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Office Decoration with Plants


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People are now tending to decorate office with plants for aesthetic value. Many believe that plants decrease stress while increasing the concentration levels. Your work environment directly affects your desire to work. This presentation gives some idea for office plants, where to pot them and how to choose them.

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Office Decoration with Plants

  1. 1. Office Decoration with Plants
  2. 2. Office Decoration with Plants Adding a touch of green to your work space can create a healthier and happier work environment. Plants bring a touch of outdoors and give natural, beautiful color. Also good decoration with plants can make a big difference to the style of your office.
  3. 3. Plants in Reception Area
  4. 4. Plants in Reception Area Put the plants in forward of the reception area so that guests, clients or employees can see the plants when they walk in. A large floor plant in front of the reception desk or two small plants on both end of the desk will work fine.
  5. 5. Plants At Your Desk
  6. 6. Plants At Your Desk A new study says, if you feel stressed and exhausted while in office, keeping potted plants on your desk could have a health benefit. Researchers found the presence of potted plants in offices reduces fatigue, stress, dry throats, headaches, coughs and dry skin among workers.
  7. 7. Plants At Your Office Cubicle
  8. 8. Plants At Your Office Cubicle Working all day long at small cubicles may be boring that decrease the productivity. Having healthy plants around you increase the productivity and brings a homey touch. According to office gardener Lori Ann Asmus, there are many benefits to having live plants in this kind of environment. "It's very important to have beauty in your environment, particularly when you're in an area like this with all the gray cubicles and computers," says she.
  9. 9. Plants At Your Bathroom
  10. 10. Plants At Your Bathroom Place plants on a shelf on the wall in the bathroom. Opt for small, interesting plants to add a unique touch. Bathroom plants can be considered as natural deodorizers as they give out fresh oxygen and take in the nasty air.
  11. 11. Select The Right Plant Plant selection depends on your objective.
  12. 12. Select The Right Plant You may select a colorful flowering plant if you want to brighten your office.
  13. 13. If your intension is to remove carbon dioxide or add oxygen you may look for a green plant with a lot of leaves.
  14. 14. Here you can see how will it look
  15. 15. You may also want fake plants if you don’t want to take care much or want to avoid watering, pesticides or fertilizers.
  16. 16. Today artificial plants and flowers are designed, moulded and pigmented in such a way that they look and feel like real plants
  17. 17. Artificial hanging baskets can be added advantages for beautification your veranda.
  18. 18. Here is an article you can read Advantages of Artificial Plants
  19. 19. Buy Plants Cultivating plants inside the office is an interior decorating technique. To keep plants healthy and attractive, you must be choosy. The right combination results in better look. You can find many affiliating sites exhibiting varieties of indoor and outdoor plants where you can choose plants and place order on ebay or amazon. Affiliating sites usually contain good product reviews that can also be helpful for buying.
  20. 20. Buy Plants Some websites exhibiting varieties of plants: Natural Plants: 1. 2. 3. Fake Plants: 1. 2. 3.
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