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Fanpage review


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Marketers' views of fanpages.

Published in: Marketing
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Fanpage review

  1. 1. FANPAGE REVIEW G7 | Nestcafe | Vinacafe Nguyen Tran Quoc Thinh Ho Tan Hung Huynh Hanh Nguyen Pham Thanh Hung
  2. 2. Instant coffee Overview
  3. 3. Outline 1)Current situation 2) Why they enter in Fan page ? 3) What they want to do from Fan page ? (Business Challenge, Marketing objective, Communication objective, Target audience, Communication mission on Fan page) 4) How they do on Fan page? 4.1 Content analysis: (Content category; Tone of voice; Tactics) 4.2 Wow point 4.3 Worst point 4.4 Demonstration figures 5) Who is the champion? 6) Recommendation
  4. 4. Current Situation
  5. 5. Annual revenue achieved a stable growth over recent years with: • USD 108 million in 2009 • USD 109 million in 2010 • USD 122 million in 2011 • USD 130 million in 2012  CARG = 6.9%/year  The key to win the instant coffee market is the domination of 3 in 1 instant coffee
  6. 6. 82%of the total market share is belong to the big three players: G7 (Trung Nguyen), Nescafe and Vinacafe … (Euromonitor, 2011) THE RED MARKET with many competitors from both domestic and foreign competitors (at least 7 considerable players such as G7 (Trung Nguyen), Vinacafe, Nescafe (Nestle), Rock Café, MacCoffee … )  It is necessary for those big three players enhance their marketing activities to create a strong brand equity in customer minds. 70%and down to of the total market share due to the evasion of foreign brands (W&S, 2012)
  7. 7. Why do they enter in Fanpage?
  8. 8. Based on data from INTERNETWORLDSTATS 2012 Target customer
  9. 9. Analysis Oops! This part need more focus. It is gonna be a little rough G7 Nestcafe Vinacafe
  10. 10. What do they want to do on Fanpage? Business Challenge • The outlet networks is evaded by Highland Coffee and in term of modern trade distribution, they are in disadvantage positing compared to Nescafe due to their poor promotion programs • Finally, they are struggling in the way to link the functional aspects of a coffee beans to the brands. Marketing Objective Positioning as the coffee for creativeness, the drinks for the brain, not for stamatch, G7 Trung Nguyen try pull customers to them for enjoying the functional benefit of a coffee bean (creativeness)  win the battle Communication Objective Via its message “Khi cần sáng tạo hãy chọn Trung Nguyên”, they try to create the belief that the coffee beans can functionally generate creativeness Target audience 18-40 years, both male and female (prefer male), office staffs, student, supervisor …, patriotism, national spirit, big aspirations, Vietnamese people should use Vietnamese product Communication mission on Fanpage: - Recruit more fans to let more people enjoy creativeness - Understand and believe in brand message - Create habit to drink coffee for creativeness
  11. 11. How do they do by using their contents?
  13. 13. INSPIRATION PICTURES (32%) MINIGAME CONTEST (35% posts) TIPS FOR COFFEE USAGE (7% posts) CORPORATE NEWS and TVC (15% posts) RELAXATION AND OTHERS (13% posts)  Types of content:
  14. 14.  Diversified tone of voice: Strong, masculine, clear, definitive … Normal, a little bit feminine, clear, long, romantic …
  15. 15. Story, corporate news: max 2800 characters Hot topic: World Cup mini game: max 1300 characters Pictures, promotion, new products …: max 750 characters From 1 Jan to 9 Jun: Contents couldn’t generate likes from fans From 9 Jun to 9 Jul: Contents generate a considerable likes from fans  Challenge: what will happen after World Cup finish? Avg. Fan Recruitment: 1,224 likes/day “Unbelievable …” Source: Fanpage Karma
  16. 16. Works with pictures are good, but those others are so bad Source: Fanpage Karma
  17. 17.  Picture analysis  Displayed picture do not reflect the brand essence about creativeness  The content and picture are also unparalleled, the picture do not support for the content How about these things ? At lease, they are good at reflect the brand essence, but there are only about 2 or 3 things like this from the beginning of this years
  18. 18.  Hot topic: • Mostly World Cup Mini Game can generate lots of reactions • The rest were around only 50 likes or less Hot topic: World Cup Mini game [CÙNG TRUNG NGUYÊN THỬ TÀI TIÊN TRI BÓNG ĐÁ]Activities focus on building brand equity are almost ignored, “IS IT REACHED TO ANYONE?” Source: Fanpage Karma
  19. 19. Try to position G7 is the drink for creativeness … … however … Not many people think coffee is need for creativeness Source: Fanpage Karma
  21. 21. Post rate: A regular poster (around 1.4 posts/day) G7 coffee is a regular poster but unfortunately … they choose the wrong days “SHOULD BE ON WEDNESDAY, TUESDAY IS ALSO OKAY BUT THEY JUST BE THE SECOND” 2 G7 Facebook??? Who is the truth??? Source: Fanpage Karma
  22. 22. DATA UNAVAILABLE ??? G7 coffee is trying to keep up with fans (53.3% fan post receiving) but … … their response time is around 172.1 hours Source: Fanpage Karma
  24. 24. WOW POINTS Avg. Fan Recruitment: 1,224 likes/day “Unbelievable …” At least, G7 choose the second hottest day (Tuesday) to interact … Source: Fanpage Karma
  25. 25. WORST POINTS • The level of service is low • The time to response fan is very late • The variety of topics prevent to create a brand awareness (both brand recognition and brand recall) in customer’s perspectives • The brand essence about creative coffee do not create an impression in customers minds, the way they impress the idea is also vague • The pictures they use to too common to distinguish those from G7 or other brands • Many topic couldn’t generate actions from fan, but the topic about World Cup (do not contribute to build brand) • Wrong day choice to focus on posts. • There are some negative posts in G7 fan page but receive no actions from fan page admins, even delete it … • Contents of other post types is poor for both quality and quantity  ALL SUCK!!! … although choosing the wrong day to put the most effort is bad already Video content is poor Source: Fanpage Karma
  26. 26. What do they want to do on Fanpage? Business Challenge VinaCafe has the product made from 100% coffee bean , but the consumers now familiar this character with the other competitors’ VinaCafe must strengthen its characteristic by using It heritage value. “ Authentic since 1968 Marketing Objective Use Ownership competency “authentic since 1968” to make a new character for the brand. Make the youngsters understand the value of heritage Communication Objective Increase brand awareness through giving consumers a story about heritage ( website). Let them involve in the story every day ( fanpage’s new posts) Create a “ Chat” lifestyle for young adults Target audience 18-35 years Love café, love the simple but elegant lifestyle, the nostalgia. Communication mission on Fanpage: - Recruit more fan to let them involve in the story of VinaCafe - Understand let them understand the story of VinaCafe and brand value which are authenticity and heritage. - Create a life style so called “ CHAT”
  27. 27. How do they do by using their contents?
  28. 28. 1STRATEGY
  29. 29. Facebook fanpage Events TVC Website “CHAT thoi gian” Photo Contest “CHAT thoi gian” photo contest will attract viewers to like, comments and share on Facebook Use the sincerity and authenticity to make viewers know the story behind the brand. Drive them to Facebook fanpage and the contest Facebook fanpage will pull users to attend in their story by posting everyday. Use storytelling technique and the “ CHAT thoi gian” photo contest and exhibition in HCMC TVC focus on authenticity How the coffee were made The coffee made of 100% coffee bean are link to the heritage of the roasting process
  32. 32. Tone of voice: male voice, sincere, experienced, deep. Type of posts: [ buổi sáng của CHẤT] [CHẤT cà phê] [Sống thật CHẤT] [Lựa chon của CHẤT] [ Cảm hứng CHẤT] [Cuồng nhiệt CHẤT] [CHẤT cười chút chơi] [ Hãy yêu Việt Nam thật CHẤT] and no title posts Content: nostalgic, positive, inner world, just simple thing happen in our life, story telling technique.
  33. 33. • Diverse lengths of post • Most of them include pictures. • Links and videos have low reactions. Source: Fanpage Karma
  34. 34. Source: Fanpage Karma
  35. 35. Picture analysis Those are beautiful, careful edited. Tagged with a logo “CHAT –since 1968” Do those pictures really match the mood stream of the fanpage?
  36. 36. Hot topic Weak topic Simple, authentic, sincere stories. The picture match the mood of the content. Is it related to the mood?
  38. 38. It is hard to find this page unless the viewers are driven from website or the other sources. Source: Fanpage Karma
  39. 39. Because the characteristics of the posts are defined by the page, it is hard for the fans to post anything out of topic to get like, or comments. The average time until response is 12.1 hours. Most of the comments are related to the users’ emotional opinions, it is considered acceptable with this time. Source: Fanpage Karma
  41. 41. WOW points • High quality posts, pictures. • Lack of commercial posts in the fanpage. • Make the content natural, encourage people to share their points of view. • Do well its role in the overall marketing campaign. • CHAT becomes a unique part of the fanpage not only just a fanpage’s name.
  42. 42. WORST points • So … what is CHAT? ( authenticity. Heritage, honesty, stylish..) • how “CHAT” life style link to the “ Heritage” • Overuse “CHAT” • Limit the contents which are all about “ CHAT”
  43. 43. What do they want to do on Fanpage? Business Challenge 3in1 has done a great job in selling coffee. But failed to create an emotional connection with people. Marketing Objective Make people love Nescafe and believe that Nescafe is coffee of sharing Communication Objective Create “Yêu lắm hạt cà phê”(localization) “Lắng đọng trong mỗi ly café là một tình yêu sâu sắc dành cho hạt café Việt Nam” Target audience 18-35 years Communication mission on Fanpage: - Recruit more fan - Understand brand and love brand - Driving habit into drink Nescafe (twice per day)
  44. 44. How do they do by using their contents?
  46. 46. Content category: • 15%: News/ Brand information • 70%: Tips for enjoy living & working • 15%: Activities (contests + supporting activities) Tone of voice: - Young, lively - Sincere, soft - feminine, “ life is PINK” Activities (contests + supporting activities) Tip for enjoy living, tips for live active News/ Brand information Tips for enjoy living & working as following: - Khỏi đầu ngày mới - Tỉnh táo và phấn khởi - Động não, giải trí - Lưu ý sự kiện - Yêu đương, hò hẹn - Tách café (hình tượng ly đỏ)
  47. 47. Tactics: • FANS’ ACTIVE HOURS: 9am, 2pm and 9pm. • NUMBER OF POST PER DAY: 1 post per day • TIME FOR POST: is it right time? Source: Fanpage Karma
  48. 48. -Response rate with fan (fan post on timeline) -Respone frequency Tactics: -Service level (the likelihood of fan post with like and comment) 20.2% 22.3% 7.4% 7.4% 42.6% Source: Fanpage Karma
  49. 49.  Top posts - Pics are ugly - Status is about company or product  Weak posts - Pics are creative and beautiful - Status is about caring, loving Source: Fanpage Karma
  50. 50. Nescafé prefers using pictures than videos, links but it’s effective to make high engagement. Source: Fanpage Karma
  51. 51. The colors and the contents of the pictures suitably demonstrate and match the statuses which are related to joy, relaxing  Picture analysis
  53. 53. - Optimize the image of Nescafe cup for any interesting subject of Target customer with very creative way - Utilize the special day and link to Nescafe emotionally WOW points
  54. 54. The content of Fan page did not support the message of marketing campaign in the real time -------> sometimes the customers are confused and did not remember brand personality. - Repeat picture used on Fan page Communication objective VS Facebook content WORST points
  55. 55. Demonstration figures
  56. 56. Source: Fanpage Karma
  57. 57. It seems to be that NESCAFE leads at all. But does NESCAFE win the battle ? Source: Fanpage Karma
  58. 58. Source: Fanpage Karma
  59. 59. Source: Fanpage Karma
  60. 60. Post interaction No. of post Vinacafe is more active than Nescafe Nescafe is higher interaction than Vinacafe Source: Fanpage Karma
  61. 61. Engagement Vinacafe is higher than Nescafe Source: Fanpage Karma Ad value Actual, Vinacafé win the Battle Source: Fanpage Karma
  62. 62. RECOMMENDATIONS CONTENT • Think again about the objective: “is it true that coffee can functionally generate creativeness?”  Whether the objective is SMART? If not, change the strategy, focus more the emotional aspects of how coffee can help us think more creatively, inspiring us more when we do things • The pictures, the wordings must be used in the creative way, must create the feeling that there is only one place which is G7 can provide those pictures, can’t find in any other place • Develop more photo collection about creativeness, creativeness can be anything around us, not only coffee but G7 will let you more, inform you more about something you never know before about your life • Develop creative contest, invite people joining the trip to learn more about coffee • Tone of voice should be more focus on, whether male of female, and it must be absolutely suitable with the post contents  G7 FAN PAGE RIGHT NOW DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN CHARACTERISTICS IN TERM OF THEIR POSTS, THEY ARE SIMILAR TO OTHERS  HOW CAN THEY MAKE PEOPLE REMEMBER ABOUT G7 FANAGE ???  THEY NEED TO CHANGE IT, CHOOSE ONLY ONE MAIN CONCEPT, AND EVERY OTHER THINGS MUST BE DEVELOP AROUND THAT CONCEPT
  63. 63. RECOMMENDATIONS • Increase the responding time, service level • Pay more attention to negative posts, need to do some actions (leading conversation, explain, remove …) • Still focus on Tuesday but use the most efforts on Wednesday • Do something with the fake G7 fan page • Try to create more activities focus on building brand equity and generate more reactions from fans CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT
  64. 64. RECOMMENDATION • Set up up-to-date campaign or promotion that relates to current social events to bring new blood to the fanpage. (music video contests) • Encourage users to share the pictures by give messages in the pictures • Redefine the meaning of “CHAT”. Use it appropriately. • Some content can be explored: review new coffee shop ( that use VinaCafe product, how to make a good cup of coffee,..) • Use new material to put in the content instead of those related to “ CHAT”. This one is not straightforward; however, it is necessary to create a new path for the content to maintain and gain more viewers in long term, compared to Nestcafe fanpage’s.
  65. 65. RECOMMENDATION • Content in fanpage must support for the communication strategy. • Increase post frequency from 1 post/ day to 3-5 posts/ day • Explore more new material to enrich the content because of the potential in maintaining and gaining more fan in the future. Therefore, the creativity of the posts must inspire viewers. Can use some websites to support the posts. (Pinterest, Youtube,…)