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Friends of Robison Winter 2016-17


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Friends of Robison who support CSP Summer newsletter

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Friends of Robison Winter 2016-17

  1. 1. CONNECTIONS OUR MISSION: To enhance the quality of life of those served and living on the campus of Cedar Sinai Park. Winter 2016-17 Residents of Cedar Sinai Park Celebrating Their B’not Mitzvah Julie Anne Feinstein Celia Hirsch Rhoda Feldman
  2. 2. Years ago, I discovered a wonderful teaching that Reb Nachman of Breslov gave. He taught that Jews are for- bidden to feel old! The message he tried to convey was that allowing yourself to feel old is to deny yourself the possibilities. We typically think of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah as a coming of age journey and celebration, observed at age 13. The operative word in this opening line is “journey.” One year ago, three Rose Schnitzer Manor residents enrolled in my class to study Hebrew. Rhoda Feldman and Celia Hirsch wanted to refresh their reading skills so they might follow the prayer book more easily, while Julie Anne Feinstein wanted to fulfill a lifetime ambition of learning to read Hebrew. Within a matter of weeks, these students chose to embark on a journey to celebrate their growing competence in leading their community in prayer. We began with the alef-bet, the Hebrew alphabet and related vowel sounds. Naomi Fredgant, an 18-year-old volunteer, assisted with some one-on-one instruction. Quickly these students moved to reading, and then Julie Anne announced that she wanted to have a Bat Mitzvah! She invited Celia and Rhoda to join her. The journey we took together after that was nothing short of astonishing. After we settled on a date, Shabbat Sukkoth 2016 (October 22), Celia Joyfully shared her news with friends and family: “Can you believe it? I’m going to have a Bas Mitzvah. At my age? I’m 96!” With our work cut out for us, our focus shifted to To- rah. Each woman was assigned three to five verses that would eventually be read straight from the To- rah. Eventually Rabbi Eve Posen and Cantor Barbara Slader came as guest teachers to assist with studying the meaning of each verse. During their Bat Mitzvah ceremony, each woman of- fered a brief talk, read directly from the Torah, and invited their family to stand under a Tallit Chuppah to receive a blessing. Rhoda Feldman told us, “It was a journey for Julie Anne, Celia and me. Each of us had something different to focus on. For me it was keeping my mind and my spirit refreshed. Study now is more intense. I am now 88 and things come slower.” The Bat Mitzvah coincided with the holiday of Sukkot. Celia Hirsch made a wonderful connection between the holiday and life. She said, “The Sukkah is a tem- porary dwelling space. It brings us all into a place of shelter where we can look into each other’s eyes. That’s when I experience God, so it’s our tradition to invite our friends, family and even people we don’t know, — which gives us the opportunity to see God in someone else’s eyes. That’s how I got the friends I have.” Julie Anne’s family commissioned a beautiful hand- painted Tallit by local artist Diane Fredgant. She wore it with pride as she spoke to us. “While one may have their Bat Mitzvah at any age, it is traditionally around the youthful age of 13. Coming to this honor at the age of 76 made this day unique for me.” Her tallit featured a lush landscape of property owned by her family, known as “The Place.” In her Torah portion, Julie Anne read about Ha-Makom (Hebrew for “place”). She spoke lovingly about the wooded land she grew up on in Estacada, then made the connection for us: “There is however, another Place – the transient place of time and space. This place can also be one where G-d’s presence can be seen and most definitely Heard and felt. And this transi- tory place of time and space is left for you and me to fill all day, every day, with our actions, deeds and words.” COMING OF AGE 2 | Connections Eddy Shuldman Religious & Spiritual Life Chair
  3. 3. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. — Henry Ford The conclusion of the High Holy Days brings us to the Thanksgiving season, an appropriate time to express deep gratitude to so many who have supported Cedar Sinai Park throughout this transformative year. The patronage of countless individuals and groups re- sulted in the successful opening of THE GREEN HOUSE ® home in July, the first of four for CSP, and the first in Oregon. In only three months, residents of the new home at the Harold Schnitzer Center for Living have comfortably settled into their new style of daily life. Moreover, with its opening, and construction of the re- maining three homes nearing completion, we were able to start the renovation and transforming Robison Jewish Health Center into a leading-edge, post-acute care center. Your generous financial and personal support of this campaign has made it all possible. The construction has not been without challenges, of course. Maintaining Cedar Sinai Park’s high standards of quality during this disruption period has added a layer of complexity to everyday activities. An entry- way to Robison is here one day and gone the next; life enrichment programs are held in various locations; a hallway leading to an activity center now leads to a dining room. But through each modification you have been patient, encouraging and helpful. No expression of appreciation would be complete without recognizing our many beloved residents, our engaged families and caring staff. They, along with the Friends of Robison, make up the Cedar Sinai Park family that means so much to me, as well as the Board and management team. We came together to fund the campaign. We have stayed together to move the project forward. And we are working together to make Cedar Sinai Park the gold standard for all other retire- ment communities to follow. With deep appreciation, Sandra C. Simon, Chief Executive Officer A LETTER FROM THE CEO Winter 2016-17| 3 A NOTE FROM OUR PRESIDENT After a successful Bingo Event in September, with close to 100 guests in attendance, the Friends of Robison is now planning its next exciting program to benefit our residents. Under the direction of chair Donna Jack- son, we are working to fill the libraries in the four new GREEN HOUSE® homes. With a program called ”Bucks for Books,” you will have the opportunity to purchase book plates in honor or in memory of a loved one for $10. We will use the bookplate money to purchase large print books so that we can fill the shelves of the libraries that are housed in each home. We must purchase large print books to make it easier for the residents to enjoy their new libraries. More information about this new program is coming, so hold tight. Look for a mailer in the next month or two. We are very excited about this new endeavor. Of course we welcome and depend on your regular tributes! Our tribute secretaries are listed in this news- letter. You are also welcome to make your tribute online. On December 26 at 1:30 p.m., Friends of Robison is invited to help with the Chanukah program in Zidell Hall of Rose Schnitzer Manor. We will serve latkes and applesauce, Cantor Barbara Slader’s resident choir will be performing, and it will be lots of fun. We welcome your help. Have a wonderful holiday season with all of your loved ones! Warmly, Michelle Eastern Gradow, President of Friends of Robison
  4. 4. 1. Alan Altmark, Steve Madsen and Ellen Feldman enjoying the Lion King. 2. Doris Levine and Sonja Fasenfest enjoying happy hour. 3. Natalie displaying what’s for dinner. 4. Wolf Pakula creating some personal tea. 5. Residents of CSP enjoying a personal tour with Jordan Schnitzer at the Portland Art Museum. 6. Faye Berch celebrating the century mark. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  5. 5. We have been so fortunate to have decent enough weather for the last month to last most for wonder- fully hamish joint events for Robison and Rose Schnitzer Manor. The high holidays brought us all together to cre- ate a rich congregation in full voice throughout all of the services. I know our amazing service leaders appreci- ated the larger minyan and the enthusiastic participation of dancing - especially during our annual Simchat Torah party. Halloween is always a popular event on campus with the parade and blowout party. This year was the best yet. The silent movie playing in the background in Zidell Hall lent an eerie mood. The culinary department went above and beyond with their theme food. We especially loved the worms in dirt. The staff’s children loved the candy that the residents lavished on them, and the winners of the costume contest appreciated the gift cards. Congratulations to Norman Berlant and Shyrlee Goodman for being voted the top costume honor. THE HAROLD SCHNITZER CENTER FOR LIVING A GREEN HOUSE® HOME Jennifer Felberg Winter 2016-17 | 5 It seems like we just finished putting away the machzors and redressing the Torahs in their everyday clothes, yet here we are contemplating Chanukah. This year on 25 Kislev, the start of Chanukah, corresponds to the very last week of December. We light the first candles on the 24th and continue until all eight candles (nine with the shamash) are burning on the menorah on New Year’s Eve. What a way to ring in the new secular year! While Chanukah is a relatively minor festival, it serves an important purpose to bring light and hope to dark- est time of the year. We welcome you and your family to come spread that light and hope across our campus by lighting the Chanukiyah with us here. On one of the nights of the holiday. If you you’d like to participate, please contact me at 503-535-4038 or From the Department of Spiritual Life Jemi Mansfield Gloria Bacharach saying, “cheers.” Judy Tapia & Norman Berlant during our Halloween parade.
  6. 6. The Golden Book of Life Michelle Caplan Barry & Saundra Friedman Myra Jackson Rich & Sue Garber Stan & Shirley Hodes Sandy & Wendi Menashe IN MEMORY Bernard Caplan Susan Mosler Ross Coblens Janet Goldberg Susan Moskowitz Sid Davidson Barry & Saundra Friedman Robert Diamond Barry & Saundra Friedman Larry Gorin Jerry & Shirley Nudelman Yolanda Bogaert Rebecca Israel Ruben & Elizabeth Menashe Trudy Joseph Frieda Tobin Lou Menashe Carol Danish Elizabeth & Ruben Menashe Anne “Honey” Sherman Bernice Gevurtz & Lila Goodman Goldie Stampfer Bernice Gevurtz Miriam Unkelis Rich & Sue Garber Ruth Menashe Min Zidell Barry & Saundra Friedman GET WELL HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Dick & Dianne Arensberg Shirley & Jerry Nudelman Gary & Sylvia Pearlman ~ 55th Bud & Robin Marcus Mel & Jan Swire Inga Hamburger HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lee Funes Rosalie Goodman Steve Gradow Marvin & Barbara Wolf Susie Marcus Bud & Robin Marcus Judi Matza Sherma Wenner IN APPRECIATION Christi Goodman Madelle Rosenfeld Ed Tonkin’s Grandson Ruth Menashe Michelle Gradow Ilene & Jim Davidson Ed Tonkin’s Leadership of the Federation Ruth Menashe Additional Tributes IN MEMORY Bernard Caplan Sanford & Elaine Weinstein Ross Coblens Janet Goldberg Marvin & Barbara Wolf Joel & Mary Jane Cohen Marvin & Barabra Wolf Jerry & Shirley Nudelman Walter Froehlich Stan & Bev Eastern Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Naomi Strauss Sanford & Elaine Weinstein Frank Gordin Mel & Jan Swire Larry Gorin Stan & Judy Blauer Paul & Linda Franklin Bill Brenner & Julie Waco Jacqueline Constantine Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Stan & Pam Rotenberg Shirley Lenske Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Lou Menashe Jackie Constantine Stan & Bev Eastern Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Janet Hasson Hy & Myra Jackson Bud & Robin Marcus Ruth Menashe Susan Mosler Stan & Pam Rotenberg Mel & Jan Swire Sherma Wenner Lois Poplack Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Stan & Pam Rotenberg Al & Judy Weingard Harry Rubin Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Jerrie Roth FRIENDS OF ROBISON TRIBUTES(Received July–October 2016) 6 | Connections Ben Bean Stan & Bev Eastern We have made every effort to ensure that our list is accurate. We sincerely apologize for any errors. We would love to stay in touch. please let us know if your mailing address, email, or phone number has changed. Just call (971) 717-7165 or email Thanks!
  7. 7. Barbara Caplan Ilaine Cohen Michelle Caplan Carolyn & Larry Gorin Ida Ray Cahana Ilaine Cohen Frieda Cohen Gary & Elaine Cahn Myra Jackson Jackie Constantine Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Rich & Sue Gerber Barbara Lang Carolyn & Larry Gorin Jerry & Shirley Nudelman Melvin & Jan Swire GET WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barbie Enkelis Corinne Spiegel Steve Flock ~ Happy 70th Birthday Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Lee Funes ~ Happy 90th Birthday Marlene Brenner Carolyn Gorin ~ Happy 70th Birthday Al & Judy Weingard Shirley Hodes ~ Happy 90th Birthday Jacqueline Constantine Leonard Krichevsky ~ Happy 85th Birthday Ron & Taya Meyer Owen & Lynn Blank ~ Mazel Tov on Granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah Carolyn & Larry Gorin Susie Marcus ~ For Your Continued Good Health Bud & Robin Marcus Dale Oller ~ Thank you for hosting Event Carolyn & Larry Gorin IN HONOR Winter 2016-17 | 7 Make a Tribute Evelyn Maizels (503) 291-1618 4460 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Apt. 10 Portland, OR 97202-8031 Jan Swire (503) 771-2750 3715 SE Malden Street Portland, OR 97202-8031 Get Involved HOW YOU CAN HELP FRIENDS Renne Lann (503) 293-1180 7280 SW Chapel Court Portland, OR 97223 Become a member by visiting us online at: or mail your $25 membership fee to: Friends of Robison 6125 SW Boundary Street Portland, OR 97221-1019 To donate your time to the residents of CSP contact: Michelle Gradow at Join Us! IN APPRECIATION Ronnie Schechter Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Arnie Silver Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Goldie Stampfer Leonard & Dolly Goldberg Walt & Suzanne Lowy Mother of Jeannie Rosenthal Barbara & Jerry Leveton Phil Swartz Marlene Brenner Miriam Unkelis Lee & Frank Berne Barbara & Jerry Leveton Shirley Wexler Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Barbara Wolf Stan & Judy Blauer Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Stan & Shirley Hodes Dora Newman Jerry & Shirley Nudelman HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Elie & Joanna Westerfield ~ 50th Mel & Jan Swire Jan Goldberg Stan & Judy Blauer Jack Lakefish ~ Happy 99th Birthday Jacqueline Constantine Mel & Jan Swire Steve Rosenfeld ~ Happy 70th Birthday Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis Isaac Tevet ~ Happy 70th Birthday Barbie, Mike & Gary Enkelis The Friends of Robison board is sorry for the passing of past president Jean Rivin. Our hearts go out to her family.
  8. 8. Occasion For Whom Name/Address $ Amount $10 minimum tribute for Notification 1 2 3 Friends of Robison Tribute Form Your Name (as you wish it to appear in print) Phone Your address Email Saturday, March 4, 2017 The Hilton Portland 921 SW 6th Ave., Portland OR 97204 CSP’s annual event benefiting the residents of Cedar Sinai Park Contact Teri Patapoff at 503.535.4360 or Total amount enclosed: 17th Annual Community Havdalah Service & Social Cedar Sinai Park, Rose Schnitzer Manor Zidell Hall 6125 SW Boundary St. Portland, OR 97221 Saturday, January 28, 2017 6:30 p.m. Refreshments and conversation following the service: This year’s Leader: Rabbi Eve Posen, Rabbi of Education & Youth at Congregation Neveh Shalom Open to the Community Everyone Is Welcome Save The Date!