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As one of the official languages of the EU and...
Remembering that, high quality does not always go with high price. And a
reputable French translation agency never charges...
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French translation agency


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ExperTrans Global Company is leading provider in language solutions.Apart from French translation services French interpretation services,French transcription services

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French translation agency

  1. 1. Website : As one of the official languages of the EU and one of the Romance languages, French is widely spoken in 29 countries and 16 dependent entities such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, Guinea, Congo and so forth. According to a current statistic, French is spoken by over 175 million people worldwide. Therefore, French is compared as a bridge to open up more opportunity for you and success for your company There are various French translation services provider nowadays, so, if you want to choose the best French translation agency, there are some important notes for you to keep in mind What is a good French translation company? Is it a trust able and reputable French translation agency? Is it a small or big-scaled firm? They are some typical questions that you should bear in your mind before picking up any specific names. If you are still confused, let’s search for ExperTrans Global Company, an expert in providing French translation services. With more than a decade’s experience in translation industry, ExperTrans has created a global network of the most highly-qualified and native French translators. All of ExperTrans’ French linguists are able to translate solely within their own specialist sector, from science, arts to technical and energy industry, etc. Remarkably, they have successfully established a wide network of offices across many nations and continents. In France, their representative office is located at Lyon city Moreover, a trust-able French translation company will have a stringent policy regarding data security. ExperTrans Global Company has a perfect security system which will kept your information safe and confidentially. Of course, you will be 100% satisfied with ExperTrans’ French translation services.
  2. 2. Remembering that, high quality does not always go with high price. And a reputable French translation agency never charges you an unimagined price. If you use ExperTrans’ French translation services, it is easily for you to calculate the amount that you have to pay, then, decide whether going ahead or not. It is because the number of words in the source document will decide how much it costs. Certainly, the total fee is also affected by the popularity of the pair language with French. However, ExperTrans Global Company always affirms that our rate is kept at the most reasonable and transparent structure Additionally, turnaround time is quite important. No one wants to spend months to wait for their translation. ExperTrans always trying to provide the quickest French translation services to clients with around-the-clock service, which not many companies can confidently offer to their clients So, what is ExperTrans Global Company? Well, ExperTrans Global Company is a Vietnamese translation agency. We are a leading provider in language solutions. Apart from French translation services, we are able to deliver French interpretation services, French transcription services, French voices-over/ dubbing/ subtitling services and so on For further information of ExperTrans Global Company and our French translation services, please contact us via: CONTACT US EXPERTRANS VIETNAM - HEAD OFFICE IN HANOI : Address : Room 2107, GP Invest Building Tower, 170 De La Thanh, Dong Da district,Hanoi,Vietnam. Tel : (04) 62 85 55 88 - 098 823 3636 EXPERTRANS VIETNAM - OFFICE IN SAIGON : Address : R11.01B, Vietnam Business Center Bulding, 57 – 59 Ho Tung Mau st, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Tel : (08) 73 00 96 99 - 0938 055 588 - 098 823 3636 Or EXPERTRANS GLOBAL FRANCE – OFFICE IN LYON Address : 25 Rue Saint Mathieu, 69008 Lyon, France Email: or
  3. 3. Website : Phone : +33 805-080548 tag : French translators