4th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit


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4th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit

  1. 1. Researched & Organized by THE BIGGEST, mOST ImPORTANT & RELEvANT INTERNATIONAL CONCENTRATED SOLAR THERmAL POWER EvENT SavE uP tO €400 if you register 4th early International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit November 15th - 17th, Sevilla, Spain Develop a profitable, productive and commercially TOP CSP EXPERTS WORLWIDE successful international CSP business • Funding CSP Innovation - how to win financial backing for CSP projects that are both innovative and bankable • CSP dispatachability analyzed - the latest breakthroughs and key facts you need to know about combined cycles, hybridization, thermal storage and more • High temperature vs modular - find out which approach to CSP innovation promises the biggest rewards and is likely to win out long-term • Water & CSP - delve deep into CSP water issues - dry and mixed cooling, the real economics of desalination and the possibility of zero water CSP • International CSP markets examined - find out which markets promise the biggest wins for new CSP development and what types of CSP plant and technology are best suited for each key market • Beyond grid parity - get a glimpse of the real world implications of post grid parity CSP and see how this will change the rules of industry competition + Exclusive workshops on CSP specific Supply Chain Management & Operational Maintenance 7 rEASonS To ATTEnD 1 More than 700 CSP executives in 5 Expo with over 50 attendance stands 2 The most relevant international 6 Technical Workshops CSP experience in one room before & after the event 3 Plan & schedule meetings with 7 CSP Today International other attendees in advance Award Ceremony with new 4 The 40+ most relevant speakers categories! Platinum Sponsor Exhibitors Andalucía Host Gold Sponsors Official Partners Open now to view the program, speaker line-up & much more!
  2. 2. MASTErIng InnovATIon The key to long-term success in CSP CSP’s Legacy of Innovation Innovation is key to cost reduction Dear CSP industry colleague, mankind has been concentrating sunlight Thinking big will help you step out from the Harnessing the power of the sun is an old idea, in innovative ways since the days of ancient crowd, it will give you the vision to see the but what is different today is that for the first China. It’s claimed that in 212 BC Archimedes sifting changes ahead on the horizon, avoid time the act of concentrating sunlight is poised used polished shields to turn sunlight into a disruptions and seize and control the most to become a powerful industry in its own right. weapon against the invading Roman fleet. In lucrative new opportunities. the 15th century Leonardo Da vinci used large- This means that innovative ideas that can break This summit’s agenda gives you insight scale solar concentrators to weld copper. the cost barrier and bring us closer to grid into future market shake ups such as parity will win the biggest shares of the profits You could argue that the modern age of what happens after CSP hits the holy grail that are going to flow as CSP matures into one concentrating solar energy began when the of grid parity. You’ll also see ancillary of the key energy markets of this century. first steam engine was successfully powered revenue streams detailed such as industrial by sunlight in 1866 and the following 50 years applications, power augmentation and At CSP Today we are proud to say that it is clear saw the creation of solar powered devices for distributed markets. that there is global interest in the concentrated irrigation, refrigeration, locomotion and more. solar thermal power industry and that this And, what’s more, you will hear expert analysis growth and development is reflected in this We often think and talk of CSP as a new and predictions on today’s most exciting CSP year´s 4th International Concentrated Solar industry, but it is important to remember technologies from dry cooling, hybrid plants, Thermal Power Summit (CSP TODAY SEvILLA) that the history behind CSP evolved through water desalination, Direct Steam Generation, innovation. Every step of the way true progress heat transfer fluids and more. Renewable energy mandates, concern over has sprung directly from the new ideas climate change and government incentives are The only CSP Event You need fuelling a new age of utility scale CSP. This event pushed forward and developed by enterprising Based on hundreds of hours of direct will not cover just the key markets of Spain and engineers and scientists. research with your CSP industry peers and the USA, but the dozens of new markets for Today is no different, innovation is more featuring case studies and exclusive insights CSP that are rapidly opening up, it is truly the critical than ever to growing the CSP from CSP’s top minds and most innovative International CSP meeting place. industry, that’s why innovation is the key companies there is no other place to get focus of the 4th International Concentrated Please see inside for further details in our cutting edge CSP business intelligence than at Solar Thermal Power Summit (CSP ToDAY comprehensive conference program. CSP ToDAY SEvILLA. SEvILLA) In addition, as one of the fastest growing See you in Sevilla! Think Big, Win Big in CSP renewable energy summits on the planet, the Forward thinking CSP executives think big, quality and quantity of the contacts you will they think beyond immediate goals and look meet is guaranteed to be second to none. ahead at what it is going to take to win big in In Sevilla this November you will get three Belén Gallego the long term. The daily grind of knowing and full days of networking time, a 50 stand CSP Founder & Director understanding regulations and streamlining specific expo, many technical workshops, a CSP Today and slashing costs is vital, but it is the big ideas site visit to Lebrija, Siemens´50mW parabolic and a commitment to innovation that is going through plant and exclusive access to the to be the key to unlocking long term mass “ International CSP Today Industry Awards This event brought key players profits. dinner. together in a single venue, which allowed ” That’s why CSP ToDAY SEvILLA 2010 for a very productive week. What’s more, our eNetworker online tool incorporates dealing with regulations and enables you to schedule meetings and make 3TIER lowering costs with an inspirational focus on valuable contacts before and after the event CSP innovation and international business “ itself! No other event gives you this much I have found the conference to be an development opportunities. value and no other event gives you the edge excellent opportunity to keep up to date you need to win big in CSP. on market developments, technology solutions and the perfect networking This summit is now the number medium in meeting current and future one worldwide reference point clients as well as major industry players for CSP professionals, you can’t ” and suppliers. afford to miss it! TEi Sruthers Wells rEgISTrATIon IS quICk AnD EASY We look forward to meeting you in https://secure.csptoday.com/csp2010/register.htm SEvILLA on novEMBEr 15-17 Don’t miss this event! Call now to secure your summit seat – early bookers get the best prices! www.csptoday.com/csp2010
  3. 3. Premier International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference & Exhibition Conference program at a glance EXPO CONFERENCE Set up of the expo area Speaker & Sponsor Brief Session 08:00 TO 14:00 Pre-registration for event attendees Monday 14:00 TO 15:00 Opening Ceremony followed by Press Conference Nov 15 Expo open to attendees & press Technical workshops open for 15:00 TO 18:00 representatives attendees 18:00 ONWARDS Pre-conference Networking PLENARY SESSION: Welcome to 08:30 TO 13:00 Expo open to attendees the event, State of the CSP Nation, Innovation vs Bankability 13:00 TO 14:45 Lunch tuesday TRACk 2 Nov 16 14:45 TO 18:45 Expo open to attendees TRACk 1 Water & CSP /New Dispatchability markets 18:45 TO 19:45 Networking Party 19:45 ONWARDS Gala diner & CSP Today Award Ceremony PLENARY SESSION: 09:00 TO 13:00 Expo open to attendees Future Tech updates Wednesday Nov 17 13:00 TO 14:30 End of the conference & Lunch 14:30 TO 18:30 Expo open to attendees Technical Workshops open to attendees thursday 09:00 TO 15:00 visit to Siemens Lebrija Nov 18 CSP plant “ “ “ The CSP Today Conference is Best overview of overall market It was an excellent opportunity THE venue to get to understand this situation -the most relevant CSP to learn about the latest industry ” ” critically important energy industry. conference worldwide. developments and to broaden my ” network. Heliodynamics SCHOTT Solar CSP Solutions Don’t miss this event! Call now to secure your summit seat – early bookers get the best prices! www.csptoday.com/csp2010
  4. 4. Develop A Profitable, Productive And Commercially Successful International CSP Business THE STATE OF CSP IN 2010 INNOvATION vS DISPATCHABILITY BANkABILITY regulatory updates, market Integrated Solar Combined Cycles movements and future overcoming CSP’s innovation (ISCC) predictions for CSP in Spain, impediments • Understand how ISCC work and hear the facts and figures on optimum yields and efficiency Europe, uSA, China, India and • Defining bankability - how financial institutions decide that your project is a safe • Discover how positioning your solar business as beyond bet an ISCC could maximize your future opportunities • Breakdown of technology advances, new plants • Hear lessons on the challenges you can expect • Understand the role innovation plays in CSP completed and new projects announcements when developing an ISCC and what you can do to industry development and how vital it will be over the last year reduce delays and avoidable costs to your future • The CSP ‘do or die’ list - understand the • What can be done to get pioneering CSP José manuel millán, abener challenges the industry needs to work on to projects the financing they deserve? ensure continued growth; raising efficiency, • Are there any quick wins that can be gained The benefits and challenges of reducing costs, scaling up production and more • Asses development projections to understand through innovation that may appeal to hybrid CSP investors? • Take a look at the benefits of combining CSP with the most exciting short and longer term • What are the best ways to evaluate and other energy sources - ensure you make the most commercial CSP opportunities quantify the risk of financing innovative of your equipment and investment Luis Crespo, Protermosolar projects? • Balancing traditional and renewable energy – valeriano Ruiz, Protermosolar Leading the discussion: agencia IDEa what is the ideal mix to create a hybrid plant that Daniel Calderón, MaSDaR makes the most of CSP? Solar industry consolidation - manuel Cabrerizo, voltiq • Could the coal industry become a critical partner opening CSP opportunities and advocate for CSP? Hear why hybridization is • Understand the strengths that will enable risk mitigation and due attractive to the coal industry but creates a new CSP to emerge from today’s phase of solar set of challenges for CSP consolidation with a long-term niche in the diligence for innovative CSP energy market projects Power augmentation & other • Alternative commercial strategies - what you • Understand the risk mitigation and due industrial applications need to know to make the most of revenue diligence measures banks want to see • Understand the business proposition of power streams such as industrial applications and the before they finance innovative CSP projects augmentation and other industrial applications distributed market • Quantitative and qualitative risks - discover and how you can fit them in to your growth • market matchmaking - hear the differences the best way to calculate risk and present strategy for 2011 between the main geographical markets for your project as a robust, enticing investment • Discover the requirements for industrial CSP and discover the markets most suited to • Find out what performance guarantees and applications and the technologies with the most your business supplier choice rationale will increase the potential to win their business bank’s confidence in your project getting to grips with the realities Gonzalo Ruiz de Angulo Gómez, BBva Molten Salt Thermal Storage of grid parity Dominik Thumfart, Deutsche Bank • Take advantage from an in-depth assessment of • What is the best way for CSP to make the the bottom line cost-opportunity of molten salt Antonio García méndez, Santander transition from tailor-made energy source to thermal storage commodity? Ravi Suri, Standard Chartered Bank • Benefit from insider experiences with 7h+ and • What will grid parity mean for industry CSP Standardization 15h storage in currently operating molten salt competition? On what basis will energy facilities • Find out what you stand to gain from contracts be won and lost? • Hear the technical challenges of the management standardization and when you are likely to • How important is pricing? Is time of day pricing see real world results of molten salts - top tips that will prevent you the future of price competition? from making costly mistakes • Hear a discussion on the best path forward to • How will reforms in carbon valuation reflect the get CSP industry standards up and running Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, torresol external realities of traditional power? • Lessons learned from wind - discover how Fred morse, abengoa standardization has improved wind projects State of the art technologies on José manuel Nieto, acciona ability to secure finance thermal storage – Ceramics Ruud Dekkers, Discussing lead by: Luis Crespo, • Gain a deep understanding of the latest MaN Solar Millenium/Flagsol Protermosolar developments in ceramics based thermal storage • Discover the true extent of the cost savings promised by ceramic thermal storage systems “ I have found the conference to be an excellent opportunity to keep up • See the results achieved by the ceramic to date on market developments, technology solutions and the perfect prototypes built to prove the value of this new networking medium in meeting current and future clients as well as major technology Gerrit koll, Kraftanlegen München ” industry players and suppliers. TEi Sruthers Wells Reserve your place today - +44 207 37 57 575
  5. 5. more information, more dialogue, more debate State of the art thermal storage – Dish Stirling technology best WATER & CSP graphite practices • Hear about this method of receiving and storing • Can the legacy of promises from the 1800s CSP water issues thermal energy and delivering it on demand in the deliver for CSP? • Does it make sense to invest in water form of steam at high pressure and high temperature • Optimal stirling dish output - from 2kW to saving approaches? See realistic (up to 500°C) 2mW, what is the right approach? numbers on how big the cost savings • Discover why its scalability and modularity make • Discover the best markets for dish stirling could be Graphite Energy’s Solar Storage Receiver ideal and CSP plants based on environmental & solar • Water reductions examined by region - economical for different sized deployments conditions where will these technologies reap the • Hear about the experience with Graphite Energy’s greatest rewards? Lake Cargelligo project in Australia Today’s radical CSP r&D • Environmental best practices for water recycling and effective water Nick Bain, Graphite Energy evaluated management • Find out about the new R&D that suggests • Is no water CSP a pipe dream of an gas could be an effective conduction NEXT GENERATION CSP medium enticing possibility and if so, what is the role of Dish Stirling? TECHNOLOGY • Hear a critical analysis of the R&D that claims it will disrupt today’s existing CSP Dry cooling for CSP The high temperature technology and forever change the industry • All the details on dry cooling: front technology race including a new approach to stirling dish and operational costs, parasitic load • Get clued up on recent developments in super heated technology and a waterless multitower requirements, the effect of ambient steam for towers and troughs and how far they approach climatic conditions and extreme promise to ramp up turbine efficiency Eduardo Zarza, Plataforma Solar de temperatures, time-of-day pricing • Real life case studies – understand the full almería – CIEMat impacts and overall costs effectiveness of the high temperature approach to José vicente García Ortiz, vinci Energía • Understand water availability increasing plant yield requirements in order for wet cooling to Fernando Herranz, aCS Cobra CSP r&D – molten salt as a even be an option for your plant, and what to do when it isn’t transfer fluid Direct Steam generation • Discover how hybrid systems reduce • Hear results from the Archimede plant - the • Discover whether DSG’s promise of a 20% reduction water usage but has a significant impact first to use molten salt as a transfer fluid in electricity prices is realistic on cost by using an air cool condenser • Take a look at the technical and financial • The technical information, capabilities and for 90% of the cooling capacity and 10% challenges faced by the Archimide plant, constraints that you need to know to analyze the regular including salt temperature management feasibility of DSG for your plant Cédric Baudru, SPX • How scalable are these plants? Discover Mastering modular CSP what you can expect this technology to CSP seawater desalination achieve in the near future • Easy and cheap to manufacture and install - how • Details on the new Hybrid CSP/mED plant modular technologies promise to cut costs and boost Guglielmo Liberati, ENEL - the pilot for a range of similar plants competitiveness Daniele Consoli, ENEL under the Desertec plan • Hear a financial analysis of the modular strategy • Understand how CSP plants can be to CSP and what you can to do to maximize cost adapted to supplement their electricity reductions EmERGING mARkETS FOR generation with the creation of a of water The rise of Fresnel systems CSP DEvELOPmENT that can be used for local agriculture • Take a look at the technical feasibility • Have the developments in Fresnel systems over the • Geographic markets analyzed - renewable and development challenges that this last year changed the technological hierarchy of CSP? energy regulations and current levels of hybrid CSP/mED plant faces and that will • Discover the full cost reductions and the ideal CSP development determine whether it becomes a model environmental conditions for Fresnel plants • Country by country breakdown - the local for future seawater desalination plants • Understand which markets are best for Fresnel and partnerships, donor institution schemes Noam Illan, Eliat-Eliot Renewable present the biggest opportunities for this technology and government support available Energy administration • Discover whether distributed markets, Perfecting parabolic trough design utility scale, industrial applications and • Parabolic trough design evolution - from the original hybrid plants/combined cycles offer Luz trough to today’s latest designs your business an easier first step into • See how today’s models differ in terms of emerging markets mechanical restrictions, deformation and • Who pays? Hear from the World Bank, controllability IFC and other international donors on • Is bigger better for CSP or does the opportunity cost which markets they view as most of smaller troughs pay for itself? promising for CSP Gilbert Cohen, Eliasol Energy Rainer Aringhoff, Desertec Check out the latest program updates on www.csptoday.com/csp2010
  6. 6. Get unique insight from international leading CSP companies Exhibition Sponsorship/ road test the latest CSP solutions in this year’s bigger-than-ever Expo Hall Exhibiting opportunities Our CSP Exhibition has proved so successful, we’ve outgrown our previous venue. Last year we brought you The DOW chemical team is again very proud to be over 25 leading component and solution providers. This one of the sponsors of the CSP Sevilla. It was again time, you can scrutinize 50+ exhibitors in our brand new – and much larger – Expo Hall. But it’s not only about size. three unbelievable days where we could connect to Selection is even more important. Every exhibitor has to our partners, understand the industry and regulatory pass our ‘relevance test’. Which ensures you don’t have to trends and join on future developments. CSP has a wade through a maze of Pv stands in order to pinpoint the bright future and the CSP conference is a great tool CSP solutions you need. Instead, you’re certain to see what’s for anybody that wishes to participate in this industry. on offer from the world’s leading CSP suppliers, all together DOW chemical under one roof. It’s your chance to examine and assess the very latest technology, materials and services for the CSP industry. Our CSP Today focused exhibition has proven really successful and every year we outgrow previous venues. We have learned that it´s not all about size, but selection is even more important! That is why as a potential exhibitor and/or sponsor you will need to pass a relevance test.This ensures that our delegates get the most value from the event and that our limited exhibitors and sponsors really get the attention and the business they seek. Every sponsor and exhibit campaign will be customized to meet your specific objectives so call mark Wheeler today on +44 207 37 57 177 to discuss your best options. I’ve made some very good contacts and actually come out of it with business, so it’s very worthwhile. Paul Heye, Sales Representative, Hyspan 3 Top Reasons To Attend This is a great event to present ourselves, our company and to see what our competitors are doing. 1. Enhance Your Product Knowledge Torsten Andersch, Global Director of Business Development, SPX The 4th International CSP Today Summit is a “can’t miss” opportunity to see new products and share insight with industry peers. You will be able to see, understand and Sponsoring, exhibiting or advertising with us is one of the best experience the latest solutions - all under one roof and and most cost effective ways to prospect, generate interest, move in the span of just 3 days. companies through your pipeline and ultimately make deals. 2. Meet the most Influential People in the CSP Ecosystem: It gives you a unique and valuable opportunity to build relationships and The exhibition is the only Concentrated Solar Thermal imprint your company name on the summit attendees and all of the Power focused exhibition worldwide. It puts you in the 40,000+ industry contacts we’ll be promoting to for the next 20 weeks. same room as more than 700 key decision makers from If your company is looking to be one of the leaders in the concentrated right across the value-chain so you can mingle and solar thermal power space then call today for more information on network with companies releasing innovative products exactly how we can help you. and solutions. 3. Face-to-Face Networking Is Key To Survival In 2011: FOR mORE INFORmATION CONTACT: The exhibition is an excellent opportunity to meet and Mark Wheeler network with over 700 CSP professionals and build Head of Business Development relationships that can assist you with future business T: +44 207 375 7177 F: +44 207 375 7576 challenges. Be the first to meet leading developers, key E: mark@csptoday.com W: www.csptoday.com/csp2010 material and component suppliers, influential financiers and government organizations and agencies. Reserve your place today - +44 207 37 57 575
  7. 7. InTErnATIonAL CSP ToDAY AWArDS 2010 AwArds The International CSP Today Awards will recognize the excellence of companies working in the industry The Awards are judged by independent industry experts and are open to all companies in the CSP eco-system that develop and provide compelling products, services, and project development. this year we have the following CSP today awards: GENERAL ‘ CSP commercialized technology innovation of the year ‘ Increased dispatchability solution of the year ‘ Emerging markets achievement of the year ‘ Newcomer of the year ‘ Best CSP integration of the year SPECIALIZED ‘ CSP technology supplier of the year ‘ CSP engineering firm of the year ‘ most effective CSP project development of the year ‘ EPC contractor of the year INDIvIDUAL ‘ CSP special achievement award ‘ Lifetime achievement award How do I nominate my company? Download the nomination form from the website www.csptoday.com/csp/awards, fill in the form and send it before the deadline! Prestige The CSP Today Awards are an industry accolade that is THE AWArDS CErEMonY WILL TAkE recognized on a global scale. PLACE on TuESDAY 16th novEMBEr Receiving a CSP Today Award guarantees media attention and will provide powerful channels for promoting your product or To attend you need to be a finalist service. or register for the event The CSP Today Awards are designed to recognize and to reflect the hard work, talent and potential in bringing to fruition real products and real advances in CSP. What are you waiting for? In addition, the awards are a unique opportunity for the industry noMInATE Your CoMPAnY noW! to gather, celebrate and highlight the achievements of the past year. CSP Today therefore encourages contributions across the AWArDS@CSPToDAY.CoM industry and across all markets of the world. For the latest updates visit www.csptoday.com/csp2010
  8. 8. Speakers / Ponentes Expertos valeriano Ruiz Rainer Aringhoff Cédric Phillibert Hernández Desertec International Energy Agency Protermosolar Dominik Thumfart Ruud Dekkers Luis Crespo Deutsche Bank Ag MAn Solar Millennium Protermosolar London Flagsol Fred morse Tim Forrest Daniel Calderón Abengoa E.on Climate & MASDAr renewables José manuel Nieto Antonio García méndez Jiménez Noam Ilan Santander Acciona Energía Eilat-Eilot renewable Energy Administration Ravi Suri Fernando Herranz Standard Chartered Bank ACS SCE Gilbert Cohen Eliasol Energy / Ralf Wiesenberg Acciona Solar Sun to Market Solutions Gonzalo Ruiz de Angulo Gómez BBvA Guglielmo Liberati Juan Ignacio Burgaleta EnEL Torresol Energy manuel Blanco CEnEr Daniele Consoli Avi Brenmiller EnEL Siemens CSP Eduardo Zarza moya Cédric Baudru CIEMAT-PSA Nick Bain SPX graphite Energy Nazar Hassan Representative TBC martin Selig unESCo regional Bureau Areva novatec Biosol for Sciences “ “ “ “ The possibility to address It is a great opportunity Es una oportunidad Es un evento estupendo multiple entities through to meet our customers and maravillosa para conocer para presentar nuestra ” a specific workshop is an future partners. a nuestros clientes y a los compañía y a nosotros ” excellent way to ‘get our futuros socios. mismos, y también para Renaud Jourdan, message out’. Important ver lo que están haciendo Product marketing Renaud Jourdan, ” contacts and information are nuestros competidores gained, not only during the manager, Dow Chemical Director de marketing, Dow Chemical Torsten Andersch, workshop, but also during informal meetings. We will Director general de “ Important to keep track definitively be participating desarrollo comercial, “ with the rapid changes within Una magnifica ocasión SPX ” in future events. ” the CSP scene. para realizar nuevos ” Foster Wheeler contactos. vattenfall Europe Power Consult magtel Energías Renovables Cancellation Policy Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before Términos y condiciones Si la asistencia del asistente registrado no fuese posible, 30th of September 2010 incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after se permite cambiar el nombre del mismo sin ningún tipo de penalización. Las cancelaciones antes del 30th September 2010 we will be obliged to charge you the full fee. NB - you must notify FC Business 30 de Septiembre tienen una tarifa administrativa del 25%. En caso de cancelación después del 30 Intelligence in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge you the full fee. The organisers de Septiembre, la tarifa será cobrada al completo. IMPORTANTE- Deberá notificar por escrito a CSP reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive Today una cancelación, o la tarifa será cobrada al completo. Los organizadores se reservan el derecho of VAT unless otherwise stated but, VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the a cambiar el programa sin previo aviso. El IVA no va incluido en el precio a menos que se indique lo invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. FC Business Intelligence takes every care contrario, pero será cobrado donde sea pertinente, y se reflejará en la factura, de acuerdo con la fecha y to ensure that prices quoted are correct at time of publishing however, bookings will only be accepted if tasa correspondientes. Los organizadores reservan el derecho a cambiar el programa sin aviso previo. there is no material error in the price advertised on the website. FC Business Intelligence siempre toma todas las precauciones posibles para asegurarse de que los precios de los pases son correctos en el momento de publicarlos. Las reservas sólo serán tramitados si no hay error material y los precios publicitados son los correctos. www.csptoday.com/csp2010
  9. 9. www.csptoday.com/csp2010 SUPER LAST CHANCE/ DISCOUNT/ DISCOUNT/ ÚLTImA FULL DESCUENTO SUPER OPORTUNIDAD PRICE/ Pass Type DESCUENTO Expires 1st Expires 29th PRECIO Tipo de Pase Oct/ Expires 3rd Sept/ Oct/ COmPLETO 1 de octubre 3 de septiembre 29 de octubre Silver Pass Plata • cceso a toda la conferencia, A • ccess to the full conference, exhibition A €1,195 €1,295 €1,395 €1,595 expo y zona de networking del 15 & networking area during the 15-17 al 17 de noviembre. Acceso a las of November. Access to the pdf presentaciones pdf 2 semanas después presentations 2 weeks after the event. del evento. gold Pass oro • cceso a toda la conferencia, A • ccess to the full conference, exhibition A expo y zona de networking del 15 & networking area during the 15-17 of November. Access to the pdf €1,395 €1,495 €1,595 €1,795 al 17 de noviembre. Acceso a las presentaciones pdf 2 semanas después presentations 2 weeks after the event. del evento. • ccess to the full recording of the event A • cceso a toda la grabación y audio de la A and slides 2 months post event for a conferencia 2 meses después del evento year. durante un año. Platino Platinum Pass • cceso a toda la conferencia, A expo y zona de networking del 15 • ccess to the full conference, exhibition A al 17 de noviembre. Acceso a las & networking area during the 15-17 presentaciones pdf 2 semanas después of November. Access to the pdf del evento. presentations 2 weeks after the event. €2,665 €2,765 €2,865 €3,065 • cceso a toda la grabación y audio de la A • ccess to the full recording of the event A conferencia 2 meses después del evento and slides 2 months post event for a durante un año. year. • xclusivo informe CSP Today “CSP E • LUS an Exclusive CSP Today Report P markets Report” (Informe en inglés). about the Emerging CSP market Precio de venta por separado de €1,695, (valued at €1695 bought separately). esta oferta incluye un ahorro del 25% disponible para asistentes al evento. online access: Interactive Acceso online: Documentación interactiva de la conferencia con gra- conference proceedings with audio re- baciones de auido y presentaciones del cording + presentations from the event €300 evento (disponibles 2 meses después de (available from 2 months after the event la conferencia a través de un enlace con via link & password). contraseña) Site visit: 18th of November: visita a Lebrija: Jueves, 18 de visit the Lebrija plant, a Siemens CSP noviembre. La visita a la planta de Sie- 50mW CSP parabolic trough plant. Pass includes lunch, journeys and access to €200 mens CSP, comida y viaje de ida y vuelta. Saliendo del hotel a las 9:00 y llegando a the sites. Leaving at 9am from the hotel las 15:00. and returning at 15:00. €50 discount €50 de descuento Use this discount code to claim an extra €50 off Usa este código y te damos €50 de descuento 4 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER 4 MANERAS dE INSCRIbIRSE FACIlMENTE ONLINE Secure & simple registration online at WEB Inscríbete en nuestra web segura www.csptoday.com/csp2010 www.csptoday.com/csp2010/es EMAIL flagship@csptoday.com Just give us your details and pass EMAIL inscripcion@csptoday.com Envíanos tus datos type – we’ll do the rest! y tu tipo de pase y nos ocupamos de todo CALL the CSP Today team on +44 (0) 207 375 7575 LLAMA a CSP Today en +44 (0) 207 375 7575 FAX Download a form on www.csptoday.com/csp/faxback.doc FAX Bájate el documento de reserva en www.csptoday.com/csp/ fill it out and fax it back +44 (0) 207 375 7576 faxback.doc y envíalo a +44 (0) 207 375 7576 media Partners: