Introduction to IEMS


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Introduction to IEMS

  1. 1. Subject: New Integrated Education Management SystemOn behalf of Nextgen Web Services – Managing Director and our team, I am very pleased tointroduce our latest software offering - Integrated Education Management System(IEMS).Integrated Education Management Systems (IEMS) is a comprehensive ERP system thatcovers all aspects and operations of your educational institution.NextGen Web Services India Pvt. Ltd. (NextGen) is a software development and IToutsourcing company with experienced professionals and has clients across Europe (UK &Ireland), US (PA, NY, MI, and CA) and Japan. We are based in India and are entering intoIndian market with IEMS. Our channel partner is Revolution Next Technologies - Ludhiana,Punjab.We are bringing two models of our product – Plug ‘n’ Play and Full Version.Plug ‘n’ Play includes only academic modules and Full version includes both academics andaccounting modules.Benefits to you and your Institution are, Systematic Administration & Operational Planning of all programs. Automation of Business processes leads to transparency, ease of use, less paperwork, regulatory compliance, efficiency in all departments and reduction in costs Focus on core Competencies - Course Delivery, Content Management, Teaching, Placement, Training and Administration IEMS solution leads to increase in student performance which in turn leads to greater student intake, improvement in ranking and increase in revenue Increase in faculty productivity frees their time to get involved in other activities. Eliminates the use of multiple software systems, reducing IT landscape complexity and hence lowering total cost of ownership Return on Investment, ~ 40 % within first year, ~ 70 percent within second year, > 100 percent from third year. No IT overheads. No extra Costs. Improved productivity of all staff and other users saves time in data entry and other activities Accurate and faster access to data for timely decision and Uniform Reporting Ease of use – System is absolutely easy to use and get trained on
  2. 2. Salient Features of IEMS are, Internet Based System – 365/24/7 Access everywhere, within campus or outside campus. Developed after an intense research on the present Indian education system and consulting with highly experienced educationists. Entirely expandable and customizable software that will accommodate all the enhancements that takes place in an educational institution. Handles many institutions under one parent organization and at the same time each individual institution can operate autonomously. Absolute synchronization among all major stakeholders including Teachers, Students, Parents Staffs, etc. in terms of their role and responsibility. Can be centralized or decentralized. This system makes feasible to manage every single activity across all possible entities of the institution from anywhere without any possibility of duplicity in terms of efforts or database storage. Built on latest secure, scalable, stable and open source technologies (Java, MySQL, Jasper) Best and fastest in terms of speed and efficiency, features and technology. IBM has partnered with us to provide implementation of IEMS at larger institutions. Completely secured and all data transactions take place in encrypted form. Multi-level security is available in all modules. Web services compliant with complete back up and error check mechanism. Easily integrated with any external product through a custom built interface. More than 800 ready-made reports and 100 customizable reports are available in IEMS. All reports in available in view only and printable formats. No hidden costs and we provide ultra efficient and excellent support services. All costs are mentioned in the attached document. Very low cost, ultra efficient and most comprehensive campus management system available in the market. More than 40 modules and more than 150 features are available in the current version.To summarize, we are fully confident and give guarantee that ‘IEMS - Integrated EducationManagement system’ is best in market in terms of speed, efficiency, scalability, functionality(features for users), cost and ease of implementation.If you have any questions about our product, please do not hesitate to call me at 96294 39500or email me at karthikeyan.palanisamy@nextgewebservices.netSincerely,P. KarthikeyanBusiness Development ManagerNextGen Web Services India Pvt. Ltd.