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NextPen Solutions


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Handwriting capture. Voice capture. All with one digital pen!

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NextPen Solutions

  1. 1. How can a digital pen be just as easy to use as a regular pen, but also powerful enough to improve productivity and cut costs? With NextPen Solutions it’s not only possible, it’s simple and it’s fast. • Streamline capture of patient data such as medical history or provider dictation • Document a patient encounter without using a personal computer, even during home health visits • Use voice dictation and handwriting interchangeably during patient encounters • Capture data even when there’s no Internet connection • Ease the transition to an electronic health record (EHR) NextPen® Solutions Handwriting capture. Voice capture. All with one digital pen! Two capture styles to save time and money: NextPen® Write NextPen® Voice
  2. 2. “On average, we see about 10-12 new patients a day. NextPen saves me 10-15 minutes per patient, or one and a half to two hours a day!” Ara S. Makdessian, MD, FACS, FRCSC Bluegrass Ear, Nose Throat Clinic, PSC
  3. 3. So how does it work? You can choose your data capture style – handwriting, or handwriting plus voice. Only from NextGen Healthcare. In just a few simple steps, our NextPen Solutions capture information, turn it into structured data or enable transcription into narrative text, and flow the data into the correct fields for the correct patients in your NextGen® Ambulatory EHR. Perfect for patients and providers who don’t dictate. • Capture information—a tiny camera at the tip of this ground-breaking pen tracks NextPen Write’s position on a paper form and records every stroke. • Turn information into structured data— place the pen in its USB docking station to transfer the captured “digital ink” for immediate conversion to structured data. • Flow data into your EHR—once approved, NextPen Write automatically flows the structured data into the NextGen Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management system. Perfect for providers who dictate • Capture information—a microphone in this ground- breaking pen records voice input. Simply double-tap on the form to start recording and tap again to stop. As users dictate into the pen, the recorded audio is automatically associated with the correct patient, form, and field. Use handwriting and dictation interchangeably, seamlessly. Use whichever is most convenient for a given field! • Turn information into structured data—connect the USB connector of NextPen Voice to your PC to transfer the captured “digital ink” and dictation. Handwriting is recognized immediately and dictation is automatically routed for transcription. • Flow data into your EHR—once approved, NextPen Voice automatically flows the data into the patient’s chart as narrative text. • Switch between capture styles—Simply alternate between handwriting capture and voice capture. NextPen Write Capture writing and drawing. NextPen Voice Capture writing, drawing, and dictation!
  4. 4. Save time Be amazed at the time you save with NextPen Solutions! Eliminate scanning and transcription while accelerating patient encounters. It’s easy and fast Go from handwritten content (in cursive or print) to structured data fast. With NextPen Voice, switch back and forth from handwritten capture to voice capture instantly and seamlessly, using whichever is most convenient for the specific data and situation. • Populate multiple templates from a single form • Draw or annotate in multiple colors and save as a PDF in the patient’s chart • Hold more than 200 pages of data inside NextPen Solutions, so you can use them all day without docking • Make staff happy with quick data downloads • Patients can use it without training—If your patients can use an ink pen, they can use the NextPen Write digital pen • Your staff can use it with minimal training • Eliminate duplicated data entry time • Easily leave a hard copy when needed—you don’t need the original because the data was captured as it was written YOU HOLD MORE THAN 200PAGES OF DATA inside NextPen Solutions — so you can use them all day without docking.
  5. 5. “Using NextPen has allowed the practice to collect and store accurate, structured, clinical data seamlessly, and make patient information more accessible through the pre- and post- examination process. NextPen has made patient care more efficient for our physicians.” Steven I. Goodman, MD Arthritis Associates of South Florida Cut costs Unlike competitive products, NextPen Solutions doesn’t charge per-page fees, or require costly HL7 interfaces. Plus, there are no upgrade fees. • Speed workflow and avoid re-keying information for time and cost savings • Eliminate unnecessary paper—shred or return paper forms to patients, and avoid filing unneeded documents • Cost-efficient, quick training—With easy, cost-efficient webinar training, your staff will be ready to use NextPen Solutions. Plus, if you want help creating customized patient information forms, our eLearning experts are ready to help!
  6. 6. Improve productivity NextPen Write makes it easy to collect patients’ history, demographics, drawings, and signatures for clear, complete documentation. The NextPen Write free form library features out-of-the-box starter forms, including Patient Intake, Review of Systems, Orthopedic History for Patient Intake, Pediatric Patient Intake, and a continually growing library of image drawing forms for various specialties. If you prefer, you can customize your own forms, in multiple languages, using Adobe® LifeCycle® Designer. • Help streamline data collection so you can better meet Meaningful Use requirements and improve patient care • Ease the transition to an EHR using technology that doesn’t interfere with patient visits • Impressive, natural, easy-to-use technology for patients, which helps improve patient-provider communication by moving provider focus away from the keyboard and back to the patient • Talk to dedicated NextPen Solutions experts during our free online “office hours” Impressive, easy- to-use technology for patients NextPen Write
  7. 7. NextPen Solutions are secure. Even if your NextPen® digital pen is lost or stolen, unauthorized users cannot access its secure data. NextPen® digital pens will not transfer data to any PC that does not first provide the preconfigured password. Without it, the pen is unreadable. NextPen® digital pens use a tiny camera to recognize a unique, secure dot pattern on the background of every form printed by the system. The pattern contains a unique identifier that the pens decode to match the form to the appropriate patient record in the EHR. This ensures that all patient data goes directly and automatically to the correct record. Common color laser printers can easily print these patterns on ordinary copy paper, even though each pattern is as unique as a fingerprint.
  8. 8. As the healthcare market evolves—particularly as a result of quality initiatives and the demands for community data sharing—we can help ensure that your technology investment is continually relevant and adjusts to your ever-changing needs. NextGen Healthcare’s rich, comprehensive portfolio—including a robust, intergrated EHR and practice management solution—offers you the freedom from searching for multiple vendors to fulfill your growing needs, and rewards you with peace of mind. Learn how you can increase productivity, accelerate workflow, and improve your bottom line using NextPen Write and NextPen Voice along with other innovative tools from NextGen Healthcare. Take the Next Step See a NextPen Solutions demonstration. Visit—or contact us at 1.855.510.6398 to learn more. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC 795 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044 p: 215.657.7010 | f: 215.657.7011 | Copyright © 2013 NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. All rights reserved. NextPen is a registered trademark of QSI Management, LLC, an affiliate of NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. LIVESCRIBE is a trademark of Livescribe Inc. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Copyright ©2007–2014. All rights reserved. Anoto Live, Live Pen and Live PDF are trademarks owned by Anoto AB. Patented technology. Adobe® and LifeCycle® Designer are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. SB7-10-13