How to Engage Your Facebook Fans


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Facebook has become the single biggest online community in the world and every business has a presence on Facebook. Here's how to engage your fans successfully and make your business get noticed on Facebook.

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How to Engage Your Facebook Fans

  1. 1. How to Engage Your Facebook Fans NextBee Media
  2. 2. Facebook Facts By 2013 end, Facebook had acquired 1.23 BILLION monthly active users around the world Facebook is used by 57% of all American adults 73% of the US population aged between 12-17 use Facebook The mean number of friends among adult Facebook users is 338
  3. 3. Factors that Affect your Page Post’s Visibility Based on previous interactions Close to about 16% of your fans see posts from your page AFFINITY WEIGHT How close the ONE-WAY relationship between a Page and a Fan is Photos engage better than Text Posts. Comments pump your reach more than Likes TIME DECAY How recent a Post Is (Older posts get lesser visibility) STORY BUMPING LAST ACTOR Pushes a missed story into user’s timeline again if it is engaging others Uses the last 50 interactions of users to rank stories on their timeline
  4. 4. Let’s bring our attention back to Engaging Facebook Fans Steps involved -
  5. 5. Be Responsive Most likes, shares and comments come within the first few hours of posting Redress issues publicly Respond to user comments as they happen
  6. 6. Post Useful Information People are likely to share useful information that improves their social standing among peers Teach, Inform, Educate your fans about interesting aspects of your business Help your fans make decisions
  7. 7. Post at the Right Time Use analytics to find the times at which your fans are most receptive Noon and a little after 7 p.m. are when most people login More posts doesn't mean more engagement - Don't overdo it. 1-2 posts/day is ideal
  8. 8. Use Visual Depictions Moves users Why Inspires them quick Motivates to Engage others Brings greater engagement that text How Post relevant pictures of your team Inspire users to share photographs and their creativity Create large images to drive more engagement
  9. 9. Hold Contests. Give Rewards. Run contests regularly and give away rewards Get fans to caption photographs, share photos and award the best ones Let your fans choose their reward
  10. 10. Quiz Your Fans Energize your fan base time to time
  11. 11. Lend a Personal Touch Bring out the people behind your business through behind the scene pictures & videos Share stories of real people influenced by your brand Get users to share photographs and experiences
  12. 12. Support a Worthy Cause Make your fans participate in your CSR activities People take special interest in noble causes They take up Responsibilities & Share Information
  13. 13. Be Creative Surprise fans with out-of-the-box engagement activities Be genuinely funny. Everyone loves good humour. Give out worthy rewards to ensure participation
  14. 14. Use Your Real Estate Well Use Cover Images to convey Ideas and Promote Products Cover Photos show up on Fan's newsfeed Use Pin option to keep an important story at the top of your Timeline
  15. 15. NextBee Media