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Entrepreneur, Viet chicken final

  1. 1. Let buy us, we are so fresh, safe and flavorViet Chicken CompanyOwners:Nguyen Minh DucTieu Phu CuongNguyen Quang Huy
  2. 2. Contents 1 Executive summary 2 Company summary 3 Products and Services 4 Market analysis 5 Strategy 6 Management summary 7 Financial
  3. 3. I. Excutive summary The need of high quality food-stuff is increasingly fast Our business plan is about setting up a new company to provide customers one type of chicken and eggs which are very high quality as called “Gà ta” As the first idea, we name our company “VietChicken JSC”, we tend to raise chickens by 100% fresh foods not weight gain mash or something like that until bring them to the market. Objectives: Mission: High quality – High value Key to success: High quality – Good flavour – Fresh - Convenience Slogan: Chicken good – chicken foodVietchicken
  4. 4. II. Company summary This fresh chicken farm was appeared on our mind when we found that people like chicken meat so much, but they usually hard to find truly fresh chicken meats. Almost chickens and eggs that they buy are commercial chicken with unsafety and unflavor. This farm can contribute to remain Vietnam traditional food and also meet the high demand of fresh foods.  Safety & fresh chicken food company  Owner: Vietchicken is a Joint Stock company, owned in total by its co- founders, CuongTP, Ducnm and HuyNQ  Company Locations and Facilities: In Vinh Phuc  The weather and geographical area are good to raise poultry  Labor cost is low, traditional experience in raising chicken  Sources of food such as rice, corn are easy to by and cheap  Registered procedure is convenient, have supports and encourage of local government  Transportation is so easy and quick to HN and others provincesVietchicken
  5. 5. III. Products Products Chicken meats Chicken eggs First range: - Eggs -Chickens - Salty eggs Second rage: … - Package chickens - Roasted chicken es u s - Boiled chicken My boss forc ill t he h ru n around ea c h d a yVietchicken
  6. 6. III. ProductsViet chicken OthersTo be raised by 100% fresh foods not Use weight gain mashweight gain mashTime to raise is longer Time to raise is shorterHigh quality, good for health, flavor Low quality, not good for healthThe meat is tasteful, more hard The meat is tasteless, fat and cloyedHigher price Lower price… … t r aw W e only ea We rice and corn. Th ơ m are fresh! thịt!
  7. 7. IV. Market analysis Target market: Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho Retailers, Restaurants, End users  Market growth: 20%/year for the first three year period  SegmentationSegmentation chart Sales volume 1,810,040,000 PercentageDistributors (supermarket) 2,446,000,000 37%Food stores 342,440,000 50%Family 293,520,000 7%Other 6% Vietchicken
  8. 8. IV. Market analysis Industrial analysis: Five forces analysis: OK to enter Competition and Buying partners: many chicken suppliers, but almost commercial chicken, while our products are fresh, flavor, have a lot of room Main Competition: Manh Hoach, Lang Hoa Lac, individual farmers Distribution: Supper markets; Food stores; Centre of dense population in Hanoi…Vietchicken
  9. 9. IV. Market analysisSWOT analysis Viet chicken
  10. 10. V. Strategy  Our strategy is based on serving general markets well with high quality, fresh, safe chicken meat and chicken eggs. Marketing strategy  Brand name recognizing  Built a website www.gaviet.vn  Word of mouth  Design piece of advertising about the products.  Do report about fresh chicken raising process on TV to advertise high quality  Take part in food-stuff fairs  chicken and eggs  Advertise on internet, newspaper, radio… Distribution strategy: Corporate with super market, restaurants, food stores… packaging attractiveVietchicken
  11. 11. V. Strategy Sales strategy Place: Hanoi city and big cities Target customer: Supermarket, restaurants, hotels, families Sales people: 20 people, Well trained about sales. Distribution channels: Super markets, Restaurants, food stores, Hotels, Household, online Sales methods:  Retail dialer, through internet, phone, order.  Wholesales dealer: to provide supermarket, restaurants, agencies with all products.Vietchicken
  12. 12. VI. Management The three HSB-MBA graduated membersVietchicken
  13. 13. VII. Financial analysis Base fingers and assumption Start up expenses Revenue Cost of production Cost of operation Income sheet Break even point: Ratios:Gross First Second Third Foodprofit industryROA -3% 25% 50% 10,56%ROE -1,6% 12.5% 25% 18,85%IRR 118%Vietchicken
  14. 14. THANK YOU for LISTENINGViet Chicken