Why Portable Air Conditioner for Small Room


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Before buying an Air Conditioner what you need to decide first is what type of unit you need. You may not need a large conventional unit for a small room or if you want to move your AC you will find it’s not feasible for conventional large unit. In this presentation you will find whether a portable Air Conditioner is suitable for your use.

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Why Portable Air Conditioner for Small Room

  1. 1. Why Portable Air Conditioner is Suitable For Small Rooms
  2. 2. Why Portable Air Conditioners? Portability is the main advantage of a portable AC. They are ideal for small spaces, such as small office rooms, living rooms or bedrooms where installing an air conditioning unit sometimes may not be cost effective and impractical.
  3. 3. Why Portable Air Conditioners? As they don’t require installation, are easy to move around. They are particularly good if you do not own the apartment or room.
  4. 4. How do they work?
  5. 5. How to select the correct size? Take into account     The size of an area, What encloses the room Whether the room is shaded, under sun or a kitchen What will remain in the room
  6. 6. The size of an area Calculate  the size of the room in sq feet or sq meter
  7. 7. What encloses the room Consider    the height of the ceiling and what the walls & ceiling are made of. A flat felt roof will let in more heat from the sun than a tiled roof. Glass can let in three to four more times heat than brick.
  8. 8. Whether the room is shaded, under sun or a kitchen Consider   Whether the roof is directly under sun or shaded Whether it is kitchen room
  9. 9. What will remain in the room? Each person produces about 400 BTU of heat. Similarly Computers, coffee machines, faxes etc all add to the heat load. So, consider    the number of people in the space. anything else in the room producing heat such as computers, coffee machines, faxes etc. Increase BTU capacity by 600 for every additional person occupying the room.
  10. 10. Suitable Area For A Portable Air Conditioner
  11. 11. Suitable Area For A Portable Air Conditioner Almost any indoor area that is not excessively damp is suitable for a portable air conditioner. Laundry room which is very hot and humid may not appropriate for portable air conditioner.
  12. 12. Suitable Area For A Portable Air Conditioner Your room should have a window or something to expel the hot air by exhaust hose.
  13. 13. Suitable Area For A Portable Air Conditioner Air Conditioners work best when the area is enclosed. All windows and doors should be closed as much as possible.
  14. 14. Suitable Area For A Portable Air Conditioner However, many portable air conditioners are now used at outdoor events to cool tents so the areas for which they are suitable varies.
  15. 15. Suitable Area For A Portable Air Conditioner If you want it for your bedroom, ensure it is quiet but also ensure it has a timer so you can set it to cool your room before you go to bed.
  16. 16. Act as dehumidifier A lot of portable air conditioners also have the ability to operate as dehumidifiers. They can remove dampness from the room and many are as effective as professional dehumidifiers. You can therefore economise by buying just the one unit.
  17. 17. Handy Applience Portable air conditioners are very handy, easy to move anywhere that require cooling. They usually have wheels to carry from one room to another. You can even take these portable units with you when you travel. Taking the portable air conditioning unit to the cottage for the weekend for example, is very possible and easy to do.
  18. 18. Energy Efficiency Because these units are smaller, the energy efficiency is very high. Therefore, for those families worried about spending too much money on the cooling needs of their home, these systems are ideal. Because they are energy efficient, these types of appliances are also better for the environment as well.
  19. 19. Cost Efficiency These portable units are much cheaper and more effective than many larger models and so if budget is a factor go for portable air conditioners. Some portable units are even powered by battery and so do not require that an electrical outlet even be nearby. College dorm rooms can benefit from these small and efficient appliances as well.
  20. 20. Maintenance If the unit doesn’t run, the thermostat may need to be fixed  The filter may be clogged  the fan motor may be bad  If any of them occurs call a professional for Ac Repair Service.
  21. 21. Prepared by http://www.technology.newstipstricks.com/