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Sap bi overview and online training from bionlinetraining


Published on is a training company which is specialized as a training provider for SAP BI through various online training platforms. Till the date have trained thousands of students and professionals

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Sap bi overview and online training from bionlinetraining

  1. 1. What is SAP BI ? – An Introduction SAP BI is a module of SAP's NetWeaver termed Business Intelligence. It has a set of tools that offers solutions which let enterprises to have control over their outcomes. Its constituents allow you to make replications to foresee future potentials.
  2. 2. What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence is the use of technology application to enable a business for internal evaluation. By means of analyses and reports, the business can function well.
  3. 3. Overview of BI and Features BI's Data Warehousing Feature BI's data warehousing features enable optimum storage of company data electronically. A data warehouse essentially is an electronic allocation of some or all of the company's data. It implies the maintenance of reports and analysis of the company in an organized method. Enterprise Reporting Enterprise Reporting is an advanced feature of BI which queries particular sections of a company to generate a precise model of how the company is functioning on a day to day basis.
  4. 4. Why Business Intelligence ? Business intelligence equips companies with better, organized and secure maintenance of digital company records, thereby eliminating the cost and overheads involved in hiring people to extract information from conventional paper records. The growing competition among businesses and the growing dependence on information technology makes business intelligence a practical solution for companies.
  5. 5. About Bionlinetraining Bionlinetraining is one of the leading Online IT Training Company which specializes in SAP BI online training along with other IT courses. We have the state of the art training facilities for delivering the best online training classes for SAP Business Intelligence. Visit us for more info : USA: +1-718-313-0499 & 718-305-1757 Email: