Challenge:Established in 1972, Accardi Foods, the leaderin specialty foods and beverage located in theMedford, Massachuset...
Challenge:Established in 1983, Acres Group, a premierprofessional landscaping company with threeoffices and nurseries locat...
Challenge:In 2008, Baltimore County executives decidedto implement a fleet tracking solution to bettermanage their Departme...
Challenge:Established in 1986, Capeway RoofingSystems, Inc. was rapidly expanding from asmall local business to a roofing an...
Challenge:Eagle Medical Service, a leading ambulatoryservice in the Memphis and Jackson areas,needed a GPS fleet tracking s...
Challenge:Established in 1949, Estes Heating & AirConditioning provides HVAC, plumbing andelectrical services to both resi...
Challenge:Established in 2000, Pipe Works Services,a customer-focused plumbing, heating andair conditioning company servic...
Challenge:Established in 1949, Lake Truck Lines providescommercial drilling materials and a variety ofoilfield drilling pro...
Challenge:Founded in 1969, the Homewood-FlossmoorPark District covers 365 acres and has a totalof 32 parks. With 43 employ...
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NexTraq Customer Success Stories


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Check out the NexTraq customer success stories. Whether you have 2 vehicles or 200, we can help you decrease overhead costs such as fuel, labor, maintenance and insurance while improving service revenue and customer service levels. Our customers experience up to a 50% increase in fleet and employee productivity and a 20% reduction in costs. The NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution is easy-to-use, reliable and comprehensive. Maybe that's why 95% of our customers would refer us to another business or associate. Learn how you can track your vehicles, equipment and assets while improving your business processes. It's more than just fleet tracking; it's an important tool for your business's success.

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NexTraq Customer Success Stories

  1. 1. Challenge:Established in 1972, Accardi Foods, the leaderin specialty foods and beverage located in theMedford, Massachusetts area, was looking for asolution to track its drivers and fleet. Joe Russo,Director, knew that there were discrepanciesbetween the hours drivers worked and whatwas actually reported.Solution:Based on a referral, Russo selected the® Fleet Tracking solution due to itsaffordable pricing and ease of use. Russo,said, “The business associate that referredthe solution allowed me to ‘testdrive’ the application at their office – I foundthe application extremely intuitive with thefunctionality we needed to improve our driveproductivity.Results:Within the first few days of theimplementation, Russo was able to identifydrivers that were ‘padding’ their hours andaddress the situation directly with the offendingemployees. The result? Russo, said, “Overtimehours were reduced by 50%, saving AccardiFoods more than $80,000 a year in overheadcosts.”The Fleet Tracking solution acts as a‘virtual time card’ that enables Russo to verifyhours worked vs. hours posted by his drivers.Overtime inaccuracies have been eliminated asthe drivers know that their driving and behavioris being monitored.Russo also praises the reliability of thesolution. He says, “To my knowledge,we have never had a problem with theapplication s reliability and uptime.”The family-owned food and beverage companyhas plans to continue to automate its fleet withrouting and dispatch functionality. Committedto providing their customers with quickdelivery and product reliability, Accardi Foodscontinues to provide exceptional service to finerestaurants, caterers, food stores, country clubsand supermarkets in the New England area.With a subsidiary company, Express Plus,there is no limit to the company’s growth andsuccess. Foods Reduces Overtime Cost by 50% with Fleet TrackingLeading Massachusetts food and beverage supplier saves $80,000 a yearwith GPS vehicle tracking technology on overtime alone“Overtime hours were reduced by50%, saving Accardi Foods morethan $80,000 a year in overheadcosts.”Joe RussoDirector for Accardi FoodsFor more information on NexTraq, please visit:www.nextraq.comAbout AccardiEstablished in 1972, Accardi Foods hasgrown to be one of the largest specialty fooddistributors in New England. The primaryfocus has been to maintain a superiorlevel of quality products and service. Theyare the master importer in New Englandfor the most prestigious brands fromItaly for more than 30 years. For moreinformation, visit their Web site at Results:Fleet Size:17 vehiclesChallenge:Accardi Foods was looking for a solutionto track its drivers and fleet to accuratelytrack overtime.50% decrease in overtime hoursOvertime savings of $80,000 a yearDriver behavior modificationCase Study
  2. 2. Challenge:Established in 1983, Acres Group, a premierprofessional landscaping company with threeoffices and nurseries located in Illinois,needed a complete GPS fleet tracking solutionto accurately monitor their vehicles. JeffDumas, Vice President of Acres Group North,said, “We originally had a low cost solutionthat didn’t provide enough functionality forour company. Because we lease space forour trucks throughout our market area, it wasimportant to track vehicle movement at amoments notice.”Solution:Due to the lack of functionality, Dumasdecided to implement the NexTraqŠ FleetTracking solution due to its ease of use andadditional capabilities, including its reportingand alerts features. Dumas, said, “The salesand implementation process for more than 300vehicles went extremely well.”Results:Since implementing the NexTraq Fleet Trackingsolution, Dumas was able to recover $30,000worth of equipment and vehicleson more than one occasion. Dumas said,“Through the alert functionality within theNexTraq solution, I receive a text message ifany vehicle in our fleet moves before 5 a.m.In fact, I was able to use NexTraq to notify thepolice that a theft had occurred. One of ourmanagers was watching the vehicles movementon the NexTraq solution and was able to guidethe police to the vehicle in time to arrest thethieves.”Additionally, Dumas cites the Idle Report as apowerful tool to decrease fuel costs across hisfleet.Upon implementation of NexTraq, the SpeedAlert feature let Acres know that a smallpercentage of drivers were exceeding postedlimits at some point during the day. With theNexTraq solution, Acres managers receivemessages notifying them if an employee isspeeding. After a couple of weeks the speedalerts were reduced by 92 .Acres Group has also implementedNexTraq Fleet DispatchŒ on severalvehicles for easy communication betweenthe office and its drivers. With the ability toreduce operational costs, Acres Group canpass those savings on to the customer. Its corecorporate tenet, “commitment to excellence forknowledge and customer service,” will keep theAcres Group moving forward for years to come. Group Recovers More than $30,000 in Stolen Assets with NexTraqLeading professional landscaping company recovers stolen vehicles andequipment while reducing driver speeding by 92 percent“By using the Speed Alert functionalitywithin the solution, we have reducedspeed by 92 percent.”Jeff Dumasice President of Acres Group NorthFor more information on NexTraq, please visit:www.nextraq.comAbout Acres GroupEstablished in 1983, family-owned AcresGroup has been providing premiumquality landscape maintenance, landscapeinstallation, customer design build projectsand snow removal services for more than25 years. With three offices and twonurseries providing service to all of Chicagoland, Acres has a motivated staff ofcertified horticultural professionals trainedfor all types of landscaping work. For moreinformation on Acres Group, please visit Results:Fleet Size:304 vehiclesChallenge:Having originally purchased a fleettracking solution that didn’t meet theirneeds, Acres Group needed a robustGPS vehicle tracking solution that couldprovide reporting and alerts functionality.Recovered more than $30,000 in stolenassetsDecreased driver speeding by 92 percentReduced fleet fuel costsCase Study
  3. 3. Challenge:In 2008, Baltimore County executives decidedto implement a fleet tracking solution to bettermanage their Department of Public Worksactivities and automate their manual processesfor tracking snow removal operations. Thebiggest challenge was the limited time toimplement, as snow season would soonbe starting in the Baltimore area. With thatin mind, the management team sent outcompetitive solicitations to various GPS fleettracking companies.Solution:After evaluating several solutions, BaltimoreCounty selected the web-based NexTraq®Fleet Tracking solution along with its FleetDispatch™ application due to NexTraq’s abilityto ramp up the organization quickly. RobStradling, CIO of Baltimore County, said,“NexTraq was extremely quick to market andwas able to perform the installation locally,minimizing the number of resources we had toallocate to the project.”Results:Chip Hiebler, Senior Project Manager forBaltimore County, said, “We saw resultsquickly. As an organization, we have virtuallyeliminated unauthorized vehicle use whileincreasing our fleet’s efficiency and decreasingfuel costs. We have also been able to optimizeour routes for better service with the ClearPathrouting functionality and Fleet Dispatchapplication in each Agency where we’veimplemented.”Stradling adds, “The reporting functionalityhas been extremely beneficial. We use theIdle Report to reduce our fuel costs, butalso to reduce our carbon emissions as well.Baltimore County is committed to being a greenorganization for our community.”Dana Walker, Project Portfolio Managerfor Baltimore County attributed the Alertfunctionality within the NexTraq Fleet Trackingsolutoin for helping to keep the fleet’s risk leveldown. Walker said, “The Speed Alerts allowus to manage and rectify any driver speedingissues, which is a tremendous benefit to us aswe are self-insured.”Hiebler is also impressed with NexTraq’sreliability. He said, “Since we haveimplemented the NexTraq Fleet Managementsolution, we have had 100% uptime and nosystem issues.” Having installed devices on651 of their vehicles, the County hopes to have2,000 vehicles implemented by the beginningof the year.With Baltimore County’s “Efficient, effectiveand accountable” initiative, it’s no wonderthe organization was recognized as a TopTen Digital County Survey Winner. Stradlingconcludes, “We like to stay on the forefront oftechnology. That includes NexTraq’s GPS fleettracking solution as well as other products thatenable us to work more efficiently.” County Eliminates Unauthorized Vehicle Use with NexTraq Fleet Trackingand DispatchMunicipal Government implements GPS fleet tracking solution toautomate its processes, improving departmental efficiencies whileestablishing environmental initiativesWe saw results quickly. As anorganization, we have virtuallyeliminated unauthorized vehicle usewhile increasing our fleet’s efficiencyand decreasing fuel costs.”– Chip HieblerSenior Project Manager forBaltimore CountyFor more information on NexTraq, please visit:http://www.nextraq.comAbout Baltimore CountyFounded in 1659, Baltimore Countyprovides police, fire, emergency medical,trash and recycling collection, parks,senior centers and other municipalservices to its nearly 806,000 residents.More information can be found at Results:Challenge:In 2008, Baltimore County executivesdecided to implement a fleet trackingsolution to better manage their PublicWorks employees and automate theirmanual processes for tracking snowremoval operations. The biggestchallenge was the limited time toimplement, as snow season would soonbe starting in the Baltimore area.Eliminated unauthorized vehicle useReduced fuel costsMinimized risk levelImproved fleet efficiencyReduced carbon footprintCase StudyFleet Size:651 vehicles
  4. 4. Challenge:Established in 1986, Capeway RoofingSystems, Inc. was rapidly expanding from asmall local business to a roofing and sheetmetal provider servicing all of New England,as well as New York and New Jersey. Withnumerous construction vehicles crossing statelines, Capeway needed a solution to trackdriver activity and performance.Solution:Dion Calheta, Project Manager for CapewayRoofing, said, “We selected the NexTraq®GPS Fleet Tracking solution because no othervendor offered the robust functionality weneeded.” A key business reason for selectingthe NexTraq solution was the ability to trackdrivers’ actual worked hours versus the hoursthat they put on their timecards. Calheta adds,“By using the reporting within the NexTraq FleetManagement solution, we were able to minimizedriver time discrepancies and realize R.O.I.within two months.”Results:Capeway Roofing used the NexTraq solutions“start/stop” report as a virtual timecard toaccount for employee hours. Calheta, said,“Quickly doing the math, we realized that wewere saving tens of thousands of dollars juston this one feature.” Additionally, CapewayRoofing used the “Speed Alert” notificationsto track the safety of its drivers, significantlyinfluencing drive accountability.Calheta, said, “We used to receive 60 to 70emails a week on speed alerts resulting indisciplinary action. Now, we receive five to sixemails a week.” That’s more than a 90 percentreduction in email alerts.Implementing a GPS vehicle tracking solutionhas provided Capeway Roofing with additionalsavings. Calheta, said, “The ability to findvehicles in real-time has lowered our insurancepremiums. In fact, our insurance company’ssafety division uses us as model for otherbusinesses for the anti-theft and speed alertfunctionality.”As Capeway Roofing continues to expand,they know they have the right solution in placeto proactively manage their drivers and theirvehicles. Roofing Optimizes Driver Productivity with NexTraq Fleet TrackingTechnologyMassachusetts-based roofing and sheet metal service provider realizedR.O.I of NexTraq fleet management solution within two months of purchase“Quickly doing the math, werealized that we were saving tensof thousands of dollars just on the‘stop/start’ report alone.”Dion Calheta, Project Managerfor Capeway Roofing SystemsFor more information on NexTraq, please visit:www.nextraq.comAbout Capeway Roofing Systems, Inc.Founded by Joe Calheta, Dennis Melloand Manuel Hermenegildo, CapewayRoofing Systems has established itself asthe leading provider in roofing and sheetmetal services in the northeast. CapewayRoofing specializes in commercial andindustrial buildings in addition to providingspray foam and sheet metal services. Formore information, please visit Results:Fleet Size:20 vehiclesChallenge:Capeway Roofing needed an intuitiveGPS fleet management system to track itsdrivers’ performance and hours worked.Recognized solution R.O.I. in two monthsSaved tens of thousands of dollars inlabor costsLowered Insurance premiumsDecreased amount of email alerts by90 percentCase Study
  5. 5. Challenge:Eagle Medical Service, a leading ambulatoryservice in the Memphis and Jackson areas,needed a GPS fleet tracking solution to manageits impressive growth and to monitor itsvehicles to provide superior customer service.With two offices and 25 vehicles and growing,Larry Riedel, Operations Manager for EagleMedical Service, said, “We started looking atGPS fleet tracking solutions so that we couldkeep track of our vehicles and assets and findthe closest vehicle to a client wealways provide on-time service to ensure ourpatients’ satisfaction and comfort.”Solution:Riedel and team researched several solutionsand ultimately decided the NexTraqŠ GPS FleetTracking VROXWLRQ was the best solution fortheir business. Riedel said, “Other systems anddevices were manufactured overseas and werecost-prohibitive. Some solutions lacked themaintenance plan that came with our NexTraqpurchase. Hidden costs with other providers’solutions led us to select the NexTraq FleetTracking solution due to price, ease-of-use andfunctionality.”Results:Since implementing the NexTraq Fleet Trackingsolution, Eagle Medical Service’s fuel costshave dramatically been reduced. Riedel said,“By keeping track of our vehicles, issuingspeed alerts and monitoring the Idle Report,we have been able to reduce fuel costs by 20percent.”Because Riedel could monitor his vehicles anddriver behavior, Eagle Medical Service was ableto switch insurance providers and receivedsuch a substantial discount, the NexTraqVROXWLRQ will pay for itself three times over inthe first year. Riedel adds, “After the first halfof the year, we are seeing pure profit from theNexTraq solution.”Other benefits for Eagle Medical Service? Riedelsays increased driver productivity throughroute optimization and a reduced workloadfor fleet dispatchers. Additionally, Riedel citesthe ease-of-use as major reason the NexTraqsolution has been adopted company-wide, “It isvery easy to implement and I can literally trainpeople over the phone due to the intuitive userinterface.”Riedel adds, “We have been able to maintainour tremendous growth due to the NexTraqFleet Tracking solution. We have gone from 14calls in a month, to more than 1,300 calls in amonth, while winning repeat business becausewe pride ourselves on being on time for everycall. Organizationally, it’s our philosophy toalways consider the patient first.”Eagle Medical Service has plans to implementFleet DispatchŒ, an integrated dispatchingsolution to provide even greater two-waycommunication between his office and hisdrivers. Riedel adds, “Our drivers realize thebenefits; we get them to their locations safelyand quickly and get them home as soon aspossible.”By providing superior customer service topatients and hospital services, Riedel seesno end to their growth Riedel said, “We willcontinue to maintain our growth while focusingon our greatest asset – our people.” Medical Service Reduces Fuel Costs by 20 Percent with NexTraq FleetTracking SolutionGPS vehicle tracking solution pays for itself three times over in the firstyear due to reduced insurance premiums for leading ambulatory service“By keeping track of our vehicles,issuing speed alerts and monitoringthe Idle Report, we have been ableto reduce fuel costs by 20 percent.”Larry Riedel, OperationsManager for Eagle MedicalServiceFor more information on NexTraq, please visit:www.QexWraq.comAbout Eagle Medical ServiceEagle Medical Service, a leadingambulatory service, has achievedtremendous growth due to company’sphilosophy to its clients; making sure theyare always on time and providing the bestservice for their patient’s care. Due to thehonesty and integrity of their corporatemission, they have won repeat businessbased on its two tenants of honesty andintegrity. Eagle Medical Service has twooffices in Memphis and Jackson, withplans for expansion.Solution Results:Fleet Size:25 vehiclesChallenge:Eagle Medical Service, a leadingambulatory service in the Memphisand Jackson areas, needed a GPSfleet tracking solution to manage itsimpressive growth and to monitor itsvehicles to provide superior customerservice.20 percent decrease in fuel costNexTraq pays for itself three time overfirst yearImproved driver productivityLower insurance costsProactively manage growth of fast-growing businessReduce idle timeCase Study
  6. 6. Challenge:Established in 1949, Estes Heating & AirConditioning provides HVAC, plumbing andelectrical services to both residential andcommercial clients throughout the metroAtlanta area. Estes was looking for a solutionto improve its GPS mapping capabilities andintegrate a fleet tracking solution with theirexisting service automation software, SAWIN®.Jeffrey Allison, IT Administrator for EstesHeating & Air Conditioning, said, “The SAWINapplication gives us the ability to automatemost of our office processes, making us moreefficient. We were looking for a fleet trackingsolution that would integrate seamlessly withit.”Solution:Allison selected the NexTraq® Fleet Trackingsolution because of its affordable pricing andease-of use. He was able to integrate theSAWIN application with the NexTraq solutionthrough NexTraq’s Web Services, an openplatform that enables integration of its fleetdata with third party applications such asaccounting and billing, route optimization andmobile workforce management applications.Results:Allison said, “The tight integration betweenSAWIN and NexTraq made our dispatchers’jobs easier as they didn’t have to togglebetween screens to do their job – it became amuch more efficient process.”Additionally, the dispatchers found NexTraq’sreporting functionality to be the most beneficialas they hold employees accountable to theirdaily schedules. Allison cites fuel savings andfinding the closest vehicle to a location asadded benefits.With such a large metro area to service, Allisoncreated zones for each area within Atlanta.Allison said, “Two vehicles can be very closetogether, but in different zones. If we can findthe closest vehicle to a service call, we dispatchthat vehicle and provide better customerservice and faster ETAs.”The ability to know where the vehicles are atall times has increased driver productivity by13 percent. Allison says, “They are able to takecare of our customers more efficiently, oftentaking another service call not on their dailyschedule. The benefits are two-fold: we helpmore customers and they get home faster atthe end of their work day.”An added benefit? Estes can locate stolenvehicles before the police do. They were ableto recover more than $30,000 of equipmentbecause they could track the vehicle to itsexact location.As one of the top 5 percent of all heating andair contractors in the country, it’s easy to seethat Estes will experience even greater successand growth in the future. Allison concludes“We have a long-term relationship with NexTraqand it’s a win-win partnership.” Heating & Air Conditioning Increases Driver Productivity by 13 Percentwith NexTraqAtlanta HVAC service, sales, repair and installation company saves timeand money with the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution’s reporting features“THFKQLFLDQV are able to take care ofRXU customers more efficiently, oftentaking another service call not ontheir daily schedule. The benefits aretwo-fold: we help more customersand they get home faster at the endof their work day.”Jeffrey Allison, IT Administratorof Estes Heating and AirConditioning.For more information on NexTraq, please visit:www.nextraq.comAbout Estes Heating and AirConditioningEstablished in 1949, Estes Heating andAir Conditioning is a family-owned andoperated business. Its mission is to providethe most efficient, cost-effective serviceand equipment, as well as offer the bestwarranties available to their customers.Expanding to include even more services,including electrical, plumbing andweatherization, which includes insulation,spray foam, thermal barriers for crawlspaces and attics, it’s no wonder they areone of the top residential and commercialservice companies in Atlanta. For moreinformation on Estes Heating and AirConditioning, please visit its website at Results:Fleet Size:64 vehiclesChallenge:Estes was looking for a solution toimprove its GPS mapping capabilitiesand integrate a fleet tracking solutionwith their existing service automationsoftware, SAWIN.Increased driver productivity by 13percentImproved efficiency with SAWIN andNexTraq integrationReduced fuel costsRecovered $30,000 worth of stolenassetsCase Study
  7. 7. Challenge:Established in 2000, Pipe Works Services,a customer-focused plumbing, heating andair conditioning company servicing severalcounties in the New Jersey area, was lookingto make a switch for its old GPS fleet trackingsolution once their lease expired. Paul Giglio,President and Owner of Pipe Works Services,said, “We were very unhappy with our previousfleet management provider and were activelylooking to change solutions. We were referredto NexTraq® by ACOWIN, a dispatchingintegration partner.”Solution:Giglio selected the NexTraq Fleet Trackingsolution because of its intuitive interface,reporting capability and automated email alertfunctionality. Giglio states, “The implementationof NexTraq was extremely easy and trainingwas a matter of creating a username andpassword. The solution is that easy to use.”Results:Since implementing the NexTraq Fleet Trackingsolution, Giglio has been able to effectivelymonitor his vehicle and drivers’ behavior whileoptimizing his fleet operations. As Giglio states,“You can’t measure what you don’t know.”The alerts functionality within the NexTraqFleet Management solution has been especiallyuseful for Pipe Works Services. By setting upalerts, Giglio is immediately notified if a vehiclein his fleet is moving after hours or on theweekends.Additionally, he created geofences around eachdriver’s home to monitor drive behavior andhold them accountable for their actions. Giglio,said, “Because the drivers know their behaviorand workday profiles are monitored, we haveincreased overall fleet productivity by 35%while reducing fuel costs by 20%.”Giglio also uses the maintenance alerts for all ofthe vehicles in his fleet to extend the life of hisvehicles and cut down on the wear and tear ofhis fleet.When asked about NexTraq as a company,Giglio has only positive things to say. Giglio,says, “The sales process was fabulous andmy account representative did what he saidwe was going to do. Additionally, the customerservice is great. Within an hour of placing acall to customer service, we had an installationissue dealt with immediately.”With plans of automating processes throughoutits organization, Pipe Works Services plansto go paperless to do their part as a “green”organization and will continue to push thetechnology boundaries with iPad integrationinto their fleet technology. With plans toredesign their site and ramp up their alreadysuperior customer service, the company is onthe path for continued growth and success. Works Services Increases Productivity by 35% with NexTraq Fleet TrackingFull service plumbing, cooling and service company improves overall fleetefficiency while decreasing fuel costs by 20%“Because the drivers know theirbehavior and workday profiles aremonitored, we have increased overallfleet productivity by 35% whilereducing fuel costs by 20%.”Paul Giglio, President and Ownerof Pipe Works ServicesFor more information on NexTraq, please visit:www.nextraq.comAbout Pipe Works Services, IncEstablished in 2000, Pipe WorksServices is a customer-focusedplumbing, heating and air-conditioningcompany located in Chatham, NJthat provides service in Morris, Union,Somerset and Essex counties. Fromthe professionalism of their salesengineers to the dedication of theirfield personnel, Pipe Works Services isdedicated to providing their customerswith the best. For more informationabout Pipe Works Services, please visit Results:Challenge:Established in 2000, Pipe WorksServices, a customer-focused plumbing,heating and air conditioning companyservicing several counties in the NewJersey area, was looking to make a switchfor its old GPS Fleet Tracking solutiononce their lease expired.35% increase in overall fleet productivity• 20% decrease in fuel costs• Effectively maintained fleet vehicles• Modified driver behavior• Case StudyFleet Size:8 vehicles
  8. 8. Challenge:Established in 1949, Lake Truck Lines providescommercial drilling materials and a variety ofoilfield drilling products throughout Texas andLouisiana. With job sites in remote locationsand company expansion, Jerry Santos, GeneralManager of Lake Truck Lines, began searchingfor a GPS fleet tracking solution to gain aclear view of his fleet operations and driverproductivity.Solution:Santos began his fleet tracking research onGoogle. After investigating his options, hechose the NexTraqŠ Fleet Tracking solutioQSantos said, “I chose NexTraq because of theFleet DispatchŒ application and its ability togive turn-by-turn directions. I also like that theplatform is easy to learn.”Results:Within weeks of utilizing the NexTraq GPSFleet Tracking solution, Santos noticed theincrease of fleet productivity. Implementingthe Fleet Dispatch application, which providesbetter communication between dispatchersand drivers through an in-vehicle GarminŠdevice, gave Santos more visibility into his fleetoperations.With most job sites in remote locations, Santosneeded a way to get his drivers there safely andon time. Santos said, “Most of our job sites arein remote places off dirt roads with no streetsigns. We typically use geographical markersto direct drivers.” Santos has peace of mindknowing that he can communicate with hisdrivers through the Garmin.Additionally, Santos was able to reduce hisoverheads costs by 15 percent with theNexTraq Fleet Tracking solution. After gettingclient complaints, Santos began reviewing hisdrivers’ work. It didn’t take long for Santos tofind the offender. This employee was wastingvaluable time between pick up and drop offsites. Santos said, “I was able to go into theNexTraq solution, find the offender and handlethe situation accordingly. Without the abilityto investigate and bring up the evidence, wewould have lost a customer.”Founded in 1949, Lake Truck Lines, a family-owned and operated business, began bydelivering fertilizer to farmers. Under companyPresident Douglas Cain, Lake Truck Linesmoved from Houston to San Antonio andexpanded its fleet size to 72 vehicles over thepast 2 years. Currently, Lake Truck Lines worksin the Eagle Ford Shale Play of South Texas.The NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution along withthe Fleet Dispatch application has been a vitalelement in allowing that growth. Truck Lines Reduces Overhead Costs by 15 Percent with NexTraq Fleet TrackingCommercial oilfield transportation company reduces overhead costs whileincreasing two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers withFleet Dispatch“I chose NexTraq because of theFleet Dispatch application and itsability to create turn-by-turndirections for my drivers. I also likethat the platform is easy to learn.”– Jerry Santos, General Managerof Lake Truck LinesFor more information on NexTraq, please visit:www.nextraq.comAbout Lake Truck Lines:Founded in 1949, Lake Truck Lines, afamily-owned and operated business,began by delivering fertilizer tofarmers. Under company PresidentDouglas Cain, Lake Truck Lines movedfrom Houston to San Antonio andexpanded its fleet size to 72 vehiclesover the past 2 years. Currently, LakeTruck Lines works in the Eagle FordShale Play of South Texas.Solution Results:Challenge:With job sites in remote locations andcompany expansion, Jerry Santos,General Manager of Lake Truck Lines,began searching for a GPS fleet trackingsolution to gain a clear view of his fleetoperations and driver productivity.Reduced Overhead Costs by 15%Pinpointed Problem DriversCreated Routes to Remote Job SitesCase StudyFleet Size:72 vehicles
  9. 9. Challenge:Founded in 1969, the Homewood-FlossmoorPark District covers 365 acres and has a totalof 32 parks. With 43 employees performingpark and building maintenance throughout theHomewood and Flossmoor communities, DougBoehm, Superintendent of Parks and Planning,needed a way to efficiently monitor driverbehavior and improve employee productivity.Solution:After researching several fleet managementsolutions, Boehm ultimately chose NexTraq®due to its superior customer service andattention to detail. Boehm said, “My NexTraqrepresentative spent a good deal of timeworking with me and was very patientthroughout the entire process.”Results:Since implementing the NexTraq GPS FleetTracking solution, Boehm has virtuallyeliminated the problem areas within his fleetoperations.“We have reduced speedingand vehicle idling by 95% with the NexTraqsolution,” said Boehm.By utilizing the Posted Speed Alert functionalitywithin the NexTraq platform, Boehmreceives instant notifications when driversare exceeding the posted speed limit of aroadway. “We received over 20 notificationsof speeding violations within the first week ofimplementation. Now, we might only receiveone notification a week, if that,” Boehm adds.Along with Speed Alerts, Boehm utilizes theIdle Report as a tool to help monitor excessivevehicle idling and reduce fuel consumption.By monitoring vehicle idling, Boehm cansee how much fuel is being wasted and takeproactive measures to reduce it.In the future, Boehm plans on utilizing morefeatures and functionalities within the NexTraqsolution, ensuring the Homewood-FlossmoorPark District continues providing quality parksand recreation for its residents year after year. Park District Reduces Speeding and Idling by 95% withNexTraq Fleet TrackingPark services municipality uses the Idle Report and Speed Alerts to monitordriver behavior“We received over 20 notificationsof speeding violations within the firstweek of implementation. Now, wemight only receive one notification aweek, if that.”–Doug Boehm, Superintendentof Parks and Planning for theHomewood-Flossmoor ParkDistrictFor more information on NexTraq, please visit:www.nextraq.comAbout Homewood-Flossmoor ParkDistrict:Founded in 1969, the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District is dedicatedto improving the quality of life forits residents through exceptionalrecreational opportunities, facilities andparks while practicing environmentalstewardship. For more information,visit or call708.957.0300.Solution Results:Challenge:With employees performing park andbuilding maintenance throughout theHomewood and Flossmoor communities,Doug Boehm, Superintendent of Parksand Planning, needed a way to efficientlymonitor driver behavior and improveemployee productivity.Reduced speeding and idling by 95%• Improved employee productivity• Improved fleet efficiency• Reduced fuel consumption• Case StudyFleet Size:8 vehicles