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The Newsletter Factory has been writing and designing company newsletters since 1987.

Organizations and companies have relied on the Newsletter Factory to assist them in “Producing Newsletters That Get Results.”

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The Newsletter Factory

  2. 2. Newsletters Enable Your Business to Grow in Ways Ads Can’tNewsletters:• Have high credibility• Have high retention• Will not be mistaken for junk mailSuccessful Internal Newsletters:• Promote teamwork• Increase productivity• Support training initiatives• Involve readers in organizational activities• Pave the way for new policies or initiativesSuccessful External Newsletters:• Increase name recognition• Enhance an organization’s image• Promote customer loyalty• Create opportunities for market expansion• Generate continual feedback from customers
  3. 3. TOP 10 Reason You Should Have a NewsletterHappy clients and satisfied customers convey that message to their friends and business associates, andthat presents a good image for YOU. Because newsletters generally are read by many more people thanjust those who initially receive them, your good image will be widespread. A newsletter: 6) Give your clients and prospects the opportunity to find out what they may want to 1) Is the most effective, most attractive way know via Q & A columns. of getting your message to your current and potential clients. 7) Are a good way to introduce new services and products to current and potential clients. 2) Provides valuable information about your business and services. 8) Are a welcome handout at meetings and seminars. 3) Are relevant, timely and welcome, and remind your clients that you are concerned 9) Are not canned and impersonal and about their interests. perceived as junk mail. 4) Restate the benefits your clients receive AND by doing business with you. 10) Demonstrate the permanence, 5) Are a dignified subtle way to promote reliability and consistency of YOU and your business. your company.
  4. 4. Business Communications
 PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED AND WRITTEN MARKETING MATERIALS BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE Newsletters / Magazines Hard-hitting, targeted, and enticing to readers on a more personal level. Highly effective newsletters will enhance your company’s presence in an ever-changing marketplace. Brochures Visually appealing marketing tools that provide specific information on products, services, or other important materials. Company Folders / Corporate Identity Gives a detailed description of products and services. Reference tools to build and promote the company’s image as a highly professional organization. Direct Mail / Response Mechanisms Provide the feedback to improve or tailor your publication to best serve the needs of your audience.
  5. 5. Business Communications
 Annual Reports Professionally profile the financial position of your company for current and potential investors. Electronic Newsletters Communicate effectively and economically with regularly scheduled electronic newsletters. Web Sites Discover the power of an expertly developed Web site that is designed, written and optimized for maximum results. Combining Marketing Expertise With Creative Excellence The long-term success of a publication usually depends on your ability to establish and maintain your presence through other marketing and communications means. We can help you devise and implement a complete communication plan that includes your publication as a crucial aspect.
  6. 6. Editorial and Design Services
 Just the Right Words Our talented team of writers, editors, and proofreaders will help polish your message to maximize the success of your communication pieces. Whether you need an entire custom brochure or publication written from start to finish or a light edit of material provided by executives, Premier Marketing Resources offers the right editorial service option. Creating a "Look" That Communicates Experienced art directors, graphic designers, and custom illustrators team up to create a powerful format that showcases your message, reflects the identity of your organization, and maintains consistency with your overall communications approach.
  7. 7. Our Team Approach Ensures You Achieve Your Communications GoalsTo ensure you get the compelling, eye-catching publications you want, our designers, writers,editors and communications strategists at the Newsletter Factory utilize a team approach fromthe outset of your project. Your input provides the basis for all graphic design, layouts, editorialcontent and communications strategies. COMPLETE TURNKEY OR SELECTED SERVICES MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIERTurnkey Services Simplify Projects From Start to FinishThe Newsletter Factory will carry your project from the conceptual stages all the way to the printer,mail house, or Web server. At your request, the Newsletter Factory will even tabulate audienceresponse and manage your database.The Newsletter Factory has successfully helped numerous associations, small businesses, majorcompanies, nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 corporations achieve their communicationsgoals for more than 20 years.
  8. 8. Electronic Publications
  9. 9. Web Site DesignCREATING A WEB PRESENCE …The Internet is the most professional, effective, and cost-effective way to reach qualified prospects andtell them about your business. The majority of your prospective customers or clients will search for yourcompany online before ever talking to someone in your office.Your Web site is providing your customer or client a first impression about your company.
  10. 10. The NLF Small Business SolutionsCHOOSE THE NLF NEW BUSINESS PACKAGE THAT BEST FITS YOUR NEEDSSelect a single item or combine essential products. Each component is available individually or incombination:Logo Development – A professionally designed logo resonates with your target market and sets thestage for ultimate success. You will receive multiple designs to choose from – each one created tosupport your corporate identity within your target market. Following any requested changes and yourfinal approval, you will receive your logo in digital format for use in print, Internet, and videoapplications.Corporate Identity – Accurately conveying your company’s personality and core principals representsa key element of success. You must clearly establish your corporate identity in order to ensure thatfuture marketing and branding efforts remain consistent and effective.Stationery & Business Cards – Every business needs these basics of everyday communication to gainrespect in the marketplace. You can select materials in two or four colors. Templates include businessletterhead, mailing label, and fax cover sheet in electronic and PDF formats.
  11. 11. The PMR Small Business SolutionsPresentation Folders – An attention-getting presentation folder reinforces your company’s image andprovides an ideal vehicle for organizing proposals, corporate background information, and every otherdocument a client will ever need. Your folder will have a single pocket and will accommodate a businesscard. Printing it on heavy 120-pound premium cover stock gives it the highest level of rigidity andcreates the perception of extremely high quality.Company Brochures – Effectively conveying your products, services, and value proposition in a well-crafted company brochure generates enthusiasm and interest within your preferred audience. Whenprinted as a tri-fold on premium 100-pound cover stock, your professionally designed and writtenbrochure will provide an excellent introduction to your company.Internet Presence (Web Site Startup) – Today’s companies need a powerful Internet presence tolegitimize themselves to prospects and clients. A basic Web site should consist of a home page, contactpage, company history, and listing of products or services. Additional pages are available if needed.
  12. 12. Reader Response MechanismsMEASURING RESPONSE HELPS YOU COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELY INSEVERAL WAYSAmong other things, regular reader surveys will help you:• Make your publication more interesting by identifying topics about which yourreaders would like additional information.• Improve the effectiveness of your publications design by identifying the designelements with the greatest appeal for your audience.• Give your readers a greater sense of "ownership" in the publication by making changes that showreaders their opinions count.The response specialists at Premier Marketing Resources will help you develop the best way to measureyour publications effectiveness. At your request, well also develop and maintain your responsedatabase, tabulate returns, provide comprehensive reports detailing the type of response that yourpublication generated, and even suggest ways of improving readership based on reader response.
  13. 13. What do you want your newsletter to accomplish?Promotional NewslettersThis type of newsletter is frequently used by businesses to promote a product or service. It is alsoknown as a marketing newsletter. A promotional or marketing newsletter is typically sent to current orProspective customers free of charge. Although not a sales pitch, the promotional newsletter does striveto turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.Relationship NewslettersExamples of this type of newsletter are customer newsletters, club newsletters, employee newsletters,Church newsletters, and alumni newsletters. They focus on the shared interests of the target audience.Typically distributed at no charge, some organizations may send newsletters only to paid members.Expert NewslettersUsually subscription-based, these newsletters generally focus on a specific topic and the recipient isSomeone who has specifically requested the information in the newsletter and is willing to pay for theinformation.Some newsletters may have characteristics of more than one group.
  14. 14. Building Customer Loyalty"A good newsletter keeps you in front of your customers, adds value to your services, establishes yourexpertise and credibility, and saves you valuable selling time," says Elaine Floyd, author, speaker andnewsletter expert extraordinaire.CUSTOMER LOYALTY BUILDING IS POWERFUL. AND INFORMATIVE NEWSLETTERSCAN BE THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN YOUR SALES TOOLBOX.• Do you have good customers youd like to stay in touch with without interrupting them with phonecalls or visits?• Is your product or service line changing quickly?• Do some of your best customers not know about your latest product offerings and how each onebenefits them? Or have you heard your customers say, "I didnt know you did that?"• Do your customers like hearing stories of businesses similar to theirs and how theyve beensuccessful?• Can you share information that saves your customers time and money, helps them get more businessor prepares them for the future?If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you needed a newsletteryesterday.
  15. 15. What other CEO’s are saying about newsletters …"Custom publishing is becoming a preferred way for companies to communicate with their customers,"Says Chris McMurry, Custom Publishing Council Chairman "And thats the reason nearly every[company] is doing it.”A STUDY CONDUCTED BY THE CUSTOM PUBLISHING COUNCIL, "EFFECTIVENESS OF CUSTOMPUBLICATIONS: A STUDY ON HOW CONSUMERS RESPOND TO CUSTOM PUBLICATIONS," REVEALS THAT 64PERCENT OF CONSUMERS AND 67 PERCENT OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS WHO ARE REGULAR READERSOF A CUSTOM PUBLICATION HEAVILY CONSUME THE CONTENT, MEANING THEY READ THE BOOK COVER TOCOVER OR SOME PAGES IN DETAIL, AND PICK IT UP AN AVERAGE OF TWO TIMES BEFORE FINISHING IT.The research even finds that nearly 40 percent of those who receive a custom publication retain it orpass it along to additional readers, another key indication of the high value a reader places on anymagazine or newsletter.MILLWARD BROWN REPORTS THAT CUSTOMER PUBLICATIONS FORM STRONGER BRAND RELATIONSHIPS.BRAND LOYALTY INCREASES BY A THIRD. MORE SPECIFICALLY A CUSTOMER PUBLICATION CAN BE USED TOESTABLISH A DESIRED BRAND IMAGE OR POSITIONING.
  16. 16. What our clients are saying …I LOVE THE CHANGES TO THE GEORGIA PACIFIC ARTICLE! ALSO, IM VERY HAPPY THAT YOU INCLUDED APICTURE OF RICHARD MEIER. THE INITIATIVE AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.AGAIN, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! – RIDGELEY STANDARD, CORPORATE ENVIRONMENTSThis will definitely be our best newsletter ever! And I don’t know who did it, but that layout of the Bringit On article and pictures is fantastic, as is the entire newsletter. I just cant wait for it to arrive inmailboxes! I love you guys. You are the best. Thank you SO much! - Mary Campbell, Brain Tumor Foundation for ChildrenI APPRECIATE ALL THE ADDED TOUCHES AND THOUGHT THAT GOES INTO THIS NEWSLETTER. YOU GUYS DOA GREAT JOB. IF YOU EVER NEED A REFERENCE, LET ME KNOW. – ROBERT MEYER, CHAMBERLIN EDMONDSThanks for those kind words about our Thomas Concrete newsletter. It is really a collaboration betweenThe Newsletter Factory and myself. Weve developed an excellent working relationship through theyears to produce such fine newsletters with each edition. Their parent company is Premier MarketingResources. - Gwendolyn C. Chandler, Thomas Concrete of Georgia Inc.
  17. 17. Newsletter Factory1775 The Exchange, Suite 300 • Atlanta, GA 30339 770.955.1600 • Fax 770.955.3313