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How a Facebook Page Benefits Brick-and-Mortar Stores


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Facebook pages are known to promote small, medium and large enterprises well alike. See how a Facebook page can help you take your business to heights.

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How a Facebook Page Benefits Brick-and-Mortar Stores

  1. 1. NextBee Media How a Facebook Page Benefits a Brick-and-Mortar store
  2. 2. A Huge Target Market A market for every industry Facebook had acquired 1.23 BILLION monthly active users around the world by 2013 end Facebook is used by 57% of all American adults Users from every country Users belonging to all age-groups Businesses spend money on services on Facebok Customers actively buying & referring products Customers use Facebook for product reviews and information
  3. 3. Virality to Offers Followers can share discount coupons and sweepstakes, & refer loyalty programs to multiple contacts at a time Presents a great way to promote without much financial investment & time
  4. 4. Referral Traffic Through Discount Coupons redemption and Sweepstakes on Facebook pointing to your website Your Website Increase virtual footfalls
  5. 5. Increase Brand Awareness Fan page shows how many people have checked into a brick and mortar store The number of check-ins influence others to visit you Spreads awareness about the store’s location and its popularity Show that you exist as much in the real world as virtual Offer customers the tangible feeling of your products by displaying them Your store will be just as flooded with customers as your Facebook page is Put up what’s trending by posting the best items & offers on the wall Create urgency and attract customers through coupons & schemes Coupons can be redeemed at the store
  6. 6. Offer Recognition Posting messages on their wall, saying ‘Thank You’ or expressing your gratitude for doing business makes them feel special Responding to their queries on your page and liking their posts shows that you value your social fans Increases Social Engagement tremendously Hold contests, and offer rewards when customers add value to your page or perform exceptionally well
  7. 7. Grievance Redressal Medium to address your customers’ grievances An active Fan page lets customers contact the business, make complaints and solves them on the wall so that others perceive that the brand cares Customers usually experience and appreciate a greater level of comfort on social media Keep a casual tone
  8. 8. Converse to Engage Conversations keep brands alive among customers Customer memory is short A pool of prospects around and casual discussions that can lead to sales- just the perfect combination to strike personal connections
  9. 9. NextBee Media