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Informatica power center 8.6 overview and online training material


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Informatica power center 8.6 overview and online training material

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  2. 2. Objective of the Course:  Understand how to use all major PowerCenter 8.6 components  Be able to perform basic administration tasks  Be able to build basic ETL Mappings and Mapplets  Understand the different Transformations and their basic attributes in PowerCenter 8.6  Be able to create, run and monitor Workflows  Understand available options for loading target data  Be able to troubleshoot common development problems
  3. 3. Extract, Transform, and Load RDBMS Mainframe Other Operational Systems Data Warehouse Decision Support • Transaction level data • Optimized for Transaction Response Time • Current • Normalized or De- Normalized data • Aggregated data • Historical ETL Extract Load Transform Cleanse Data Apply Business Rules Aggregate Data Consolidate Data De-normalize
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  5. 5. PowerCenter Repository Repository Service Integration Service Core Services PowerCenter Client Administration Console Repository Manager Designer Workflow Manager Workflow Monitor External Components Sources Targets
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