New York's Best wedding reception music


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A few useful suggestions about choosing reception music for your wedding

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New York's Best wedding reception music

  1. 1. Reception Music A comprehensive guide for wedding planning From New York’s Best Musicians
  2. 2. Why have music for a wedding?  This may seem like an obvious (if not rhetorical) question to some. While a quiet wedding in Judge’s chambers may not have music, most weddings do incorporate music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. In fact, most couples can’t imagine their wedding without music  The more frequent (and germane) question is: In selecting music, what are we going for?  A wedding may be an expression of the couple’s individual tastes; or it may be an anticipation of the expectation and tastes of important guests.  Cost is often a factor: how much do we want (or need) to spend?
  3. 3. Top Choice  The safest choice is often an experienced wedding band.  New York’s Best flagship band, Amaretto (based in Washington DC) has performed at thousands of weddings, and played for the last three inaugurations. David Fletcher (the bass player, in this photo of Amaretto), is the owner of New York’s Best Musicians.
  4. 4. There are many great options for wedding music  Anything with the word “wedding” in front of it seems to increase the price exponentially. For example, a “wedding” dress vs. a formal white dress; a “wedding” cake vs. (the same big) cake.  Our mission is to provide wedding services at “non-wedding” prices.
  5. 5. There are a wide range of bands for a wedding reception besides traditional wedding or society bands  Check out the following band. They don’t call themselves a wedding band, but they are wedding appropriate – and lots of fun at a wedding reception. This band can be booked for $2500 – a unheard of price for a wedding band, which typically runs in the $5000 – 10,000 range (if not more)
  6. 6. More choices  Here some great options choices to consider. On the far left, The Hit Girls a rocking all-girl band; in the middle, Miss Babs and the Kicking Boogie Band, a contemporary-feel country band; and on the far right, Curbside Manner, a great, increasingly popular young band. All of these bands are under $3,000.  The are dozens of great choices available from New York’s Best Musicians
  7. 7. Designing Wedding Music  One of the reasons to use an experienced agency run and staffed by individuals with bona fide musical credentials is that they can work with you and your planner in selecting music which is in keeping with your concepts, tastes and the theme of your wedding  New York’s Best has many years experience in working with event designers and wedding planners on a broad range of weddings and events  New York’s Best’s owner David Fletcher has years of experience as a musician, music educator, music director and co-composer, and brings this experience to the table in working with your planner to design the music for your event
  8. 8. A Current Big Trend  The Great Gatsby is influencing the design of many weddings and events right now. Here are just a few bands to consider for this theme.  Videos and complete price list on our website at Hot Jazz of the 20’s - two guitars bass, violin The Hot Sardines The Recessionals New York’s Best Little, Big Band
  9. 9. What about different styles  Most weddings and events are enhanced by incorporating a blend or combination of musical styles. An important factor is whether the variety you want can be accomplished in one group. To do so is often beneficial and can save costs.  A little known fact: most bands, even smaller ones, will bring a sound system for tracks to play during breaks. This adds variety. In essence, most bands can act as a d.j. for part of the time, without adding any cost whatsoever  There is no substitute for live music, but an event can benefit from a combination of both live and recorded. This is the best of both worlds.
  10. 10. How much will wedding music cost?  We are one of only a handful of music agencies that publish prices. You will find videos and prices of all our bands at this link   Our prices for both classical and jazz groups are including on those pages at these links 
  11. 11. Why New York’s Best?  We will handle your music needs from soup to nuts.  We will help you select the perfect music. We will work with your planner in designing the perfect musical fabric for the day, suitable to the theme and feel of your wedding  We offer the best in musical entertainment for the best price  We work with your budget. We can work with virtually any budget.  We are a pleasure to work with. It’s a point of pride for us. .
  12. 12. Why New York’s Best?  Our musicians are polished, professional, and extraordinarily talented. And did we mention – they are really nice. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be working with them.  We can also provide video and photo at great prices, offering the convenience to you of coordinating and consolidating three interrelated artistic/technical services (musicians, photographers and videographers)  Our photographers and videographers are talented, polished, and attuned to your needs at a wedding.
  13. 13. Some insider tips: how to insure a great result  Speak with the band leader before hiring the band.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions and make sure all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction.  Read online reviews at Wedding Wire.  Pick vendors carefully, but then put your trust in them. This is your wedding and you deserve not to fret.