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Summer Connections 2017


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Friends of Robison's 2017 Summer Connections

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Summer Connections 2017

  1. 1. CONNECTIONS OUR MISSION: To enhance the quality of life of those served and living on the campus of Cedar Sinai Park. Summer 2017 Our Annual Luncheon was a big success! Over 120 guests enjoyed a delicious lunch and fashions from Dazzle boutique in NW Portland. From left to right: Jemi Kostiner Mansfield, Jen Feldman, Teri Patapoff, RSM resident Freda Kale, Dazzle owner Faviana Priola and event chair Christi Goodman.
  2. 2. Dear Friends, It has been my privilege to serve as president of Friends of Robison for the past two years. I am proud of the work our organization has accomplished. With funds acquired from membership, fundraisers and tributes, we were able to purchase a new van for our residents. It was critically needed and we were thrilled to provide it for them! We are also designating funds to support the RSM choir, a program with more than 30 resident participants, knitting groups, and most recently a $5,000 gift to purchase new Torah covers for the renovated synagogue in the Robison home. “Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of those served and living on the campus of Cedar Sinai Park.” I hope you will help us to continue to do so. I want to welcome Marcy Morris as the new president of Friends of Robison. She is our previous treasurer and I know she will do an outstanding job. Congratulations, Marcy! Michelle Eastern Gradow President, Friends of Robison 2 | Connections Top left: Liz Rabiner Lippoff and Rosalie Goodman Top Right: Marcy Morris presenting David Fuks with a check for Torah covers Bottom: Mimi Lewitt, Lynn Lertzman and Jerrie Roth Don’t Forget! Friends of Robison has established a new tribute fund, Stock the Shelves, to provide books for residents. For an $18 donation, you may dedicate a book for any special occasion of your choice, such as Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, or Congratulations on a New Grandchild or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We will make sure that a special bookplate goes into the book, recognizing you as the donor and your special honoree. Your honoree will receive a note announcing your thoughtful gift. Please see the form on the back of this newsletter or online at A NOTE FROM OUR PRESIDENT Top: Dena Drasin, Linda Merican and Jen Feldman Bottom: Christi Goodman, Ilene Davidson and Sydney Baer
  3. 3. All of us are familiar with the ritual of breaking a glass at a wedding. We are also familiar with the Mourner’s Kaddish. These aspects of our culture are like the two sides of a coin…they each represent our understand- ing that life is bittersweet. The broken glass reminds us that, even in the moment of joy that a wedding is, we remember the destruction of the ancient Temple and the brokenness of life. We are symbolically recognizing that a married couple may experience losses and pain but will be prepared, with the help of the community, to keep their faith with each other and to the promises they are making. The Kaddish, which says nothing about death but rather praises the divine, reminds us that even at times of profound loss we can praise and take support from our faith, values and community. Again, this takes place as we are surrounded in the context of religious service. Returning to Cedar Sinai Park in the context of a challenging transition has been bittersweet for me. For the most part it has been a chance to come home and to serve an organization and a community that I love and that has been so good to me. That’s the sweet part. But, that it has been necessary and that we are having to make repairs to communications systems, respond to quality issues, and reassure our community that we will keep faith with the 100 year old promise that CSP will adhere to the values our people is the bittersweet part. That said, the good and the sweet are prevailing. We are seeing growth and improvement throughout the organization. Our Board and staff are working hard to return us to the path which is consistent with our core values. We are moving in the right direction. Sweetest of all, the Friends of Robison remains at the heart of what we do. Your interest, kindness and generosity give strength and commitment to our purpose. It’s like coming home and seeing our Mom and siblings are still with us and still the loving force that guides our lives. I was so grateful that your recent gift will result in cladding our Torahs. It felt just right. Your regard and interest are the inspiration we need as we build the path for our second hundred years. David H. Fuks, Interim Chief Executive Officer HOMECOMING Summer 2017| 3 FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF SPIRITUAL LIFE As you read this, think back to our recent celebrations of the holiday of Shavuot, marking the moment when all of Israel stood together at the foot of Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah. While the journey to the Promised Land is far from over (read ahead in the Torah – we’ve got 40 years to go!), this 49th day from the Exodus is of monumental significance, showing a tangible shift from our past as slaves in Egypt to being a free nation governed by G-d’s Law. Sometimes we need those reminders about how far we’ve come in our lives. Just the other day a resident showed me a picture of the tree we planted together on a rainy February afternoon to celebrate Tu BiShvat. That slender tree, its delicate branches bare under sodden skies, has burst into bloom, a glorious tribute to life and growth and the cycle of nature. May we all pause now and then to take in those special moments around us and reflect on where we are in our own journeys. Jemi Kostiner Mansfield Director of Spiritual Life
  4. 4. 1. Alvin Berger, a Pizmon singer and Fran Stone after Pizmon’s performance at RSM. 2. Help the Friends of Robison stock the shelves of the Harold Schnitzer Center for Living. 3. Racheal Hasson standing next to one of her pieces of art showcased in the May Living Room. 4. A RSM volunteer helping Rhoda Feldman and Cecilia Bardagjy making their own potted plants. 5. Residents and staff of Rose Schnitzer Manor preparing Seder plates. 6. Residents of Rose Schnitzer Manor enjoying a night out at Darcelle’s 7. The Rose Schnitzer Manor Choir performing at the Friends of Robison Annual Luncheon. 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 4 | Connections 3.
  5. 5. Summer 2017 | 5 NEWS AROUND CAMPUS Can it be? It seems as though summer is finally here! In addition to warm sunny days, walks on our nature trails, and watching the fireflies, our favorite summer traditions are coming together. Just like our residents our beautiful new campus is in full bloom. A gorgeous front patio at the main entrance to the Harold Schnitzer Center for Living homes is going to be the center of many activities. The Stern House initiated the first week of May with a cookout. The time to fire up the grill is upon us. All of our dates have been set for the Rose Schnitzer Manor, Harold Schnitzer Center for Living and Robison Home BBQs. Our entire campus family is invited to the fun. Our BBQs have fun and creative themes culminating in the final Backpack to School BBQ. Our staff’s families are invited to this amazing event in a carnival like atmosphere where we give each elementary school kid a backpack full of school supplies. The residents love giving back to the staff, and the staff enjoy having their families mix and mingle with all of our beloved residents. CSP is blessed with eclectic and entertaining cultural events all summer long, like our annual Rose Festival month. The theme this year was “All That Jazz!” with activities, programs and events to delight and entertain our residents! Three princes and princesses, from both sides of our campus, were honored to sit on our royal court throughout the festivities. Our coronation ceremony crowned a king and queen to rule over our very own Rosaria. We rode on the coat tails of many of the official Portland Rose Festival activities, such as viewing parade floats and visiting the International Rose Test Garden. Eating ala fresco at CSP is very popular during the summer months. Right now the staff at Rose Schnitzer Manor are preparing the patio outside the Newmark dining room so that we will be ready to open up the doors for meal times. The homes at HSCL are hoping to have many opportunities to eat on their decks with their brand-new patio furniture. This year, we started what we hope to become a new tradition. Our CSP bus was one of the “floats” at the Pride Parade. With great music, great decorations, and great staff and residents, we represented our community in support of tolerance and diversity. At Cedar Sinai Park, summer time is an opportunity to engage in all that the good weather has to offer. We look forward to spending time together at all of the wonderful events and programs. We would love to see you all some time on campus! Jennifer Felberg Life Program Director Lillian Sherman, Ellen Feldman and Edith Jedwab Judith Schollsberg and Lorie Philips Steve Madson
  6. 6. The Golden Book of Life Jan Swire Richard and Susan Garber IN MEMORY Arne Westerman Ruth Menashe Arnie Enkelis Ronnie Schechter Bernice Gevurtz Idie Salamon Beverly and Stan Eastern Jack Hecht Evelyn Freedman Wilma Jane Balick Joyce Singer Eleanore Rubenstein GET WELL Additional Tributes Mel and Jan Swire Shirley and Jerry Nudelman Gerda Eiseman Jackie Constantine Ron and Marcy Morris Beverly and Stan Eastern Idie Salamon Michelle and Steve Gradow Joyce Singer Charlotte and Isaac Tevet Margaret Hasson Phillip and Roberta Cohen Marv and Barbara Wolf Madeline Nelson Evelyn Maizels Mary Ruckdeschel Michelle and Steve Gradow Sandy Seres Karen Labinger FRIENDS OF ROBISON TRIBUTES(Received March, 2017 – May, 2017) 6 | Connections Stock The Shelves IN MEMORY Grace Hochfeld Gilbert Marilyn and Rick Gilbert Jack Hecht Shirley and Jerry Nudelman Leonard and Goldie Barde Carolyn Gorin Pearl K. Russell Marilyn and Rick Gilbert Dr. Robert Gilbert Marilyn and Rick Gilbert Samuel L. Russell Marilyn and Rick Gilbert GET WELL Jan Swire Shirley and Jerry Nudelman Judy Blauer Shirley and Jerry Nudelman Wilma Caplan Shirley and Jerry Nudelman Diane Arensberg Shirley and Jerry Nudelman Hal Jackson Donna Jackson Karen Hoover Sarita Unger Linda Veltman John and Melissa Matterazzo Carol Markewitz John and Melissa Matterazzo Christi Goodman Beverly and Stan Eastern Michelle Gradow Beverly and Stan Eastern HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HONOR IN MEMORY Alegre Tevet Susan Mosler Arnie Enkelis Charlotte and Isaac Tevet Terri Simon Beverly and Stan Eastern Sue and Rich Garber Mel and Jan Swire Char Notos Michelle and Steve Gradow Charlotte Sugarman Barbie, Michael and Gary Enkelis Dee Lewis Janet Hasson GET WELL Bernice Gevurtz Barbie, Michael and Gary Enkelis Carol Baner Shirley and Jerry Nudelman Inga Hamburger Jackie Constantine Janet and Melvin Swire Jan Swire Rosalie Goodman Rich Garber Barbie and Michael Enkelis Janet Hasson Norman and Kathy Chusid Judy Blauer Evelyn Maizels Ron and Taya Meyer Ruthie Gassner Barbie, Michael and Gary Enkelis Stan Blauer Marv and Barbara Wolf Shirley and Jerry Nudelman Teri Giangreco Charlotte and Isaac Tevet Phillip and Roberta Cohen Evelyn Freedman Shirley and Jerry Nudelman
  7. 7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donna Jackson Wendi and Sanford Menashe Hal Jackson Donna Jackson Jean Hasson Walter and Suzanne Lowy Milt Carl Ronnie Schechter Helen Stern Michelle and Steve Gradow Barbara Slader Barry Levine Les Gutfreund and Eve Stern Michelle and Steve Gradow Elaine Coughlin Marcy Morris Sheila Stern Jeanette Philan Rich and Mary Peizner Rosalie Goodman IN HONOR Summer 2017 | 7 Connect with one of our tribute secretaries to make a donation or a tribute: HOW YOU CAN HELP FRIENDS Become a member by visiting us online at: or mail your annual $25 membership fee to: Friends of Robison 6125 SW Boundary Street Portland, OR 97221-1019 Become a member We have made every effort to ensure that our list is accurate. We sincerely apologize for any errors. Evelyn Maizels (503) 291-1618 4460 SW Scholls Ferry Rd. Apt. 10 Portland, OR 97225 THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE WHO SPONSORED A RESIDENT FOR THE ANNUAL LUNCHEON Sydney Baer Karen Berman Elise Brickner-Schulz Rabbi Michael Cahana Ilene Davidson Dena Drasin Beverly Eastern Becky Eiseman Mariam Epstein Jenat Feldman Lesley Glasgow Christi Goodman Rosalie Goodman Michelle Gradow Nancy Green Susan Hammel Beverly Hecht Renne Lann Miriam Lewitt Liz Lippoff Toinette Menashe Sharon Morell Marcy Morris Dora Newman Shirley Nudelman Maria Rebach Diane Rosencrantz Eve Stern Angelo Turner Linda Veltman Carolyn Weinstein Fern Schlesinger-Winkler Barbara Wolf Jan Swire (503) 771-2750 3715 SE Malden St. Portland, OR 97202-8031 Freda Kale showing off an amazing dress from Dazzle We would love to stay in touch. Please let us know if your mailing address, email, or phone number has changed. Just call (971) 717-7152 or email nathan. Thanks!
  8. 8. Honoree Occasion Name/Address $ Amount for Notification 1 2 3 Donor Name (as you wish it to appear in print) Phone Donor address Email Thank you for your donation of: Friends of Robison Donations Form Regular tribute ($10 minimum) Stock the Shelves ($18 per book minimum) Please Select: General donation to Friends of Robison Book of Life tribute ($25 minimum) 3rd Annual Bingo Evening! Sunday September 10, 2017 Zidell Hall at the Rose Schnitzer Manor Invitation to Follow! Save The Date