Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business


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With more than 277 million users, LinkedIn is the world's largest network of professionals. Learn how to influence these decision makers to benefit your business.

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Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

  1. 1. NextBee Media Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business
  2. 2. Why use 277 million + registered users present a huge opportunity 40% of LinkedIn users check their account daily 24 % of all visitors from LinkedIn to a B2B website are enterprise visitors Used by professionals with the power to take decisions The best place to build credibility
  3. 3. Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business Your How-to Guide
  4. 4. Establish Thought Leadership Beef up your social profile to radiate your industry expertise Regularly update statuses related to your industry Keep updates brief This should be information that others would want to share Provide gateways to your website through clickable links Your profile should reflect what you offer Seek recommendations from clients LinkedIn Profile is your social business card Treat it like one
  5. 5. Participate in LinkedIn groups Communicate with numerous prospects Share your knowledge Track problems and issues experienced by industry peers Offer solutions Attract and Engage Leads Make your employees your brand advocates Ask them to list you as their employer Incentivize your employees to share and promote your resourceful updates to their followers Display your Expertise Develop a following that would constantly seek information
  6. 6. Solving problems adds new users to your network Generate Leads Be the expert that everyone appreciates Promote your products & services in groups & profile Identify prospects who engage with your updates Approach them personally through messages LEADS 1 2 3 4 5
  7. 7. Build Traffic Your Website Optimize your profile with the right keywords LinkedIn is teeming with professionals and businesses looking for the right services Use keywords that best describe your business Users use ‘Search’ option to look for service providers Promote your profile and updates through Paid Ads Gain traffic through ad impressions Enhance your visibility several times Create targeted ads that will show up to only the most relevant profiles Ad Insert links wherever possible
  8. 8. Get Insights See which posts get more engagement Know what your followers like + Gather data on customer preferences and product feedback Follow Metrics & Trends through Analytics tab on LinkedIn Do Market Research through Polls in LinkedIn groups
  9. 9. NextBee Media