[Y2 b][online case study][ngan khanh team]


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[Y2 b][online case study][ngan khanh team]

  1. 1. “They dream about it. We make it happen!”ONLINE CASE COMPETITIONTEAM:NGÂN KHÁNH
  2. 2. • We are students owning a lemon tea shop.• We commit to using safe and qualityingredients.Situation• Bad quality of lemon tea served• Doubtful origin of ingredientsChallenge• Brand: trust lost, regular customers lost• Profit: sharp fall in monthly revenueConsequencesRUMOUR
  3. 3. Problems resolvedAdd newideasGaincustomers’trustEnhancepromotion
  4. 4. Solutions
  5. 5. 1. RemodellingGAIN TRUST
  6. 6. REMODELLINGPeople are doubtful of the productquality because they don’t see boththe ingredients and the process ofmaking one.Set up the stall in the front,and displayingredients- Affirm the pure ingredients- Gain trust from customers, and- Demonstrate INTEGRITYWHYHOWPURPOSE
  7. 7. HOW IT WILL LOOK IN REALITYTable andchairsThe stall nowset in frontIngredientsdisplayed
  8. 8. 2. Self-serviceStructureINNOVATION
  9. 9. Purpose: to let customers• Enjoy the tea making process.• Make their drinks best suit their taste(e.g. Add more or less sugar)• Be free and creative• Have fun How• Let customers make and serve their own drinks• Make a board to signal thatAnotherpurpose is toattractcustomers’attention!!
  10. 10. YOU ARE WELCOMED!!!LET’S COME AND MAKE YOUROWN TEA!!WE’VE GOT TEA!!YOU’VE GOT STYLE!!ADD SOME FLAVOURAND SAVOUR!!This is how the board will look in reality! It will behandwritten and drawn with chalks!!
  11. 11. HOW OUR SHOP WILL LOOK LIKE NOWTable andchairsThe stall nowset in frontIngredientsdisplayedYOU ARE WELCOMED!!!LET’S COME AND MAKE YOUROWN TEA!!FLAVOURAND SAVOUR!!The board
  12. 12. 3. New service:Trà chanh TO-GOINNOVATION
  13. 13. Purpose:• To catch up with the new trend (Coffee-to-go)• To give customers more choices in service• To attract the attention of passers-byHow• Make a board to signal that• Hang the board outside the shop
  14. 14. Stop and Drink!!TRÀ CHANHTO GOThis is how the board will look in reality!It will be hung in front of the shop!!
  15. 15. 4. Adjust the menuINNOVATION
  16. 16. ADDFOOD - Fish + Beef balls- French fries- Fast to make- Convenient to eat- Reasonable price- Safe ingredients- Give customers more choices inorder- Make the menu a DIVERSITYWHATWHYCHOSEN?PURPOSE
  17. 17. 3. Build a Fanpage onFacebookPROMOTION
  18. 18. • Facebook is currently seen as the best tool foronline promotion, for its network and a million ofusers.• Youth/ Students enjoy checking FB regularly forplaces to hang out with friends.This is where we can:• Keep in touch with regular customers• Get new potential customers• Promote for products, clubs, event, and discount.• Stay connected
  19. 19. 4. Launch an event onfanpagePROMOTION
  20. 20. - Activate fanpage- Promote for lemon tea shop- Attract attention of potential customers- Get customers enjoy PARTICIPATIONName of event: [Lemon tea] ADD FLAVOUR, ADD COLOUR!!Description: YOU ARE INVITED!!Imagine how wonderful to make a glass of lemon tea withyour own style and flavour.. Your friends will get surprised!!We got flavours aplenty to choose from: strawberry,blueberry, mint, peach, ..Let’s come to our lemon tea shop today. Wait no more!!!WE’VE GOT TEA!!YOU’VE GOT STYLE!!ADD SOME FLAVOUR AND SAVOUR!!Remember: If we can make lemon tea, so can you!!PURPOSEMAINCONTENT
  21. 21. 5. Photosand testimonialsPROMOTIONDECORATION
  22. 22. HOW?(Action plan)This is what we (as owners) actually dofrom when our customers enter theshop, until they leave, and after that.This is strictly followed.
  23. 23. 1. Welcome customers2. Get them seated and give the menu3. Show them the board, tell them they can make their own tea, andtell them they can be pictured for free4. If they choose to make their own tea, guide them.If not, get the order and serve them.5. Ask to picture customers with their drinks6. When charging money, ask for customers’ facebook account (say:Please stay connected, so we can tag you in upcoming events, orinform you when we have discount policy )7. Say goodbye to customers8. Print the photos (on paper, size of A7) and hang to decorate theshop.9. Post the photos on Fanpage and tag customers10. Ask customers to come back and see their photos directly. (They canalso write testimonials behind their photos.) 
  25. 25. HOW OUR SHOP WILL LOOK LIKE NOWTable andchairsThe stall nowset in frontIngredientsdisplayedYOU ARE WELCOMED!!!LET’S COME AND MAKE YOUROWN TEA!!FLAVOURAND SAVOUR!!The boardCustomers’ photos (withtestimonials) hung on wall
  26. 26. 6. Build a club in the shopSet partnershipwith a clubEstablish a newone in the shop
  27. 27. Purpose:• To catch up with the new trend (Book Cafe/ English cafe)• To attract more customers and make them visit moreregularly• To make our lemon tea shop moreHow• Set partnership with an English club (non-profit)• Provide the venue for the partner club one day/ week(and give a discount).• Establish a soft skill club and run weekly
  28. 28. PARTNERWITHACLUB - Non-profit English/ soft skill clubs atUniversity/ High school (>= 20 attendees)Target: UTEC (English club of UT), BookLovers’ Club (HCMUP), ...- Provide the venue for the club’s weeklymeeting (>= 20 attendees)- Everyone who comes to the venue has toorder a drink- If number of attendees >=30, club will get a10% discount in total to add to the club’sfund.- Promote the club andits activities on Fanpage- Post club meetings’ photos on fanpageTARGETHOW
  29. 29. BUILDOWNCLUB - Origami club (HAPPY HOUR)- Source for reference:http://www.origamiplayer.com/- Run weekly every Saturday (weekends willattract more customers)- Each Origami club meeting lasts for 1 hour(happy hour)- Each week teach customers two papershapes- Promote this club on fanpage- Post the paper shapes on fanpage and makepolls every week, and let customers vote forthe model they want to learn- Post photos on fanpage and vote for thebest oneWHATHOW
  31. 31. 1. Remodelling the shop2. Implementing self-service structure3. Building the shop’s Facebook fanpage4. Lauching events for promotion5. Lauching photos and testimonials6. Partner and build clubs in our shop