20.  Reporting/communication  HR: position needs/recruitment/reward/policies/KPIs  Sales/marketing: new projects/result expectation/real output/evaluation/modify  Finance  Report Processing/Forming  In the end: at least one proposal to improve weakness  Communication process between department d. Operating: after got Group strategy
  21. 21.  Decentralization  For department/sub-companies/unit business  Responsibility for each: S.M.A.R.T  Reward and fine for leader/staffs: KPIs  Level reporting bottom up  Financing for budget  And so on d. Operating: after got Group strategy
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