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Gain New Customers through Social Influencer Marketing


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Find new customers on social media through social influencers who will spread your messages among social users and get you the attention and admiration you demand.

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Gain New Customers through Social Influencer Marketing

  1. 1. NextBee Media Gain New Customers through Social Influencer Marketing
  2. 2. Do You Need Social Influencers? Usually… Yes. You decide for yourself Drive traffic to your social media page & profile Develop usable content on your behalf Create your positive image in the market Expand your customer base Increase your reach exponentially Increase your Sales Engage your social media followers Social Influencers
  3. 3. A Social Influencer does exactly this Communicates with a large base of social media users Turns them into your enthusiastic supporters
  4. 4. Taking Advantage of Social Influencer Marketing Your How-to Guide
  5. 5. Declare what’s ‘in’ Receive wider acceptance for your products & services Answer questions related to your industry Help users take decisions Offer industry- specific knowledge Impart information on quality standards Debunk myths Address customers’ doubts Offer solutions Tell how your products will add value to their life Foster Value through Problem Solving Be the Expert Cast an Influence Create Buzz About Yourself Set Trends Suggestions from experts are deemed as the best solution by customers
  6. 6. Address a Larger Base through Social Media Create Content Make Use of Virality Encourage Referrals Customer Feedback for Constructive Approach Get influencers to create high quality content- both text & images Make content available to users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Produce catchy meme images Create statuses that offer insights to your industry Offer information that users can use to boost their reputation in their network Offer rewards to influencers in return to their commitment Provide incentives for customers they bring Evaluate their activity & provide discount coupons Seek influencers’ opinion & feedback on your offerings Ask them to reproduce the same from social media users Create a positive environment
  7. 7. Target the Right Influencers Influential Individuals Bloggers Loyal Customers Social Media Pages who can influence a large group of customers & direct them to your business who can generate faith in you in their network by narrating their positive experiences those with a large following and high engagement ones with good traffic on their blog can create valuable, descriptive content & create positive image by commenting and interacting with prospects
  8. 8. Motivate Influencers to Stay Active Create leaderboards Mention top performers’ names socially thank them for their efforts grant special levels & offer badges when their referees become customers generating positive image in communities on referring through referral portal Give Rewards through Competitions Appreciate Efforts Give them limited period ad-hoc points to share with their circle Offer Exclusive Rights
  9. 9. What Your Business Earns Yes. An A+. Connections that cast influence on your market Appealing Return On Investments Activated customers that were once dormant New followers from influencers’ following Valuable Reviews
  10. 10. NextBee Media