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eBook - 6 Reasons Why QSIDental Works for You


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Learn the essential difference why working with QSIDental in implementing and deploying your new enterprise software is unlike working with any other dental software company.

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eBook - 6 Reasons Why QSIDental Works for You

  1. 1. SIXSIXSIX SIX SIX Choose the QSIDental Difference. Six Reasons QSIDental works for you.
  2. 2. Choose the QSIDental Difference. Discover the six reasons 7,000 dentists and more than 30,000 users think the QSIDental solution is the right choice at the right time for today’s dental practices...
  3. 3. Read on! to learn the six reasons that differentiate the QSIDental team from the competition. g There’s a lot at stake for your dental practice in today’s ever-changing, complex dental care landscape. So selecting the right partner is critical. You need a partner with deep and broad dental market expertise, with an EDR solution that is customizable for your practice, and a team that is ready to meet and surpass your needs at every turn. You need QSIDental® . You have an EDR but don’t know how to use it. That’s like a racecar parked in your driveway with no keys. For you to realize an ROI from your EDR, you need a thorough, customizable solution. But most importantly, you need to know that your provider has the expertise and will be there to guide you through the process. That’s why thousands of dental practices turn to QSIDental.
  4. 4. 1 Mapping your future success.
  5. 5. The moment you execute a contract with QSIDental, we begin preparing. We meet with you to establish goals, schedule a demo if needed, and meet with key practice stakeholders. We think the more upfront work we do, from understanding your needs to establishing tangible goals, the better the results in a roadmap for success. At QSIDental, we know that success is built on a solid foundation of communication and preparation. We understand there can be a lot of unknowns when embarking on an ambitious project like this – our goal is to set your mind at ease. So get used to seeing us around. We’re not going anywhere soon...except to help you at your practice. The more upfront work we do,the better the results in a roadmap for success. Establish goals Schedule a demo Meet with stakeholders
  6. 6. 2 No two journeys are alike.
  7. 7. Once we know your needs, we immediately begin work to identify the solution. We get deep into your practice operations, develop a detailed needs assessment, and work with you to decide your system needs, security needs, and clinical needs. Only by thoroughly reviewing, validating, and defining each step along the way can we build a plan that gets you where you want to go quickly and with less hassle. We tailor our system to meet your needs. With QSIDental, you have the flexibility to “wrap” our system around the needs of your practice. We don’t shoehorn our solution into your practice; instead we tailor our system to meet your needs. While our software comes ready to use, it is infinitely configurable so that your journey follows the route you envision. You have a unique practice with specific strengths. We identify them and give you the tools to leverage those strengths, while adding new ones.
  8. 8. 3 Navigate with pinpoint accuracy.
  9. 9. Once we get the plan set, we’ll build your technology infrastructure. At QSIDental, validation is important. With years of successful group practice management, we work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that defines what your practice needs to grow and thrive. We validate your workflows, review your centralized method of communication, and make sure your Flow Document is airtight. Then the work shifts into another gear. We do a thorough review and define multiple specifics for your practice, including: • Office, groups, providers, users • Billing and insurance • Patient records (demographics, alerts, notes, questionnaires) • Clinical setups and preferences (procedure codes, charting, notes) • Scheduler, prescriptions, labs Once we get a handle on what your practice needs to succeed, it’s time to start the heavy lifting. So sit back and watch us as we go to work on all that data.
  10. 10. We’re with you for the long haul. 4
  11. 11. Other software companies give you vague instructions or a thick user guide and send you off to do your data conversion. Not QSIDental. Our experienced team members come in, roll up their sleeves, and do the data conversion for you. While this process is ongoing, we are working with your staff and key stakeholders every step of the way to educate them on the processes that they will be performing on a regular basis. We know that data is the fuel that powers your practice – you won’t get far without it. For many practices, this is the part in the process when they realize they are assuming the lead and that may foster apprehension. Don’t worry. With our team of professionals, the conversion is the chance to really show the capabilities of our powerful, feature-rich solution, our expertise, and how your practice is going to enjoy new efficiencies. Our conversion service will ensure a quick start by transferring paper records into usable data that can be stored in the cloud. Reap the practice benefits that happen when you move from paper to digital.
  12. 12. 5 A data-driven dental machine.
  13. 13. At QSIDental, not only are our software solutions unique, so are our training methods. Unlike others in the industry, QSIDental does not skimp on training, either in material or presence. Instead of a few days of high-level overview and a huge user manual, we offer a comprehensive on-site training program lasting up to a month, with interactive, seamless, hands-on learning. The QSIDental training is tailored to your individual practice. We work with your staff and practitioners to ensure all your questions are answered before the go-live date. But don’t worry, because we’re never really gone. With QSIDental, additional training and support is only a phone call away. 24/7/365. We have you covered with an experienced implementation team that provides unparalleled training and support when you need it.
  14. 14. 6 READY…SET...GO! (Succeed!)
  15. 15. Finally, it’s time. Time to begin increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and maximizing efficiency. After weeks of meetings, training, scanning, and cataloguing, it’s finally time to see the future of your dental practice at work. With QSIDental, you get weeks of training and setup to ensure your system is configured to your liking and all needed conversions are completed. Once the prep work is done, you’ve gone live and your EDR is delivering value, a QSIDental Implementation Team member remains on-site for at least another week to fine-tune your solution and answer any questions you have. Once you’ve had a chance to get some time on your EDR, we are still there for review and to prepare your practice to transition to Customer Support. When you’re ready to get behind the keyboard, we’re prepared to show you how to improve your practice with comprehensive on-site training and 24/7 assistance. Our ride with you is only over when you tell us it’s over. After all, now you’re part of the QSIDental family. Welcome.
  16. 16. Copyright © 2014 Quality Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. 18111 Von Karman | Suite 700 | Irvine, CA | 92612 | EDU29-1/14 Choose the QSIDental Difference. Make it – to the cloud. With QSIDental Web® . Or call 1-800-888-7955 For nearly 40 years, QSIDental has successfully delivered innovative solutions which have enabled dental practices and public health providers to increase productivity, reduce risk, minimize costs, and improve patient care. If you are a community health center, FQHC, tribal health, or other public health organization, you can find more information here. If you are a large practice, multi-specialty, multi-location, multi-provider practice, learn here about our cloud-based solution that gives you anytime, anywhere access to your practice.