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The E-Book Consumer 2013


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This presentation gives an overview of the new report from NextMarket Insights on the e-book consumer, based on a recent survey of 1200 households. More information on this report can be found here:

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The E-Book Consumer 2013

  1. 1. The  e-­‐Book  Consumer  2013   A  Snapshot  by    
  2. 2. Length  of  ownership  of     E-­‐reader  (dedicated  or  tablet)   Most  e-­‐reader   owners  have  had   their  e-­‐reader  for  over  six  months.  The   most  common  length  of  ownership  is  between  one  and   two  years.  
  3. 3. E-­‐reader  Devices  (dedicated  or  tablet)   Per  Household   And  many  early   adopters  have   moved  onto  their   second  or  third  e-­‐ reading  device,   which  is  oAen  a   tablet  
  4. 4. Primary  e-­‐reading  device  (single  vs.   mulFple  e-­‐reader  households)   Households  with   mulFple  e-­‐reading   devices  are  more  than   twice  as  likely  to  use   an  iPad  as  their   primary  e-­‐reader  
  5. 5. New  hand-­‐me-­‐down  e-­‐reading  devices   (000s)   When  a  consumer   buys  a  new  e-­‐ reading  device   (oAen  a  tablet),   this  will  oAen   result  in  a  “hand-­‐ me-­‐down”  e-­‐ reading  device.  
  6. 6. Want  more  informaFon  on  this  report?   Visit