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Administration plays most important role in the campus. Which handles, supports, and manage each individual in the campus. IEMS provides all facilities to handle and maintain all tasks for administration. IEMS can maintain information related to Student, Parent, Teacher and Other Staff members.

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IEMS - Administrator Module

  1. 1. Page for Students to take online exams directly Registered employees login page Page for companies to register with the college Student can apply directly to the college for admission Student can enquire about the courses and admission Fields to login to IEMS Field to request for a new passwordHome Page of IEMS
  2. 2. Administrator Module Scheduling Grades Parent Student Online Exams Reports Exam Syllabus Session Teacher Asset Management Configuration BatchInventory Accounts Creation Staff Docs ManagementTime Table Inventory Appraisal Discussion Forum
  3. 3. Username, IEMS account name, Logout button Header To set up email & domain details To set up semester/term & batch/year details To set up holidays and important days To set up financial year details for accounting purposesAccordion To set up commission details for sales agents To check the username & password for any user in IEMS Admin Set up Page
  4. 4. Add, edit & delete buildingsAdd, edit & delete room in buildingsAdd, edit & delete departments/standardsAdd, edit & delete U.G./P.G./StandardsAdd, edit & delete class name and strength with respect to department/standardAdd, edit & delete sections for classesAdd, edit & delete courses for degrees, assign courses to teachers and view themAdd and view electives, assign to students /teachers and view themSet GPA configuration for courses, single course & multiple coursesSet GPA configuration for courses, single course & multiple coursesSet Approval levels and assign approvers for various administrative and academic functionsView all course teachersGeneral Configuration Page
  5. 5. Search student by navigation & by father name Add students one by one or in multiples View all students, class and section-wise Add students from excel sheet Mark or view attendance for Regular courses and Electives Update roll number of students, class and section-wise Add and view cities Upload photograph of students , section-wise View all students with contact details Update student contact details Add student sibling association Export student details in an excel sheet, section-wise To be understoodStudent Configuration Page
  6. 6. Advanced search for TeachersAdd teachers one by one or in multiplesView all teachers and teacher-wise students in PDF formatAdd teachers from excel sheetSet appraisals, appraisers, view pending appraisals, if anyTake attendance for all staffsView all class in-chargesTeacher contact detailsAdd and view teacher effectiveness & performance, month by monthCheck whether syllabus, attendance, tasks, etc. set by the teacher or not for regular coursesCheck whether syllabus, attendance, tasks, etc. set by the teacher or not for elective coursesView teacher activity over a period of timeExport teacher details in an excel sheet, department-wiseTeacher Configuration Page
  7. 7. Add parents one by one or in multiples or from excel sheet and update parent contactsAdd staffs one by one or in multiples or from excel sheetCreate new accounts like admission, accounting, etc. and view themSet and view datesheet for exams, view exam schedule set by Sub-adminSet feedback sessions to evaluate coursesAdd and view categories, items and purchasing reports, checked-out and checked-in itemsAdd and view categories, items and purchasing reports, checked-out and checked-in itemsSet and view target for sales agentsOnline document management and sharing with others Other Configurations
  8. 8. Create and view announcements from admin/principal/managementSend announcements for a single personSend internal and external mailsView sent mailsCreate and view Photo albumCreate notices for others and view all notices from admin/principal/managementCreate notices for others and view all notices from admin/principal/managementAdd events, event types, event namesView request from students to participate in the events Messages Configuration
  9. 9. Add class/subject scheduleView teacher schedule, individuallyView class schedule, section-wiseEdit class schedule, section-wiseReschedule teacher time tableSwap courses as per needSwap teachers as per needTime & Class Scheduling Page
  10. 10. Generate Student ID CardView generic, attendance, activity class, work plan reports and report cardsView admission reportsView grades, work plan and attendance reports using Fusion ChartsView attendance report for staffsSent letters to student/s and parent/sCreate reports by dynamically adding and removing parametersView all report names and report paths Reports Page
  11. 11. View recently added discussions Add new discussions Search box Discussion Forum
  12. 12. View and finalize student gradesInitiate session changeAdd internal & external grades, finalize resultsView past session/semester dataSet re-appear marks for courses Archive Page