Why do kids commit crimes?


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This is for school. It's not a choice, it's a have-to.

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  • First of all what is Crime?Crime is any offense, serious wrongdoing, or sin that is foolish, senseless, or shameful. It may be punishable by law. This can be stealing, killing, abuse, vandalism and dealing with drugs. Abuse – rape, child, animalDrugs
  • Why do kids commit crimes?There are many reasons on why people (adults and kids) commit crimes. They are -society influences (friends,movies, drugs etc.) -environment -pressure -attention -lack of knowledge -low self-esteem -not doing well in school -being bullied at school -entertainment There are also theories, for example: kids are born evil, society is a disaster, there are humans but no humanity and parents are irresponsible. But the 3 reasons that appeal to us on why kids commit crimes and they are poverty, neglect and disorders.
  • Generalizing the States.So is the graph of types of crimes being committed in the states in 2009.
  • Poverty and stealing go together because when you’re “poor” you cannot afford many things out there which cause you to still them. Neglect can cause rape because person who was once neglect is probably dying for every drop of comfort they can find.Disorder can cause homicide. Well, look at the story “Tell tale heart” by Edgar Allen Poe. The main character is the murder and he’s murdering the antagonist because of his eye. I mean, if you look at it now, it sounds ridiculous and the guy sounds like he has OCD or something. Poverty and disorder cause vandalism because when you can’t afford the thing you want, you have the urge to destroy it.
  • READ WHAT IS ON THE SCREEN! As you can see, stealing something that is only 15 dollars for attention is dumb because it can cause your whole entire life. And 1b is actually based on a true story.Jenni-Lyn Watson of Liverpool, New York was murder by Steven Pieper,her boyfriend, after she left him. He said that if he couldn’t have her, nobody can.I didn`t post anything for disorders because when you have a disorder, you can`t really control anything. The disorder is built into your body. It`s like if you`re drunk, you do stuff and when you wake up in the morning you cannot remember what you did and why you did it.
  • Let`s narrow it down. Parents are the key. When you are doing something, always think of the generation ahead of you. And think of the questions like -Who are they?-What are their own values?-Their personalities?-Their jobs?-Their class in society?*All of this affect who you are as an individual today.For example if your parents are doctors. They would probably tell you to try to reach your goal, they are probably nice and supportive. They try hard to make time for you and your siblings. This means that you are probably an honour student, you’re nice and calm and probably won’t get into too much trouble.
  • In order to educated any children, parents must bond with them. Children are like birds, if they weren`t taught with guidance, tips or skills they won`t know what to do. Everyone was born with same abilities, no one is smarter anyone. It`s just that the way they were taught that makes them who they are today. Children are much less likely to get into trouble if their parents if their parents have good relationships with them and ensure they are in a good environment. Like a `good ‘ family would tell their kids to hang out with people who are good influence. Parents should always always be there for their kids and find a way to help them. Showing up at recitals or school concerts can help them feel the feeling of family and support. Knowing what your kids are up to can be good because if your child is in a gang, you would probably help them find a way out.
  • If you all think about it, it`s nobody`s fault! The fact that some people think that it`s society`s fault to hurt innocent people is because those people were raised that way. If those people were taught differently, then their views would be different.Teaching a kid how to act the way they should act is like teaching a kid a language. The younger you are, the faster you learn the language. For example between a 6 years old and a 40 year old learning French, the 6 year old will learn it faster and take it to heart more. Teaching a person a new language at 40 is like teaching an old dog new tricks; it doesn’t really work.
  • Thanks for watching and we hope the high crime rates (committed by kids and adults) will only be history!
  • Why do kids commit crimes?

    1. 1. Presented to Ms. VaessenBy Nga N. and Jessa F.
    2. 2. What is a crime?Crime/krīm/NounAn action or omission that constitutes an offensethat may be prosecuted by the state and ispunishable by law.Any offense, serious wrongdoing, or sin that isfoolish, senseless, or shameful. Trafficking/AbuseSynonyms:misdeed - offence - offense - felony - delinquency – Va n d a l i s msin*There are 5 types of crimes- self, environment, Kidnappingsociety, culture and humanityDictionary.com Dealing with drugs
    3. 3. Why do kids commit crimes?-many reasons -society influences (friends, movies, drugs etc.) Poverty -environment -pressure -attention -lack of knowledge -low self-esteem Neglect -not doing well in school -being bullied at school -entertainment-theories -apparently kids are born evil Disorders -parent are irresponsible
    4. 4. Poverty, Neglect and DisorderThese are crimes that kids commit StealingPoverty – StealingNeglect at a young age or Poverty orMental Disorders – Rape RapeDisorders – HomicidePoverty and Disorder - Vandalism Homicide
    5. 5. Picture This…Situation 1. Situation 2.You are born in family with a dad who is abusive and 1aYou are the only child, this means that you neverdrunk 24/7, a sister who is being used for love and a got the attention you always wanted and thismom who is out of the picture. makes you independent. So later in life, you met the girl of your dreams. You and herOne day, you were going into a bakery and you’re started dating for a while until she decided tostarving. So you decided to sneak some bread and break up with you. You miss her company andput it into your jacket. Later when you walk out of come up with a scheme to get her back.the bakery, you got caught. From dating her, you know that if she ever becomes pregnant, she will keep the innocent child. SoPoverty leads to stealing – vice versa. you rape her until she’s the mother of your baby.You are born in a loving family with 11 other kids.You are the middle child and barely get any Neglect can lead to rape.attention so, you came up with this crazy idea. Youdecided to walk into Best Buy and steal a Lana DelRey CD worth of 15$. 1b/ You miss her so much that you go crazy and decide to vandalize her properties and kill her.Attention can also lead to stealing.
    6. 6. Narrow It DownParents are the keyYou have to think about the Educationgeneration ahead of you.-Who are they?-What are their own values?-Their personalities?-Their jobs? Personality Parents Support-Their class in society?*All of this affect who you are as anindividual today.“Parents are everybody’s firstteachers!” – Translated Vietnamese ValuesProverb
    7. 7. Ways to Prevent CrimesParents’ responsibility is KEY.As a parent-teach their kids the right things-show them what life is step by step-have talks-go to programs-tell them stories from the news-help them be optimistic