How to Increase Customer Engagement with Viral Coupons


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Best practices to increase customer engagement through viral coupons on social media websites.

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How to Increase Customer Engagement with Viral Coupons

  1. 1. NextBee Media How to Engage Customers with Viral Coupons
  2. 2. Attract the Price Sensitive Customer Base Offer viral coupons on products & services Allow customers to redeem coupons to avail discounts on price Online Offline A small decrease in price increases your products’ acceptance in the market
  3. 3. Tap Customers on the go with Mobile Phones Offers Stay sellable 24x7 by sending customized viral coupons to your customers’ mobile devices Use Push Notifications Enable social media notifications when a customer redeems a coupon Allow customers to redeem coupons through their mobile phones Make coupons redeemable at store counters as well Customers carry mobile phones all the time Use Geo-targeting to spot customers and tap them just when they are close to your store Motivate customers to step in & purchase Why
  4. 4. Build a Chain of Referrals Offer a quota of viral coupons that the top performers can send to their friends & family Spot top performers Customer take pride in gifting exclusive items that may be of potential value to their acquaintances Let each customer that redeems a coupon send coupons to their acquaintances in turn Note Restrict the coupon sending limit, for e.g. to 5, to augment its importance 1 2 3 Grow your referrals exponentially Motivates customers to promote your coupons Use your customers to convert their contacts into your customers Benefits
  5. 5. Initiate a Revolutionary Growth in Referral Activity Offers incentives to referees on every coupon that gets redeemed through their referrals Allow social media sharing to multiple contacts on multiple social platforms through social widgets Notify customers’ contacts on social media through coupon redemption notification in customer’s social feed Let referees track their referral conversions & incentives gained
  6. 6. Set Bigger Rewards in Anticipation Set targets to accomplish Display future goals Add points to customers’ accounts on every purchase they make Offer a bigger reward on target completion How to offer Reward Points Allow customers to earn reward points through Referrals & Purchases
  7. 7. Drive Incremental Sales Through Time-bound Coupons Assign a time cap on coupon deals Remind users of the expiry of the viral coupon Create the urgency to buy before the deal expires Customers often avail a time-bound deal even when they do not need the product immediately. This is because of the deal’s perceived value. Create Limited Period offers
  8. 8. NextBee Media