What to Include in Your Business Card


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A business card is an effective marketing tool to bring the first impression on a business or company. But you should carefully and intelligently include the key information. What should you include might vary in different business cards. This presentation will show you what you should include in a smart successful business card.

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What to Include in Your Business Card

  1. 1. What to Include in Your Business Card
  2. 2. What is a Business Card? According to businessdictionary.com a business card is “A standard 2x3 inch card that displays contact information for an individual employed by a company. Business cards typically include a person's name, email address, phone number, website, and company name. They are often used at networking and corporate events to provide other individuals with an easy source for retrieving contact information”
  3. 3. The Purpose of a Business Card A business card passes information about ones business contacts to potential customers and other professionals for networking. Additional information may be included at the back of the card. A business card is a cheap way of advertising as it gives a listing of services offered by the company and contact information. They are convenient as they can be easily carried around in a wallet.
  4. 4. When to use a Business Card A business card is provided when a person's contact information is requested, at professional conferences or meetings, and to refer another person to a business or person with whom you've worked.
  5. 5. What to include in a Business Card? Depends on the type of your business card • A standard business card • A Informational business card • Coupon Business Cards
  6. 6. Standard Business Card A standard business card, also called reference business card, usually includes the name and logo of the business, a person who works within that business, his title and contact information.
  7. 7. Informational Business Card A Informational business card usually includes the same information that a standard business card has as well as a yearly calendar or a list of social-service telephone numbers.
  8. 8. Coupon Business Card Coupon business cards hold the same information as a standard business card but include a coupon for services. A punch card that provides a free item after a certain number of purchases is an example of a coupon business card.
  9. 9. What Size A Business Card Should Be Selecting the perfect size for your business card can be a bit tough as they come in a variety of options. One factor which dictates your business card size choice is your location. Various countries have set a standard size for professional business cards. Business Card Sizes gives a list of card sizes in inches, millimeters as well as pixels for all major countries.
  10. 10. Differentiate Your Business Card Country specific sizes are most common ones around the world. However if you want your card to stand out, then there are other options available. Apart from these, you also have the option of a foldable card or a special die cut business card. Normally, such cards are mostly used by designers, artists or other people working in the creative industry.
  11. 11. Share Your Thought If we talk about a professional business card then it has to be well chosen as per your country standards. As common business card sizes are country specific your business card might be very different than that of others. Share your own business card size, shape or specific design (if any) with us in comment.
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