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Newvem is proud to announce our participation in the “Entrepreneurship for Development” conference held at the United Nations on June 27th, 2013. The conference, co sponsored by the Israeli Mission to the United Nations, was held to champion entrepreneurship as a means to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

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Entrepreneur un slideshow v6

  1. 1. High-Level Thematic Debate United Nations, New York June 26, 2013
  2. 2. Blue Ventures, Mad agascar Introduced temporary fishery closures to increase local fish stock – thereby increasing local income and food security.
  3. 3. Amun Thapa, Sasto Deal, Nepal “Everyone told me that online businesses would never work in Nepal. But I always knew they were wrong.”
  4. 4. Benjamin Kilosop, Juhud i Kilimo, Kenya Runs a social business that provides rural farmers with financing to purchase equipment.
  5. 5. Andy Schroeter, Sunlabob Renewable Energy, Laos Provides developing countries with access to clean water, and plugs the neediest communities in Laos into the energy grid.
  6. 6. Debbie Aung Din, Proximity Designs Designs affordable, durabl e, and income- boosting services for the rural poor in Myanmar.
  7. 7. Evans Wadongo, Su stainable Development for All, Kenya Designed the “MwangaBora,” a simple, cheap and efficient solar lamp for rural communities in Africa.
  8. 8. Entrepreneurship Means… “A life-long vocation of innovating for human comfort and advancement.” “Making a difference in other people’s lives.” “Enabling social, economic and environmental progress.”
  9. 9. EcoPost, Kenya Recycles plastic waste into aesthetic, durable, and environmentally- friendly fencing posts in Nairobi.
  10. 10. Francois Jaquenoud and Chay Lo, Founders, 10 01 Fontaines Provide safe drinking water through a micro-franchise model in Madagascar, India, a nd Cambodia.
  11. 11. Alex Adje Bram, SMSGH, G hana Improves business communication with SMS. Seven million subscribers rely on his company to share mobile data.
  12. 12. Dr. Ronen Tal- Botzer, Co- founder, Correl or, Israel Uses social media to match web content to clients’ personalities.
  13. 13. Leo Prieto and Francisco Sandoval, BetaZeta, Chile Revolutionized how people share news by creating the second- largest independent Internet community in Latin America.
  14. 14. Micro Power, Senegal Provides environmentally- friendly and reliable hybrid power systems for rural villages.
  15. 15. Mitch Besser, Founder, Mothers2m others, African Continent Employs mothers living with HIV to be health care providers. These women then provide health education and social support to other HIV-positive women.
  16. 16. Entrepreneurship Means… “Solving tough problems for farmers in Kenya.” “Creating localized solutions for local problems.” “Building your own future.”
  17. 17. Mois Cherem, Enova, Mexico Revolutionized education in Mexico by providing underserved communities with access to the Internet and innovative educational software.
  18. 18. Adaptao Sertao, Brazil Improves the resilience of farmers to climate change by offering technological innovations through a microcredit system.
  19. 19. Oro Verde, Colombia Created the first Certified Green Gold programme, which makes sure that gold is extracted responsibly by miners who comply with strict ecological standards.
  20. 20. Tomer Bar Zeev, Co- Founder, IronSource, Israel Created InstallCore, a software product that efficiently downloads applications.
  21. 21. Paolo Richter, Bicycles for Africa, Switzerland Recycles old bicycles, and ships them to African countries – where they provide a low-cost, fuel-free form of mobility.
  22. 22. -Zev Laderman, Founder, Newvem, Israel Created a start- up that helps IT professionals manage and optimize their public cloud operations
  23. 23. Rafael Cordeiro and Ernesto Villela, Found ers, Enox On>Life, Brazi l Created an advertising start- up that naturally incorporates brands into peoples’ lives.
  24. 24. Solid Waste Management Programme, Nepal Collects household waste and turns it into compost – thereby creating a cleaner environment and a stable income for local waste collectors.
  25. 25. Rural Enterprise Network, Sri Lanka Links farmers to markets through improved product quality, and access to market information.
  26. 26. Entrepreneurship Means… “Tackling a problem no one has solved before, and affecting the world as a result." “Using innovation to foster systemic social change.” “Anyone has the power to change the world.”
  27. 27. Claire Reid Reel Gardening, Sout h Africa Provides needy communities with pre-fertilized vegetable and seed strips – and planting instructions in seven languages.
  28. 28. Solar Sister, Uganda Trains women to become entrepreneurs by providing them with a “business in a bag” to distribute solar- powered lanterns.
  29. 29. - Tom Szaky, Founder, Terr acycle, USA Created a business that uses other people's trash to make new products.
  30. 30. Tomer Dvir, Founder, Soluto, Israel Created an IT service that can manage computers remotely from any device.
  31. 31. Solar Women of Totogalpa, N icaragua Sells solar cookers, installs solar panels in houses, and runs a solar restaurant on the Pan- American Highway.
  32. 32. Jane Chen, Embrace Created a social enterprise that distributes innovative infant warmers to vulnerable babies.
  33. 33. Entrepreneurship Means… “Creating a way of doing things better and taking it to the world." “Shifting the paradigm of the current business world.” “A better future for my family and community.”