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  • Looking to understand SAP Modules - BPC, BO, BW, HANA, FI/CO, CRM, SD, FSCM and many more premium modules in the IT Market.

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Sap bods online training

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  2. 2. Business Objects Data Services XI from SAP providesdata integration and data quality processes in oneruntime scenario, thereby ensuring more accountabilityand scalability of the organization.The data integration process allow organizations toeasily explore, extract, convert, and deliver any type ofdata anywhere across the business.The data quality processes of SAP BusinessObjects DataServices allow organizations to standardize, refine, andcombine data anywhere, ensuring that end users arealways working with components of data thats availablewithout hindrance, accurate, and trustworthy.
  3. 3.  SAP BODS can help enterprises function effectively by providing a trusted information foundation to support relevant and analytical data-controlled initiatives. Unleash the potential of information by providing accessibility to significant data supporting all crucial business operations regardless of data type, data domain, or data source. Render the most reliable information with advanced accuracy and trust in data for Sap bods online training decision making and business operations. Achieve operational success and minimize TCO by maintaining a single application for multifaceted data management processes.
  4. 4. SAP Business Objects Data Services consistsof advanced functionality that are beneficial forthe enterprises.Provides comprehensive and preciseinformation.Enable users to administer data and fix datastandards through an intuitive user interface.Add data view with text analysis to scrutinize notso structured data sources.Evaluate and enhance the quality of data with asolution that supports data within any business,locality, or data domain including customer,product, supplier, and material information.
  5. 5. Deliver instant traceability with power analysis anddata extraction capabilities which will help the userto make confident decisions.Keep Track and trend how well data stick togovernance rules and principles with data qualitydashboards.Reduce expenses or costs, fast-track productexpertise and simplify IT infrastructure with asingle, intuitive remedies that can decrease totalcost of ownership (TCO).Optimize user and developer productivity andsmooth application maintenance by way of intuitiveuse transformations and object recycle.Attain cost-effective amalgamation and rapid time-to-value with deep integration across the SAP www.newyorksys.comgroup and non-SAP group.
  6. 6. Sap BODS Online Training OverviewWe have Certified Trainer, 24/7 Remote Access, Affordable FeeStructure, Exclusive Training materials and also we providePlacement assistance after batch for sap bods - starts on saturday @6 pm cstFor SAP BODS course outline: more details about Career assistance and Training ClassContact Us: +1 718-305-1757Email :
  7. 7. Contact UsFor more Informationtraining@newyorksystraining.comUSA : 1-(718)-305-1757, (718)-313-0499