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Tap into our integrated system. See how your organization can achieve a new level of care and financial success. Leverage the NextGen Healthcare Ambulatory Ecosystem for your healthcare IT needs.

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Ambulatory Solutions

  1. 1. Ambulatory Solutions connect. care. thrive.
  2. 2. Connect. CONNECT to medical, financial, and patient data and with colleagues and patients Care. Improve CARE collaboration, coordination, and quality Thrive. THRIVE financially in a challenging healthcare environment
  3. 3. AMBULATORY SOLUTIONS EHR Patient Portal InteroperabilityPopulation Health Physician Billing Analytics Streamline and improve patient care. Enhance care coordination. Solve connectivity and operational challenges. Manage population health. Ease the path to quality incentive programs. It’s all possible with the NextGen Healthcare ambulatory product suite. Tap into our integrated system. See how your organization can achieve a new level of care and financial success. Leverage the NextGen Healthcare Ecosystem for your healthcare IT needs.
  4. 4. The transition from volume- to value-based care Fee-for-service care — or, volume, encounter-based care — is transitioning to value-based medicine. New care delivery models, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and patient centered medical homes (PCMH), are taking center stage. At the core of value-based medicine is the goal of collaborative, coordinated care and population health management. Are you equipped for change? CLAIM PAYMENTS QUALITY BONUS Volume-based Model • Wasteful Use • No Incentive Alignment for Physicians • High Cost for Patients & Payers • Low Quality of Care Value Value-based Model • Payment System designed to Control Cost & Improve Quality QUALITY-BASED REIMBURSEMENT RISK-ADJUSTED CAPITATION Fee-for-Service Value-Based
  5. 5. Collaborative care tools, resources, and expertise Get the foundation you need for MU, PCMH, and ACO objectives with the NextGen® Ambulatory EHR. More than 34% of NextGen Healthcare’s clients participate in a collaborative care model with over 2,300 providers as recognized PCMH participants. Our clients' achievements illustrate our shared commitment and success. 160 ACO CLIENTS ACROSS THE U.S. 34% OF MARKET
  6. 6. We can help you meet Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 1 and Stage 2 goals— all while enabling better clinical and financial outcomes. Hit the MU2 mark » Navigation Specialty Pediatrics VisitType Office Visit TOB HTN DM CAD? ? ? ? Intake Histories FinalizeSOAP Checkout Care Guidelines Global Days Panel Control: Toggle Cycle Medical Chart Summary Clear ClearFilter by reason for visit: Filter by provider: Allergies: UnknownDOB: 01/01/2010 (3 years)MotherTest [F] Medications: [0]Diagnoses: [0]Problems: [0] ✥ Sticky Note ✥ Referring Provider ✥ HIPAA ✥ Advance Directives ✥ Screening SummaryAlerts Rd No 89 SCHENECTADY, NY 12345 518 (Home) Smith, JohnContact: MRN: Insurance: Nickname: PCP: Referring: Rendering: DateAllergies Assessment History Clinical Guidelines Communication History Developmental History Diagnostics Family History Growth History HPI’s Immunizations Labs Medications Reason for Visit Ordered More asthma05/23/2013 Onset: gradually. The severity of the problem is moderate. The problem has not changed. Associated symptoms include cough (cough is hacking and occurs post-prandially), fatigue and wheezing. Pertinent negatives include fever. cough05/23/2013 Onset 3 weeks ago. Severity moderate. The patient describes the cough as dry and non-productive. It occurs occasionally. The problem has not changed. Relieving factors include antihistimines. Associated symptoms include fatigue and wheezing. Pertinent negatives include chills, cough, dyspnea, dyspnea on exertion and fever. The patient does not have a history of allergies or asthma. cough02/04/2013 Onset 1 week ago. Severity moderate-severe. The patient describes the cough as hacking, persistent and productive for yellow sputum. It occurs persistently. ONC CERTIFIED HIT 2014 EDITION MU2 READY
  7. 7. Be ICD-10 ready Gain control over tens of thousands of new codes with the right tools, information, and expert support. Use NextGen Healthcare’s ICD-9/ICD-10 Comparison Utility Tool to better map ICD-10 codes to ICD-9 codes; get a current snapshot of ICD-9 billing and gauge the business impact of making the change. DIAGNOSIS 68,000 PROCEDURE 87,000 You're required to replace your ICD - 9 codes with ICD -10 codes October 1, 2015 ICD-9 CODES ICD-10 CODES DIAGNOSIS 14,000 PROCEDURE 4,000
  8. 8. Choose the EHR that lets you focus on care At the heart of the NextGen Healthcare Ecosystem is an industry best-in-class EHR solution. Unlike most competitive solutions, NextGen Ambulatory EHR version 5.8 is an ONC Certified HIT 2014 Edition complete EHR.* So it’s MU Stage 2 ready. • It’s simple —  with a logical, easy-to-use, clean design • It’s smart —  with intelligent, intuitive, focused content • It’s fas t —  to help minimize training and improve patient throughput EHR
  9. 9. Leverage our Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model to get your EHR and/or practice management solution at a fixed cost, specific to your practice needs. Our hosted solution includes all the benefits that come with superior implementation, training, maintenance, image scanning, and client support. Large or small, our EHR fits your practice and budget. Best of all, it’s perfectly suited to enhance care and streamline workflow. That’s the mark of a great EHR — it gets out of the way so that providers can focus their energy where it belongs — providing care. *Full certification details at
  10. 10. Upgrade your EHR workflow There are hundreds of EHR vendors—and their range of quality is equally varied. That’s why nearly 50% of providers are dissatisfied with their EHRs and want to switch. Just as important, with upcoming challenges like MU Stage 2, ICD-10, and more, healthcare organizations need an EHR vendor to help manage these regulatory requirements. Change is never easy, especially when you’ve invested time, money, and effort. But if you’re not getting what you need from your current EHR vendor, it could be time to make a change. Ask yourself: • Has my workflow improved with my EHR? • Has patient care been enhanced? • Have I seen the financial benefits of an EHR? • Am I using our EHR to its fullest potential? • Have I attested for MU Stage 1? • Is my EHR able to support MU Stage 2 or beyond? • Is my EHR an ONC Certified HIT 2014 Edition solution? • Does my EHR vendor deliver robust support? If the answer to any of these is no, it may be time to re-evaluate your EHR and possibly find a new one. EHRReplacement
  11. 11. Worried about the cost of a new system? The cost of moving to a new system may not be as high as the cost of staying on a system that doesn’t meet your long-term needs. NextGen RCM Services can help you offset the cost of replacement, while making the most of your technology investment. Start maximizing billing, collections, and claims results —  and watch your bottom line grow.
  12. 12. Automate your practice: Focus on care with NextGen Practice Management Thousands of practices have streamlined registration, appointment scheduling, billing, collections, and other business processes—while accelerating cash flow— with NextGen® Practice Management (NextGen PM). Fully integrated with NextGen Ambulatory EHR, this solution can help you gain greater revenue and better control of your practice by enabling you to: • Perform labor-intensive tasks in a few simple clicks • Conduct electronic claims checking; gain collections processing support • Better manage your practice through reporting • Become fully compliant and stay on track with MU, HIPAA 5010, and ICD-10 PracticeManagement
  13. 13. Tina Buop Chief Technology Officer La Clinica de La Raza “With NextGen Practice Management, our 200 providers and 30 practices now have unified processes and workflows. It's amazing!”
  14. 14. Connect with your community and beyond Easily exchange community data, support growth, improve accountability, enhance safety, and make ACO reporting easier using our highly secure data exchange and repository. The NextGen® solution stores, displays, and exchanges complete patient records. Our solution helps you improve care coordination — in real time, within normal provider workflow — by enabling the NextGen Ambulatory EHR to exchange standards-based data with any HIE, state- designated disease registry, or public health entity. Retrieve essential patient information from an external EHR and securely send patient data to a third-party HIE or EHR. Connect and share information seamlessly NextGen Healthcare is expert at connecting patients, practices, hospitals, health systems, communities, and payers. Combined with Mirth® technologies, NextGen® solutions are integrated across platforms and with other systems – both inside and outside of your organization. Our clients use our solutions to: • Ensure attestation for Meaningful Use • Drive quality, collaborative care • Make more informed decisions • Accelerate claim payments • Enhance community health • Harness the benefits of aggregated data Interoperability Our solution helps you improve care coordination — in real time, within normal provider workflow.
  15. 15. Enable easy data exchange and fewer clicks with NextGen Share NextGen® Share addresses the most pressing and difficult interoperability challenges providers typically face. NextGen Share allows clients to find connected providers and organizations on the network; compose and exchange a referral with clinical documents; and count such transactions for their Meaningful Use stage 2 attestation. NextGen Share: • Is easy, not complicated • Works within normal clinical workflow • Provides actionable data • Significantly reduces clicks for referrals
  16. 16. “We're managing our chronic, hard-to-reach patients  and getting them to come into our office, thanks to NextGen's Population Health solution.” Patrick Stevenson Director of IT, Infinity Primary Care Client since 2005 PatientEngagement
  17. 17. Keep patients healthier: NextGen Population Health Stay on top of your patient populations with easy access to patient data. Gain automated, proactive outreach to manage compliance, encourage healthier behavior, and promote wellness. NextGen® Population Health (NextGen PH) helps you provide better coordinated, more collaborative care. As care decisions improve, patient populations stay healthier. Move the needle from illness to wellness, while reducing the overall cost of care. Engage patients in their care: NextGen Patient Portal NextGen® Patient Portal can help you streamline patient communications online, enhance engagement, and improve patient satisfaction. Meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements while enabling your patients to refill prescriptions and streamline scheduling online, gain access to personal health information, and improve chronic disease management outcomes. NextGen Patient Portal snapshot: (Through May 2013) More than 1,300practices 3.3 milpatients An average of more than 40,000users added each week More than 12,000appointments processed More than 600,000 log-ins 11,000refills
  18. 18. InSight Reporting™ provides a fast track to a better bottom line. Receive automatic alerts on reimbursement, utilization, and productivity issues — customized by what matters most to you. Set practice benchmarks, monitor progress, and gain insightful and actionable comparative analytics on peers and payers — in real time. Access web-based business intelligence, measurement, and management: InSight Reporting Empower your practice with business intelligence that will help you: ACCELERATE CASH AND LOWER COSTS REDUCE DENIALS IMPROVE CONTRACTING LEVERAGE ReportingTools
  19. 19. Using bar charts, pie charts, gauges, and more, NextGen® Dashboard displays information at the practice or provider level. Like the Advisor Module in NextGen PM, the NextGen Dashboard will help: • Encapsulate crucial clinical, financial, operational, and user-specified data • Exhibit that data in a graphical user interface for easy interpretation The NextGen® Health Quality Measures (NextGen HQM) Reporting Module is a clinical data repository used for automatic registry reporting of clinical outcomes and quality measure data required by pay for performance programs. Simply document patient encounters in NextGen Ambulatory EHR and NextGen PM, and the NextGen HQM Reporting Module does the rest. Select the programs and measures of interest, and the robust reporting engine will: • Collect the data (without extra clicks) • Calculate the measures • Produce automatic electronic reports Easily automate registry reporting: Health Quality Measures View graphically rich patient data presentation: NextGen Dashboard
  20. 20. Optimize your software. Simplify processes. Increase revenue. Meet health reform goals like MU, ICD-10, and ACO. NextGen RCM Services offerings help you ensure great results. Get paid faster: NextGen RCM Services Our 900+ revenue cycle management (RCM) billings, collections, and claims experts help more than 7,000 clients collect more than $2 billion annually (and growing). They can help you cut costs, improve financial performance, and eliminate administrative headaches. Engage NextGen RCM Services so you can: 61% DECREASE A/R DAYS UP TO ACCELERATE CASHCOLLECTIONS BY UP TO 9% REDUCE CLAIM DENIALS UP TO 70% RCMServicesImplementation
  21. 21. Improve the speed of your implementation, training, and go-live Without proper training and preparation before your EHR “go-live,” your practice could see higher than anticipated downtime, ramp-up time, and more. We employ a proven best practices implementation methodology where you choose your pace. Our NextGen Healtcare implementation and training services enable you to: • Tap into training resources, including on-site, web, training centers, and continuing education • Get 24/7 support and access to a U.S.-based support team • Model your implementation project based on your needs Get 24/7 support and ACCESS to a U.S.-BASED Support team
  22. 22. “Once we brought on NextGen Consulting Services and paired them with an effective leadership team, we began to see immediate results. They provided the direction, expertise, and knowledge transfer to help position our team for success!” Heather Abraham Executive Director, WellStar Medical Group ConsultingServices
  23. 23. Get clinical, professional, and IT consulting —  all in one place: NextGen Consulting Services It’s rare to find clinical, professional, and IT consulting from one knowledgeable team. That’s why our collaborative consulting is so unique. Solve problems faster, create better workflows, and improve office operations using a blend of NextGen® Consulting Services expertise scaled to fit your specific needs: NextGen® Physician Consulting Group— this team features a wide range of real-world HIT experience. After working with hundreds of clients, our physicians are experts at helping your providers transition to more efficient workflows NextGen® Technical Consulting Services—make the most of your hardware and software with the help of this team of super users. Ensure your data conversion is successful, learn how to build custom add-ons to ensure your new system is running optimally, and much more NextGen® Professional Consulting Services—this team provides EHR and practice management workflow expertise and medical office operations consulting. With their help, optimize your software— and evaluate and improve your clinical and adminis- trative efficiencies 1 2 3
  24. 24. • Digital Pen – NextPen® Solutions  — accelerate documentation, such as patient intake forms, while cutting costs • NextGen® Document Management — get fast, easy, cost-effective access to your documents and images from an integrated, central repository • e-Prescribing — electronically prescribe medications, receive refill requests from pharmacies, and more • Medical Image Integration Module — get simultaneous access to clinical content, medical images, documents, and reports generated by multiple disparate PACS systems — all without downloads • NextGen® Mobile — get remote anytime, anywhere access to your EHR for important tasks, approvals, lab reviews, or consults • Speech Recognition — utilize speech recognition to vocally navigate NextGen Ambulatory EHR for streamlined workflows • Remote Health Monitoring — provides physicians, caregivers, families, and individuals who are maintaining healthy lifestyles, or managing chronic conditions, with smart, affordable, wireless, user-friendly technology — anytime, anywhere • NextGen® Electronic Data Interchange (NextGen EDI) — automate the transmission of data between healthcare organizations and third-party entities using industry- standard transaction formats. Reduce costs, improve productivity, and eliminate the use of paper claims Drive output with powerful productivity tools Work simpler, smarter, and faster. See how our productivity tools can help. ProductivityTools
  25. 25. Join thousands who are hosting without headaches: Hosted solutions Benefit from IT automation. Eliminate the maintenance headaches of in-house hardware and networking. Join thousands of providers who prefer NextGen Healthcare as their data hosting alternative. Our hosted solutions offer the advantages of NextGen Ambulatory EHR and NextGen PM, while letting you entrust your hardware and maintenance to a first-class partner. Complete your NextGen Ambulatory EHR software purchase with a comprehen- sive hardware solution. Rely on a single contact for all of your support needs. Experienced sales and technical consultants will help configure, install, and maintain a cutting-edge hardware package, built from only the highest quality products, to optimize your practice's performance— no matter your size or specialty. Optimize your performance with the right hardware
  26. 26. Be smart. Work intelligently using an integrated ambulatory product suite and business analytics tools. Excel with intuitive specialty content that really flows the way healthcare providers think. Work fast. Team up with a technology partner ready to help you minimize training, speed workflow, increase patient throughput, and attain outstanding adoption rates. Make things simple. Reduce administrative burdens and streamline processes. Watch your efficiency skyrocket—all while improving care. Our solutions feature an intuitive, logical, clean design. When it’s this easy to use technology, you’ll be up and running in no time.
  27. 27. “The relationship with NextGen has been extraordinary. Without NextGen as a strategic partner, we would not be what we are today. They’ve helped us move from a four-physician practice to almost 40, from 20 employees to 300, and from 10,000 patient encounters per year to almost 100,000.” James Holly MD, CEO Southeast Texas Medical Associates
  28. 28. * NextGen® Ambulatory EHR, version 5.8 is ONC-HIT 2014 Edition certified as a complete EHR. Full certification details at Copyright© 2014 NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC All rights reserved. NextGen is a registered trademark of QSI Management, LLC, an affiliate of NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. All other names and marks are the property of their respective owners. Patent pending. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC | 795 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044 | p: 215.657.7010 | f: 215.657.7011 | BU2-7/14 Take the Next Step Contact us to learn how we can help. 855.510.6398