The Future of Tablets New Orleans -Healthcare and Tablets - SoftClouds


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Tablets in Education and Healthcare

Doug Feldmann, Ph.D., Associate Professor, College of Education and Human Services - Northern Kentucky University

David Wetherelt, Director of Mobile Strategies - SoftClouds

Sol Rosenberg, VP, Business Development & Content Acquisition- Copia Interactive, LLC

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  • We are seeing a lot of headlines talking about the “Next Generation” Digital Healthcare revolution. Some of the biggest stories are about the leaps forward in DNA sequencing. Right here in San Diego we have some of the great leaders in that field. You all probably have heard of Life Technologies in Carlsbad, Pathway Genomics, to name a few There are also many companies making great moves forward in mobile healthcare. Qualcomm has started a whole new division. Qualcomm Life that is completely focused on Mobile and Digital Healthcare. They have a new platform called 2net which is the first fully HIPAA and FDA approved cloud platform for storage and distribution of digitally collected medical data. Just being here in San Diego, surrounded by all of this Next Gen Mobile Healthcare DNA shows great promise and opportunities for all of us in this mobile development space.
  • Local news about this revolution abounds. Examples here from West Wireless Pregnancy Care initiatives. And Dr. Samir Damani of MD Revolution. MD Revolution is an example of the changing attitudes of Healthcare by Primary Care Providers. Utilizing wireless technologies and applications such as fitbits, Withings Scales and Blood Pressure cuffs for remote monitoring and care.
  • The Future of Tablets New Orleans -Healthcare and Tablets - SoftClouds

    1. 1. The Future of Tabletsin HealthcareDavid WethereltDirector – Business Development, MobilitySoftClouds
    2. 2. The Future of Tablets in Healthcare• By 2012, 13,000 consumer health iPhone apps• By 2016, one billion smart phones• By 2017, 170 million wearable devices• By 2020, 50 billion things will be talking to the Internet
    3. 3. The Future of Tablets in Healthcare• Move over desktops and laptops, Tablets are making big inroads in the medical profession• Medical support for doctors, nurses, and physical therapists is expected to be one of the top 10 commercial business application categories for tablet devices this year• Tasks include entering handwritten notes into electronic health records (EHRs), generating accurate prescriptions, and sharing information with patients, such as x-rays
    4. 4. The Future of Tablets in Healthcare•More medical providers are turning to tablets as part of thenext wave of mobile adoption to increase productivity andimprove patient care•Workstations are a less attractive alternative, doctors,nurses, and other medical personnel are moving constantlyand interacting with patents•Tasks that are a natural fit for tablets are patientdiagnostic/exam activities, training, administration, fillingout patient forms, and collaboration between doctors andacross different sites
    5. 5. The Future of Tablets in Healthcare• One-quarter of healthcare providers surveyed report currently using tablets within their practice. Another 21% expect to do so within 12 months• Presently, about 38% of physicians with a mobile device capable of supporting applications use medical-related apps on a daily basis• Over the next 12 months, physicians expect to increase usage of medical apps to the point where 50% are using them daily
    6. 6. The Future of Tablets in Healthcare
    7. 7. The Future of Tablets in Healthcare
    8. 8. The Future of Tablets in Healthcare
    9. 9. The Future of Tablets in HealthcareNext Generation Healthcare EcoSystem –Tablets at the Forefront
    10. 10. SoftClouds / mobi2Clouds• Current Healthcare Projects – Wireless Rapid Diagnostics – Chronic Disease Management Applications – Wireless Biometrics with Major Medical Vendor• M2 Platform – Scalable Secure Cloud Framework – Rapid Application Deployment – Pre-built Applications