Red hat storage el almacenamiento disruptivo


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Red hat storage el almacenamiento disruptivo

  1. 1. RED HAT STORAGEEl almacenamiento disruptivoMoisés RiveraSolution Architect, Red Hat09/05/2013
  2. 2. ENTERPRISESOFTWARE1992 - 2002ENTERPRISESYSTEMS2002 - 2011ENTERPRISESTORAGE2012 - 2011THENProprietary, Closed,Architectures, HighCostsTHENProprietary,Architectures,Vertically IntegratedOS, Innovation LimitedTHENProprietary, Closed,Architectures, HighCostsNOWStandardized,Open, Scaled CostNOWStandardized x86Architectures,Unbundled OS,Lower CostNOWUnbundled OS,StandardizedArchitectureIT value transformation
  3. 3. Volume economics and standardizationPAST DECADELinux and volume x86 serverstransformed the server marketCURRENT DECADEOpen source-based storage andvolume x86 servers transform thestorage market
  4. 4. CloudBig Data/No SQLVIRTMODERNSTORAGEINFRASTRUCTURECLOUD/VIRT DRIVINGuse of scale-out storageScale-out storage shipments will exceed63,000 PB by 2015(74% CAGR)*40% OF CORE CLOUD SPENDis storage relatedUnstructured data volumesEXPECTED TO GROW44X BY 2020*Scale-out software$7B BY 2015*Source: Gartner, IDC, 451 Group●●●●●Unstructured data growth and acceleration
  5. 5. STORAGE SILOSFor object, file,SAN, NASSCALE-UP/SHARED STORAGEEventually hits a wallUNPREDICTABLECOSTSHigh total cost ofownershipSCALING-OUTPerformancebottlenecks andchoke-pointsTraditional storage system challengesfor unstructured data
  6. 6. Enterprise customer Big Data requirementsBig data is more than just Hadoop to mostenterprise customersEnterprise-class reliability, performance,security, manageability, and scaleInteroperability and compatibility withexisting enterprise management anddevelopment tools
  7. 7. The nature of storage is changing“The commodization of storage and open sourcestorage stack is in essence a disruptive andinstoppable force that will change the ways of thetraditional storage market dominated by vendorsselling propietary hardware and software.”IDC Corporation. November 2012
  8. 8. What is Red Hat Storage?RED HAT STORAGESERVER 2.0FOR ON-PREMISERED HAT STORAGESERVER 2.0FOR PUBLIC CLOUDRED HAT STORAGESERVER 2.0FOR HYBRID CLOUDBROAD ECOSYSTEM SUPPORTRed Hat Storage provides a scalable, reliable, cost effective and futureproof architecture bridging information silos by consolidating file, objectand cloud access based on open sources technologies.
  9. 9. RED HATSTORAGEDEPLOYANYWHEREDRASTICALLYLOWER COSTFOUNDATIONFOR BIG DATAOPEN ANDEXTENSIBLEDatacenter, Private Cloud,Public CloudYou Choose the Infrastructure -x86, VirtualScale-out NAS and Object,Unstructured DataCreate Extensible Modules,Open SourceDelivering the next generation of storage
  10. 10. Enabling you to make storage a strategic assetTRADITIONAL STORAGELocked into the vendorsinnovation cyclesTHE RED HAT WAYInnovate at the paceof your businessVSSolve problems in hardwareIntegrated monolitihicapproachLimited to command andcontrol APIsSolve problems in softwareOTS standard x86 systemsoffer flexibilityBroad, open, extensible.
  11. 11. • Red Hat Enterprise Linux• XFS• GlusterFS• Red Hat Storage consolemanagement stationPhysical Server: 2 socket x86 with12-36 disksorVirtual Server: Amazon, AWS,Red Hat Virtualization, or VMwareA pre-integrated, pre-verified andready to run software platformSourced by customerWhat is productized in Red Hat Storage?
  12. 12. Kbase: Hat Storage compatible hardware vendors
  13. 13. RED HAT STORAGEFOR ON-PREMISESERVER(CPU/MEM)1TB• Global namespace• Aggregates CPU, memory,network capacity.• Deploys on Red Hat-supportedservers and underlyingstorage: DAS, JBOD.• Scale out linearly.• Scale out performance andcapacity as needed.• Replicate synchronouslyand asynchronously.Red Hat Storage Server for On-premiseRED HAT STORAGEFOR ON-PREMISE1TBScale out performance, capacity, and availabilityScaleupcapacitySINGLE GLOBAL NAMESPACE......SERVER(CPU/MEM)............ ... ...
  14. 14. RED HAT STORAGEFOR PUBLIC CLOUDEBSScale out performance, capacity, and availabilityScaleupcapacity• GlusterFS Amazon MachineImages (AMIs)• The only way to achieve highavailability of Elastic BlockStorage (EBS)• Multiple EBS devices pooled• POSIX compatible (noapplication to rewrite requiredto run on Amazon EC2)• Scale out capacity andperformance as neededSINGLE GLOBAL NAMESPACERed Hat Storage Server for Public Cloud......EC2............ ... ...
  16. 16. VOLUMEA namespace presented asa POSIX mount point andis comprised of bricks.BRICKThe basic unit ofstorage, represented byan export directory ona serverSERVER/NODESContain the bricksRed Hat Storage concepts
  17. 17. server1:/exp1 server2:/exp1DISTRIBUTED VOLUMEFILE 1 FILE 2 FILE 3BRICK BRICKRed Hat Storage user perspective(distributed volumes)MOUNT POINTserver1:/exp1 server2:/exp1REPLICATED VOLUMEBRICK BRICK
  18. 18. MOUNT POINTserver1:/exp1 server2:/exp1REPLICATED VOLUMEFILE 1 FILE 2BRICK BRICKRed Hat Storage user perspective(replicated volumes)
  19. 19. MOUNT POINTReplicatedVolume 0DISTRIBUTED VOLUMEFILE 1 FILE 2BRICK(exp1)Red Hat Storage user perspective(distributed replicated volumes)ReplicatedVolume 1BRICK(exp2)server1 server2BRICK(exp3)BRICK(exp4)server3 server4
  20. 20. ●Intuitive user interface●Manages massivescale out●Installation andconfiguration●Volume management●On-premise andpublic cloudRed Hat Storage consolesimplified management
  21. 21. Files and foldersDocuments, images,audio/video, large archivesObjectLong tail dataVirtual machine imagesBig dataLog files RFID dataWhat can be stored in Red Hat Storage?
  22. 22. Large file and object store: Used for applications that aggregatelarge quantities of data that build up into large filesSegment: Verticals that requiredata analysis such as oil andgas or patient recordsmanagementWorkload: Files written onceand read extensively• Data needs to be sharedand load can be distributedacross serversWhy Red Hat Storage:TCO effective vs. potentialNAS growth and costsRed Hat Storage volume
  23. 23. DR: Medium to large enterprises with DR requirements and multipledatacenters to remain synchronizedSegment: Medium / largeenterprises – compliance /business-model drivenWorkload: Files written onceand replicated to cloud storageor on-premiseWhy Red Hat Storage:Cost effective solution whencompared to competitionRed Hat Storage volume Replicated Red Hat volumeAWSReplicated Red Hat Storagevolume in EC2
  24. 24. Segment: SPs and verticalslooking for new businessmodelsWorkload: Balance reads andwrites wide range of file sizes,high throughputWhy Red Hat Storage:Simultaneous storage andretrieval of files and objectsinterchangeablyEnterprise drop box/ Cloud storage for SPs: SPs provide a share toend users to store content accessible from a variety of devicesUnified namespace
  25. 25. Nearline archive: Often used as tape replacement for fasterand cost effective accessSegment: Medium / largeenterprises – compliance /cost model drivenWorkload: Files writtenonce and rarely if everaccessed againWhy Red Hat Storage:Cost effective solutionvs. current or potentialcompetitive solutionRed Hat Storage volumeReplicated Red Hat volume
  26. 26. Content cloud: Massive simultaneous consumption of multimediacontent by thousands of usersSegment:Content providers, CDNsWorkload: Files written onceread many. Often scale atpetabyte sizeWhy Red Hat Storage:Massive scalability at costRed Hat Storage Volume
  27. 27. Live VM image store: Red Hat Storage provides a cost effective andreliable alternative for VM storageSegment: Wherevervirtualization is usedWhy Red Hat Storage:Cost effective solution whencompared to competition.Integrated solution from onevendor without vendor lock-in.Virtualization without a SANon Linux.Red Hat Storage volumeStorage domainRHEV RHEV RHEVRHEV RHEV
  28. 28. Community-powered innovationGLOBAL ADOPTIONDOWNLOADS500,000+REGISTEREDDEPLOYMENTS1,000+ Deployments in45 countriesREGISTERED USERS5,000+
  29. 29. Enabling you to make storage a strategic asset“...Together, Red Hat and Intel deliver astorage solution with rich functionality,benefiting our joint customers”David Tuhy, Storage General Manager“...Red Hat’s ability to deliver choice andflexibility up the stack and now includingstorage, delivers increased value to our endcustomers”Jeff Dobbelaere, Vice President -x86 sales“...The delivery of Red Hat Storage 2.0 todaybrings compelling new scale-out storageflexibility and choice to enterprise.Mike Thompson, President & CEO
  30. 30. Red Hat Storage Server roadmap summaryQ1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2CY 2013 CY 2014Anshi Big Bend Corbett DenaliReleasesKeyFeaturesTheme: Red HatEnterprise Virtualizationimages store,robustness (GA)• Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 6.2 based• Red Hat EnterpriseVirtualizationimage store• Live migration of VMs• Root squash support• ~100 bug fixesTheme: HighPerformance Geo-Replication RC• Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 6.4 based• High performanceGeo-replicationFeatures• Improved swiftintegration withauthenticationsupport andperformanceenhancementsTheme: Console,WindowsPerformance (RC)• Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 6.4 based• Storage Consolefull supportFeatures• SMB 2.0 Supportand performanceupdates• Document & SupportAD integration• NFSv3 ACL supportTheme: Snap,Performance (RC)• Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 6.5 based• SnapshotsFeatures• Better supportfor small filesperformance
  31. 31. Customers
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