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Tips for Effective Viral Coupon Marketing


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Increasing referrals on social media becomes easy through viral coupon marketing. It drives customers to your business and drives customer engagement. Here are some tips for increasing referrals on social media.

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Tips for Effective Viral Coupon Marketing

  1. 1. NextBee Media Tips for Effective Viral Coupon Marketing
  2. 2. More than just Offering Discounts A lot of brainstorming goes into developing an Effective Viral Coupon Marketing Strategy
  3. 3. Tips to Implement for Effective Viral Coupon Marketing
  4. 4. Qualities of Viral Coupons Spread Quick Great Reach Involve social media users across networks Increase sale of products Offer higher ROI
  5. 5. Offer Discounts on Perishables & New Products Perishable products should be sold well within a specified time Clear the stock well within time by offering discounts Create good awareness and generate a lot of interest among customers New Products are new entries in the market that need attention
  6. 6. Check Your Margins Thoroughly Discounts might hurt profits to some extent Here’s how to use online coupons to generate profits more than the discounts you offer- Viral Coupons raise your sales considerably, overtaking the loss in margins with extra sales they bring Make sure you offer viral coupons for products on which you earn considerably higher profit margin so that you can shave off some to offer discounts
  7. 7. Put a Cap The Cap ensures that your discounted amount does not come close to the profit made after discounts Generate a necessary amount before your customers can pull off the coupon discount Create Thresholds
  8. 8. Product Bundling- Offer Discounts on Complimentary Product Helps Clear up your inventory fast Offer discounts on complimentary products that impact the sale of a major product Discount Coupon for a cola entices customers into buying a full meal
  9. 9. Manage & Train Staff Accordingly Inform your staff well in advance Keep enough stock Train staff well on handling high customer footfalls & orders Prepare to recruit more members if you anticipate a good response
  10. 10. Promote Slog Hour Deals Offer discounts through coupons on days and time slots when you generally experience low sales volume Deal Examples Off-Season discount coupons Discounts on Weekdays Discounts in the Afternoon Increases your selling capacity Get a thump even in odd hours!
  11. 11. NextBee Media