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CHEC Emerging Technologies course


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This was presented at a face-to-face session on emerging technologies facilitated by four-institutions in the Western Cape, Cape Town on 2 May 2012.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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CHEC Emerging Technologies course

  1. 1. CHECET course Prof Dick Ng’ambi Centre for Educational Technology University of Cape TownPresented at the CHECET course on 2 May 2012
  2. 2. Outline• Challenge of designing learning activities to focus today’s multi-tasking students• Educator’s assumptions underlying choice of tools• Affordances of online conferencing tool – Adobe Connect• Using Adobe Connect for visual presentations• Re-using recorded Adobe Connect meetings
  3. 3. Today’s multi-taskingstudent. How do wedesign learning toproperly focus thesestudents?
  4. 4. Assumptionsunderpinning someuses of tools
  5. 5. Adobe Connect affordancesFacilitator & One-to- The differentparticipants in One mtg teachingsame room possibilities with Adobe connect Mixed mtg Adobe Small group mtg ConnectParticipants at Dispersed Adapted from: Andy audience Benoita distance
  6. 6. Adobe Connect Meeting Room Ensure that you have installed flash plugin before attempting to run Adobe Comment. Use this demo site to test out as a guest.
  7. 7. Learning from smaller chunks ofcontent – finding the appropriatepiece to match your puzzle
  8. 8. The image shared in Adobe Connect and concept explained to participants
  9. 9. Drawing tools to enhance explanation
  10. 10. I am yet tofind mypuzzle piece!
  11. 11. Example of Adobe Session Recorded meeting:
  12. 12. Salmon’s 5-Stage Model:useful for onlineteaching/moderation
  13. 13. Contact details:Dick Ng’ambiCentre for Educational TechnologyEmail: