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AWS Direct Connect: Cost and Performance Considerations


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Ephraim Baron - Director of Enterprise Cloud Solutions at Equinix - goes deep into AWS Direct Connect, highlighting the benefits of the service. The presentation covers the performance and costs of Direct Connect compared to Internet connection, and takes in consideration the differences between different AWS regions and Edge Locations.

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AWS Direct Connect: Cost and Performance Considerations

  1. 1. AWS DIRECT CONNECTCost and Performance Considerations
  2. 2. Direct Connect is a Dedicated, High-Capacity,Secure Link to Amazon Web ServicesAWS Direct Connect Offers Several Advantages AWS customers who transfer large amounts of data or who require high performance should consider Direct Connect Source:
  4. 4. Comparison of AWS Data Transfer PricingDirect Connect per GB transfer rates are significantly cheaper Data Transfer OUT (price per GB) Internet Connect Direct Connect Location Up to 10 TB / Next 40 TB / Next 100 TB / Next 350 TB / all transfer month month month month volumes US East (N. Virginia) 12¢ 9¢ 7¢ 5¢ 2¢ US West (N. California) 12¢ 9¢ 7¢ 5¢ 2¢ South America (Sao Paulo) 25¢ 23¢ 21¢ 19¢ 11¢ EU (Ireland) 12¢ 9¢ 7¢ 5¢ 3¢ Asia Pacific (Singapore) 19¢ 15¢ 13¢ 12¢ 5¢ Asia Pacific (Tokyo) 20¢ 16¢ 14¢ 13¢ 4.5¢ Asia Pacific (Sydney) 19¢ 17¢ 15¢ 14¢ 4.5¢ Source:
  5. 5. Total Cost for Direct Connect versus Internet ConnectThe higher the transfer volume, the greater the savings [US East (N. Virginia) Region shown] Source:
  7. 7. Not All Locations are the SameWhen Connecting to AWSAWS has Two Types of Service Locations:Regions and Edge Locations Source:
  8. 8. AWS Delivers Products and Services from Regions Regions are where AWS has their data centersSource:
  9. 9. AWS Edge Locations Provide Connectivityto Regions along with Limited ServicesSource:
  10. 10. Some Direct Connect Providers are inRegions while Others are in Edge Locations Current AWS Direct Connect Locations 1 Gbps 10 Gbps Data Transfer Data Transfer Location Port Port IN OUT CoreSite 32 Avenue of the Americas, NY to/from US $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.030 per GB East (Northern Virginia) Region Equinix DC1 - DC6 & DC10 Ashburn, VA to/from US $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.020 per GB East (Northern Virginia) Region CoreSite One Wilshire & 900 North Alameda, LA $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.030 per GB to/from US West (Northern California) Region Equinix SV1 and SV5 San Jose, CA to/from US West $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.020 per GB (Northern California) Region Terremark NAP do Brasil, Sao Paulo to/from South $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.110 per GB America (Sao Paulo) Region TelecityGroup, London Docklands to/from EU $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.030 per GB West(Ireland) Region Equinix, SG2 to/from Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.045 per GB Equinix, TY2 to/from Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.045 per GB Equinix, SY3 to/from Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region $0.30/hour $2.25/hour $0.00 per GB $0.045 per GB Source:
  11. 11. Remote Edge Locations Move Trafficto AWS RegionsBackhauling Adds Network Latency Direct Connect Nearest AWS Distance Approximate Provider Location Region (miles) Latency (ms) CoreSite New York, NY N. Virginia 255 ~ 16 ms CoreSite Los Angeles, CA N. California 340 ~ 20 ms Equinix Ashburn, VA N. Virginia < 20 < 4 ms Equinix San Jose, CA N. California < 20 < 4 ms Equinix Singapore Singapore < 20 < 4 ms Equinix Tokyo Tokyo < 20 < 4 ms Telecity London, UK Ireland 330 ~ 20 ms Terremark Sao Paulo Sao Paulo < 20 < 4 ms Equinix Sydney Sydney < 20 < 4 ms AWS Region AWS Edge Location
  12. 12. Conclusion: Direct Connect Offers SignificantAdvantages Over Internet ConnectionFor Best Direct Connect Performance, Deploy In AWS Regions