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IEMS - Parent Module


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Published in: Education, Technology
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IEMS - Parent Module

  1. 1. Parent Module Attendance Grades Lecture Online Exams Reports Exam Syllabus Assignments Notes Payroll Weightage ProjectsInventory Work Plan HomeworkTime Table Appraisal Lab
  2. 2. Profile and contact detailsAggregate Attendance Report Aggregate Performance Report Welcome Page
  3. 3. View attendance for regular courses View attendance for elective courses View attendance reports for regular courses View attendance reports for elective coursesAttendance & Reports Section
  4. 4. View work plan given by teachers View notes given by teachers View lecture notes given by teacher View work plan, notes and lecture notes given for elective courses Create and view notesCourse content & Delivery Plan
  5. 5. View appraisal set by the class in-charge for the courses Student Appraisal Page
  6. 6. View GPAs given by teachers for all coursesView re-appear status for any courses, if any, set by the teacher Student Grades Section
  7. 7. Request leave on behalf of student to the teacherView fee structure for the current term/semesterLeave Message & Fee Details
  8. 8. View all announcements from teachers/managementView targeted alerts, if anySend internal emails to teacher/staffsView internal emails receivedView circulars from teachers/principalView notices from teachers/principal/managementView photo album Message Section