AWS Trusted Advisor VS Newvem


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This presentation offers a comparison of coud operation optimization solutions Newvem and AWS Trusted Advisor.

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AWS Trusted Advisor VS Newvem

  1. 1. Amazon Trusted Advisor VS Newvem Trusted Advisor vs. Newvem
  2. 2. High Level Differences Trusted Advisor Newvem Holistic coverage of assets, cost & utilizationApproach Fix what’s broken (with email notifications) Analyzes resource types Analyzes infrastructure and relations betweenDepth of analysis separately all resource types Web interface iPhone + iPadDelivery methods Web interface API EmailPeriod covered Data retained for 14 days Data retained for 30+ days Total EC2 usage (by region)Usage None Reserved Instance purchase recommendationsVisualization Reserved Instance usage
  3. 3. Insight ComparisonInsights to consider when researching a cloud operational analytics solution Insight Trusted Advisor Newvem Reserved Instance • Recommends Heavy RIs only • Recommends light, recommendation • Data analyzed – based on last medium and heavy RIs calendar month • Data for analysis – based on last 30 days Underutilized • Identification – based on daily • Identification – based instances CPU average on consistent CPU and • Saving estimation – refers to on- IO utilization demand price • Saving estimation – Based on blended price of on-demand and RI prices Security insights Reports on potential risk in security Identifies resources groups exposed to risk
  4. 4. Exclusive Features and CapabilitiesTrusted Advisor Newvem RDS  S3 Usage IAM Security  Reserved Instances Lifecycle and Utilization VPN Tunnel Redundancy  Cost Analysis S3 Bucket Logging  Business Groups
  5. 5. Questions Have any questions? Let me know!Send me an email: cameron@newvem.comConnect with me on Twitter: @cameronperon