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Infographic demystifying amazon web services


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Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominates cloud computing, commanding 60% of the $2 billion public cloud marketplace. Here we demystify what goes on behind the scenes of AWS usage and show you how you can lower costs and increase availability with Newvem's KnowYourCloud Analytics.

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Infographic demystifying amazon web services

  1. 1. Infographic: Demystifying Amazon Web ServicesRevealing Behind the Scenes AWS Usage Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest public cloud around, yet what goes on behind the scenes remains a mystery. For heavy users, such as enterprise level CIOs, AWSs "Reserved Instances" are a cost effective model to scale their cloud activity and benefit from the full service offering that Amazon provides.
  2. 2. Newvem Cloud Usage Analytics Reveals and SolvesAmazon Cloud Cost, Security and Availability Issues.