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Virtualización de los puestos de trabajo: Ventajas de migrar los PCs a la nube


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Presentación de Felipe Herrera Martínez, Oracle Principal Sales Consultant de Oracle, durante la Jornada Tecnológica 2011.

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Virtualización de los puestos de trabajo: Ventajas de migrar los PCs a la nube

  1. 1. Oracle VDIVirtualization the best choice for your Cloud Oracles Virtual Desktop Solution Felipe Herrera Martínez EMEA Principal Sales Consultant Oracle VDI Global Business Unit
  2. 2. Something strange?
  3. 3. Tailored SolutionOne Customer, one choice? S M L XL
  4. 4. Tailored SolutionDo it, at your self choice
  5. 5. Industry’s Most Complete Virtualization Portfolio Focus today DESKTOP VIRTUALIZATION SERVER VIRTUALIZATION STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • Oracle VM Server for • Sun Ray Clients x86 • Oracle Secure Global• Exadata • Oracle VM Server for Desktop• ASM SPARC • Oracle VM VirtualBox• Storage Connect • Solaris Containers• Open Storage • Dynamic Domains
  6. 6. Oracle Desktop Virtualization Architecture End-To-End, Application To Disk Solutions Secure Data Center Oracle Sun Ray Thin Client Entire desktop Enterprise applications Industry applications Solaris / Linux / Windows Oracle Oracle Windows Solaris Linux Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Oracle Virtual Desktop Oracle VM Native Sun Storage 7000 Servers Hardware Unified Storage Sun x86 Servers Systems x86 Servers Session Management Enterprise Control & Monitoring with Secure Authentication. VDI Brokering WAN / LANVirtual Desktop Display WAN Optimized Display Protocols Desktop Images Client Layer Access Tier Session M. Tier Virtualizartion Tier Storage Tier
  7. 7. Oracle Desktop Virtualization Portfolio Oracle Virtual Oracle Secure Oracle Oracle VM Desktop Global Desktop Sun Ray Clients VirtualBox InfrastructureAll-in-one solution Secure access to Ultra-secure, highly Run multiplefor managing, centralized manageable thin operating systemshosting and applications and clients that are eco- alongside yourproviding access to desktops on a friendly. existing OS onvirtual desktops. variety of platforms. laptop and desktop computers.
  8. 8. Anywhere, anytime Oracle Sun Ray Server Ultra Thin ClientAny OS Any Device Oracle Secure Global Desktop
  9. 9. Sun Ray Clients
  10. 10. Choice Select Your Desktop● Windows, OLinux, Osolaris, Virtual desktops or Kiosk Application Applications Clients● Any x64 or SPARC servers● Clients: ● Sun Ray Thin Client ● OEM (Thin Laptop or IP Phones) ● Third Party or PC● VDI Brokers: Connector to Oracle VDI, Vmware View, XenDesktop● Windows multi-head support up to 32 displays
  11. 11. Sun Ray 3 = Security Green IT con Oracle Thin Clients● No local data – a stolen Sun Ray client has no valuable data to retrieve Sun Ray 3i HD 1920 x 1080 0.4-30 Watts● No local OS, so no viruses, spywares or Monitor Integrado 22.5” worm – Easy management.● Smart card reader built-in for2-factor authentication and ultra high security● Multi-level network security● Integrated VPN – Cisco EzVPN or Juniper Screen OS● Ultra-low power consumption● Multimedia experience Sun Ray 3 Sun Ray 3 Plus 1920 x 1200 2 x (2550 x 1600) 0.4-6 Watts 0.4-14 Watts, no footprint SFP Fibra, Dual-DVI-I
  12. 12. Oracle Virtual Desktop Client • Sun Ray Software includes a software client feature that provides access to centralized virtual desktops • Seamless access to desktop session from any supported device • Work in fullscreen or windowed mode, working alongside your local desktop • Runs on Windows, Mac or Linux • Provides connectivity to same OS environments as Sun Ray hardware clients
  13. 13. OVDC Smart Card Hot Desking Take your Desktop Mac OS X SCM Chipdrive micro SCM Chipdrive microNEW Linux SCM Chipdrive micro
  14. 14. Oracle SecureGlobal Desktop
  15. 15. Oracle Secure Global Desktop
  16. 16. Secure Global Desktop FeaturesSecure remote access to corporate data and applications• Users on nearly any platform connect to applications on: – Windows – Linux, Oracle Solaris, UNIX – Mainframe and Mid-range applications• No client configuration, secure access through web-browser – From any OS with Java compatibility – Cloud direction to support on any OS• Remote applications look and feel like local applications• Publishes applications or desktops (Through VDI)• High-efficiency AIP Display Protocol• Multi-company/Domain support for DaaS• Designed with security in mind: – Industrial-grade network security – DMZ and Firewall Friendly
  17. 17. Different ways to access Your applications and desktops on iPad/MobileSuspend and Resume Your Sessions Anytime Your applications and desktops on a PC Your applications and desktops on a Mac Your applications and desktops on a Sun Ray Client Access your individualized applications and desktops from nearly any device
  18. 18. Top 7 Oracle VDI Cool features1) Oracle mix and match with integrated Hypervisor from VirtualBox, Microsoft Hyper-V & VMware in one product2) Create sessions with RDS and control and Manage as VDI way with the same console, as any other Kiosk (Vmware View, Xen, App ...).3) Instan clone (fastprep and linked) of Vms in all Hypervisors (OVM Virtualbox, Hyper-V and Vmware)4) Hotdesking of a session between Sun Ray, OVDC, SGD and RDP.5) Freedom to choice the OS: Windows, Solaris, Open Solaris, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, or SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop .....6) Role based Administration7) All-in-one Licence: Virtualization, Broker and Access
  19. 19. Desktop Life-Cycle per Pool Cloning Available Template Template Recycling Used Delete Idle
  20. 20. Flexible Desktop Assignments
  21. 21. Flexible Desktop Assignmentsflexible assigned flexible assigned logged in logged out Available Desktop Desktop Available Desktop Available Desktop Template Template Pool with flexible desktop assignment
  22. 22. ts signmen a l Desktop AsPerson
  23. 23. Personal Desktop Assignments Michael Ninapersonal assigned personal assigned logged in logged out Nina’s Desktop Michael’s Desktop Template Template Pool with personal desktop assignment
  24. 24. Oracle VDI Architecture LDAP/ADSun Ray OVDC OSGD RDP MySQL Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.XvSphere MS MS VirtualBox Hyper-V Remote Generic ESX Desktop RDP ServerStorage Storage Storage
  25. 25. Solution Stack: Oracle VirtualBox Storage Savings: – Linked Cloning – Data Deduplication – Thin Provisioning Architecture: Oracle VDI – Simple – Linear scale – ResilientVirtualBox / HyperV / Vmware / RDS Unmatched platform support Optimal support for USB redirection Storage (VRDP) or RDP CPU%,Memory%,Bandwidth and Paging control
  26. 26. Oracle VM VirtualBox Performance, Power, Platforms Performance Power Platforms• Latest Intel hardware • Page Fusion ● Windows (NT, 2K, 2K3, 2K8 support (i5/i7 Xeon) • Memory Ballooning XP, Vista, 7 )• Faster boot-times • Multiple Virtual Monitors ● DOS/Win 3.X• Large Page support • Hotplug CPUs ● Linux (2.4 y 2.6)• In-hypervisor Networking • Virtual SAS controller ● Solaris• New I/O Subsystem • Online Snapshot merging ● OpenSolaris• I/O Cache • OVF enhancements ● OS/2• VRDP video acceleration • Guest Automation ● OpenBSD• VRDP Audio upstream
  27. 27. Conclusion!Oracle Virtual Desktop products, best choice for your Cloud• Choose if only Apps or OS with provisioned ones inside• Choice of OS – Linux, Windows, Unix …• Choice of Broker – Vmware View, XenDesktop/XenApp, Oracle VDI• If Oracle VDI, choice of your V. Suite regarding your business needs and budget: – Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware, – MS Hyper-V, MS RDS – Citrix . . .• Choice of Hardware – Sun Oracle, HP, Dell, IBM, EMC ...
  28. 28. Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:Addressing Multi-Vendor Complexity
  29. 29. Despliegue de Escritorios con Oracle VDI y + La solución Oracle más completa 1. Rol Each user receives >= 1 Role assigned (Oracle IDM) 2. Plantillas “ext. App”5. Gestión Pro Role = 1 Template VMs oder Bare MetalPeople- HW-, SW- & Support Usuarios Aplicaciones directa o Management publicadas con OracleSupport the construction of SGD Templates.. ... Enterprise Manager 3. Seguridad 4. Análisis Oracle ESSO o Oracle SGD y coste Self Service Access Protection Data Security Jobs ... Reports Interface to billing systems