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class presentation in December 2008 in faculty of library and information science in Tehran university.

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  1. 1. In the name of gad
  2. 2. AGRICOLA
  3. 3. Agricola IS a …  a bibliographic database containing selective worldwide coverage of agriculture and related fields from 1970 to the present. the locator and bibiliographic access and control  system of the National Agricultural Library (NAL) collections and also includes records from other cooperating institutions. used to produce Bibliography of Agriculture and other  series and products of NAL. Records contain bibliographic information, geographic  terms, controlled terms, supplementary terms that include GenBank Numbers, chemical names, and CAS Registry Numbers. Abstracts are available for some records. 
  4. 4. AGRICOLA IS A…  database serves as the catalog and index to the collections of the National Agricultural Library and the research of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). has been available online since 1970 and contains more than 4.5  million citations to journal articles, book chapters, monographs, theses, patents, software, audiovisual materials, and technical reports related to agriculture. The database contains thousands of records with links to online full-  text documents. The NAL Agricultural Thesaurus (NALT) and Library of Congress  Subject Headings (LCSH) serve as the controlled vocabularies for indexing and cataloging records. The database covers materials from as far back as the 15th century. 
  5. 5. Available…  CD  online
  7. 7. Subject Coverage Agriculture (General)  Agriculture Products  Animal Sciences  Biotechnology  Chemistry Conservation  Cytology  Entomology 
  8. 8. Subject Coverage Farm Management  Feed Science  Fertilizers  Fibers and Textiles  Food and Nutrition  Forestry  History, Agricultural  Horticulture  Human Ecology  Human Nutrition 
  9. 9. Description Producer: National Agricultural Library (NAL), U.S.A.  Coverage: 1970 to the present  File Size: More than 4,26 million records  Updates: Monthly  File Type: Bibliographic  Content: Food, agriculture and related fields  Language: English  +1-301-504-6813  Tel:: +1-301-504-7473  Fax:
  10. 10. Who Should Access the AGRICOLA Database and Why?  Anyone needing access to information pertaining to agriculture:  Should use AGRICOLA to comprehensively locate US monographic and journal literature.  In addition there is extensive monographic coverage of worldwide agricultural information
  11. 11. Direct Access:  The AGRICOLA Database can also be leased directly from NTIS.  If you plan extensive use of the Database, or are interested in distributing the Database via your host system, please contact the NTIS Office of Product Management at (703) 605-6515 or by fax (703) 605-6742 for more
  12. 12.  AGRICOLA provides global coverage of the primary information sources in agriculture and related fields.  Records are drawn from literature citations of journal articles, monographs, theses, patents, translations, microforms, audiovisuals, software, and technical reports.  AGRICOLA is sponsored and maintained by the National Agricultural Library and serves as their document locator and bibliographic access control system.  AGRICOLA records are used to produce the printed Bibliography of Agriculture, as well as other bibliographic series and products of NAL.
  13. 13.  AGRICOLA has used the CABI Thesaurus since 1985 as the source for controlled vocabulary terms for subject indexing.  Library of Congress Subject Headings are used as the controlled vocabulary for cataloging records.  More than 2,000 serial titles are reviewed for indexing. Books, pamphlets, conference proceedings, translations, book chapters, research reports, government documents, in both English and many non-English languages, are included in the database
  14. 14. Sample Record Database: AGRICOLA Title: Serial dilution with a confirmation step. Author: Blodgett, R.J. Source: Food microbiology., vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 547-552, Dec 2005 ISSN: 0740-0020 Descriptors: food contamination; bacterial contamination; food pathogens; microbial growth; predictive microbiology; mathematical models; probability analysis; plate count; laboratory techniques; population density Notes: Food microbiology. 2005 Dec., v. 22, no. 6; Includes references Language: English Publication Year: 2005 Publication Type: Journal Article Identifiers: Q200; X100 Holding Library: DNAL QR115.F66 Accession Number: IND43711998
  15. 15. Detailed description AB Abstract  JP Journal Pages  AF Author Affiliation  JV Journal Volume  AN Accession Number  LA Language  AU Author  MT Monograph Title  CA Corporate Author  NT Notes  CF Conference  OT Original Title  DE Descriptors 
  16. 16. Description  JP=Journal pages  La=language  NT= Notes  SO=Source
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Nal catalog:Common Questions Searching :  How do I search for journal articles?  How do I construct a strategy for searching by keyword?  How do I truncate search terms?  How can I find records with abstracts?  Can I search the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA)  using a Z39.50 connection?  I have searched for the same thing on a few occasions, but I'm not getting the . Are records removed from the database after a certain period of time? Are the
  19. 19.  Can I get the full article from the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA)?  How do I print, save or e- mail records I found in the NAL Catalog ( AGRICOLA)?  How do I download my search results into a biblio EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, etc.?
  20. 20. To search
  21. 21. How to Search AGRICOLA  The AGRICOLA database is organized into two files which can be searched separately or together. One file is the NAL Catalog, which contains citations to books, audiovisuals, and other materials. The other file is the Article Citation Database, which includes citations (many with abstracts) to journal articles, book chapters, and reports.  To find out if the Library has the source identified, check Felix Online Catalog for books, audiovisuals and periodical titles (see How to Access Periodicals for more information). Check at the Information Desk for assistance in locating government publications.
  22. 22. For a subject use the Quick Search box to search for a keyword, use Browse to identify a more specific subject heading. For example, browsing for quot;mosquitoquot; will allow you to choose quot;mosquito-borne diseasesquot; or quot;mosquito control,quot; depending on the focus of your research
  23. 23. To search for a specific article, author, or journal  use the Search option to select the desired type of search and combine searches. Use Browse to determine the format of authors' names and journal titles.  In Search, use AND to narrow your search and OR to expand your search.
  24. 24. To Display Results :  Title  Author  Source Info lines to determine if APSU has immediate access to the item (see How to Access Periodicals for more information).  The Location, Call Number, and other holdings information on this screen reflect the item's availability at the National Agriculture Library, not APSU.
  25. 25. To Print, Save, or Email  At the bottom of the screen, choose Full Record or Brief Record, then click Format for Print or Save.   On the next screen, use your browser's print button to print, or File...Save As to Save. Or, enter your email address in the box and click Email.
  26. 26. To Perform Another Search  To return to the AGRICOLA home page, click the National Agricultural Library header at the very top of the screen.
  27. 27. ‫جمع آوري مطالب‬ ‫:‬ ‫اين پايگاه اطلعاتي شامل اطلعات كتابشناختي مقالت كشا ورزي است در سال 0791‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫.توسط كتابخانه ملي كشاورزي امريكا ايجاد گرديده است‬ ‫پوشش موضوعي آن، مباحث كشاورزي و موضوعات مرتبط با آن مانند دامپروري، ‪‬‬ ‫علوم‌گياهي، اقتصاد كشاورزي، زراعت علوم جانوري، جنگل و مرتع و محيط زيست مي‬ ‫.باشد‬ ‫در صفحه اصلي آن امكان جستجوي كتاب، نشريه، مواد سمعي و بصري و ساير منابع ‪‬‬ ‫.موجود در كتابخانه ملي كشاورزي امريكا وجود دارد‬ ‫همچنين جستجو از طريق كليدواژه و جستجوي پيشرفته )شامل فيلدهاي عنوان، نويسنده، ‪‬‬ ‫موضوع، زبان و سال انتشار مدرك امكان پذير است‬ ‫اين پايگاه اطلعاتي طيف وسيعي از اطلعات چاپي و غيرچاپي مربوط به كتاب ها را ‪‬‬ ‫.از قرن پانزدهم تا به اكنون در بر دارد‬ ‫.پرداخته است ‪agricola‬نيز به مطا لب ‪OVID‬در سايت‬ ‫‪‬‬
  28. 28. ‫ادامه جمع آوري مطالب‬ ‫اين پايگاه در دو بخش کتابشناسی جداگانه سازماندهی شده که امکان ‪‬‬ ‫جستجوی جداگانه در هريک از پايگاهها، و همچنين امکان جستجوی توأم‬ ‫.در هر دوبخش وجود دارد‬ ‫شامل اطلعات کتابها، مواد ‪Nals catalogue‬يکی از اين دو قسمت‬ ‫سمعی و بصری ، سلسله انتشارات، و ساير مواد موجود در کتابخانه‬ ‫کشاورزی آمريکا ، وهمچنين تعدادی از رکوردهايی که به وسيله کتابخانه‬ ‫.های ديگر فهرست شده اند ودر اين کتابخانه نگهداری نمی شوند‬ ‫شامل‪ NAL's Article Citation Database‬قسمت ديگر‬ ‫استنادهايی به مقالت مجالت علمی )تعداد زيادی با چکيده( ، بخشهايی از‬ ‫کتب ، گزارشات، چاپ های جديد، بخش هايی انتخابی از اصل موادی که‬ ‫.يافت می شود، می باشد ‪Nals catalogue‬در‬ ‫اين پايگاه اطلعاتي طيف وسيعي از اطلعات چاپي و غيرچاپي مربوط به ‪‬‬ ‫.كتاب ها را از قرن پانزدهم تا به اكنون در بر دارد‬
  29. 29. ‫ادامه جمع آوري مطالب‬ ‫)‪(‬شيوه دسترسي از طريق ‪‬‬ ‫. موجود است و چاپي ندارد‪ CD‬و، ‪online‬‬ ‫توليد کننده :کتابخانه ملي کشاورزي آمريکا ‪‬‬ ‫پوشش:0791 تا حاضر ‪‬‬ ‫فايل تايپ:کتابشناختي ، ‪‬‬ ‫زبان:انگليسی ‪‬‬ ‫روزآمد:ماهانه ‪‬‬ ‫تعداد رکورد :4/5 ميليون رکورد ‪‬‬
  30. 30.  Name: Zahra emami  Powerpoint:agricola  ‫با تشكر از استاد فهيم نيا‬ 