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Accelerate Microservices Deployments with Automation

  1. ©2023 F5 1 Welcome to Unit 3
  2. ©2023 F5 2 üAttend all webinars üComplete all hands-on labs Use same email for all activities Obtain Your Badge!
  3. ©2023 F5 3 üJoin #microservices-march üGet help with Microservices March questions üConnect with NGINX experts nginxcommunity Slack
  4. ©2023 F5 4 Agenda 1. Lecture 2. Q&A 3. Hands-On Lab with Office Hours (only for live session – if you’re watching this on demand, complete the lab on your own time)
  5. ©2023 F5 5 CHRISTOPHER HARRISON Senior Enterprise Advocate GitHub @geektrainer Meet the Speaker
  6. What is DevOps? DevOps is the union of people, process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users
  7. What are we trying to solve? Ship the right thing at the right time Consistency and repeatability Minimize downtime and maximize recovery
  8. How do we do this? Establish best practices Identify stakeholders Implement tools
  9. Defining common DevOps terms Continuous integration Ensuring new code follows patterns and doesn’t break the build Continuous delivery/deployment Ensuring new code is pushed to hosting environments
  10. Deploying microservices presents challenges Downtime concerns Environment differences Service compatibility Rollback requirements
  11. 100x faster to set up a dev environment 200x more frequent code deployments 2x more likely to have internal communities of practice 7x fewer failures on deployments 8x more likely to have integrated security Modern, Collaborative DevOps Source: McKinsey 4-5x Higher revenue growth
  12. Addressing deployment challenges
  13. The GitHub flow
  14. The GitHub Flow Create a branch
  15. The GitHub Flow Add Commits
  16. The GitHub Flow Open a Pull Request
  17. The GitHub Flow Discuss and Review
  18. The GitHub Flow Validat e
  19. The GitHub Flow Merge
  20. Pull Requests Validate
  21. Automation with GitHub Actions
  22. ● Close to code, one tab away: put automation in the hands of developers Actions fundamentals
  23. ● Close to code, one tab away: put automation in the hands of developers ● Config-as-code: every workflow is a versioned file right in the repo Actions fundamentals
  24. ● Close to code, one tab away: put automation in the hands of developers ● Config-as-code: every workflow is a versioned file right in the repo ● Fully integrated with full UX for creation and observation of workflows Actions fundamentals
  25. Azure Static Web Apps CI/CD push: branches: - main - staging paths-ignore: - 'podcast_audio/**' pull_request: types: [opened, synchronize, reopened, closed] branches: - main - staging paths-ignore: - 'podcast_audio/**' schedule: - cron: '0 0 * * 0' workflow_dispatch: Run a workflow on any GitHub event Choose your Trigger Kick off workflows with GitHub events like push, issue creation, or a new release.
  26. Runner: A machine that runs this job Action: Custom application that performs a task Write your own, or find one from the GitHub Marketplace If this happens Then, do this
  27. Ensuring smooth deployment
  28. Test the deployment before going live Getting it all to work correctly Canary deployment Blue/green deployment Migrate traffic in stages to reduce downtime
  29. ©2023 F5 30 DEMO TIME
  30. ©2023 F5 31 Q&A
  31. Where do we go from here? See what you can automate Use branches to test new things Explore the marketplace
  32. ©2023 F5 33 Lab Time! 1. Create non-work Azure and GitHub accounts (if you don’t already have them) • Azure: There is a 30 free day trial that will let you do all the steps required in this lab. • GitHub is 100% free for open source projects (which are used in this lab). 2. In On24, click link in Related Content box 3. Log into Instruqt using the same email address from your registration 4. Complete the lab • Estimated Time: 30-40 minutes • Max Time: 50 minutes • Attempts: 3 5. Problems? Use webinar chat How to Securely Manage Secrets in Containers
  33. ©2023 F5 34 • Progress bar: • Progress in lab • Time remaining • Instruction pane is adjustable • “Check” runs against a script • Click “Finish” at end to qualify for badge Instruqt Basics
  34. ©2023 F5 35 Wrap Up