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Mamadoc Case Study A


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Mamadoc Case Study A

  1. 1. M Case study – Mama Doc Medicine
  2. 2. Case Study Mama Doc Medicine Book Launch The American Academy of Pediatrics and author Wendy Sue Swanson needed a simple and cost effective solution for spreading the news of the launch of an evidence-based advice book called Mama Doc Medicine. They were looking for a way to drive awareness of the book launch, increase purchase intent and drive online sales with a key focus on activating Dr. Swanson’s large online followers across a multitude of touch points. The Challenge
  3. 3. Our Solution TheContentCapsuleofferedDr. SwansonandTheAAPaninnovativeandcosteffectivesolution that distributed their complete marketing story to all digital touch points. Dr.Swanson was able to develop one digital unit that contained content that was optimized to take the viewers through a complete consumer journey of awareness, engagement and conversion. She was then able to use this unit as the book website and core Facebook experience, but the true benefit came via the Content Capsule’s unique embed feature. The complete marketing story was embedded on national and local news channels, book reviewer sites, national publishers’ sites, hospital sites and personal blogs all via a simple copy and paste of an embed code. Case Study Mama Doc Medicine Book Launch
  4. 4. The Content Capsule turned Dr.Swansons’ followers and enthusiasts into a marketing engine by giving them a unit they could embed on their properties enabling consumers to go deep into the consideration path. The Capsule featured: An overview video by Dr.Swanson, access to a free excerpt of Mama Doc Medicine, video examples of advice from Dr.Swanson , downloadable infographics, video excerpts of Dr. Swanson on NBC. And most importantly, once a consumer moved past consideration and was ready to purchase, the Content Capsule contained direct links to purchase the book on Amazon. The Capsule also tracked and measured every embed, click, video view and download, allowing Dr.Swanson to see what video, tip or piece of advice was truly resonating with her audience and letting her update the Capsule content on the fly everywhere it’s been embedded. These real-time insights also let her tailor her story during interviews to align with what book excerpts and advice was resonating best with her target audience. Case Study Mama Doc Medicine Book Launch
  5. 5. The Results The AAP and Dr. Swanson were able to create a complete digital marketing campaign with one highly interactive and sharable creative unit. The Content Capsule served as an Dr. Swanson’s website, a social media solution, a unique media relations tool and a highly interactive partner website and key influencer marketing tool. One turnkey solution for all digital channels at a fraction of the cost of a microsite and delivered in a matter of days. The Mama Doc Content Capsule was embedded on several key sites, such as,,, as well as over 30 blogger and book review sites. Case Study Mama Doc Medicine Book Launch Experience the live Content Capsule Click on the links below • Mama Doc website • Partner Site • KTVB news outlet • Blog • Facebook Tab
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