Running a Food Factory Outlet with an Integrated ERP


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Benefits of integrated business management system for a food factory outlet.

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  • A story about Euroremont in LV while implementing the solution for the building materials retailer.
  • Running a Food Factory Outlet with an Integrated ERP

    1. 1. Running a Food Factory Outlet with an Integrated ERP Riga Food 2011 September 7-10
    2. 2. Topic in DetailThe point of my talk today is to discuss thebenefits of integrated business managementsystem for a food factory outlet.
    3. 3. Why we talk about that at all Because we are being asked to:  New producers are thinking of opening their own stores. Existing factory outlet chains are thinking of growing.  That gives some food for thought!
    4. 4. Current situation Factory  Specialised manufacturing ERP  Or general ERP with a manufacturing module  Other specialised manufacturing software Retail  Accounting software in HO  Cash registers in stores
    5. 5.   InStore Processes Sales/Inventory Analysis, Head Office Automatic Replenishment, Purchase Ordering, Stock Request,Return Management Prices/Promotions/Campaigns Sales with Sales at POS, handhelds Cash Management, Loyalty Management Picking, ReceivingStock counting,Shrinkagemanagement Shelf labels, Shelf price check, Stock Transfer Price checking orders Information Sales Order, Goods taking
    6. 6. With an Integrated BusinessManagement System You can Enter information only once Reduce number of human errors Increase stability and speed Have a fully transparent business and traceable data Better control your people, stock and documents Get richness of standard functionality Adapt to changes much faster and cheaper Reduce costs Serve your customers better!
    7. 7. Integrated ERP - Against I haven’t yet had a customer, who would be unhappy with migrating to the integrated Business Management System!
    8. 8. Summing up – What Before - is a modern integrated ERP going to bring value? Now - WHICH TOOL TO CHOOSE? Integrated ERP definitely has its benefits, but the process should not be forced.
    9. 9. Summing up – What in Detail When your Marketing Director has lots of plans none of which can be realised When you feel something wrong is happening in stores, but have no way of checking that When some database crashes and data is lost again When to find your today’s inventory levels in two weeks time is no longer OK for business It’s time to start thinking of switching to a modern integrated ERP!
    10. 10. Summing up – Why and How There aren’t many IT companies in Europe with 190+ employees, 90% of whom are dedicated for Retail. We deeply specialise and our customers love it!
    11. 11. The right knowledge: Factsabout the company In Retail IT since 1993 In Navision and LS Retail since 1999:  MICROSOFT – Gold Certified Partner (5 competencies)  LS Retail – Gold Certified Partner  120+ NAV customers  Implementations in LT, LV, EE, UK, RU, UA, CZ, PL, RO, SE
    12. 12. Customer testimonials„New Vision are experts in the complex Retail IT systems.They can evaluate the problem’s impact on the businessprocesses, assign the correct task priority or just simply doconsulting via the phone. That’s the big advantage incomparison with the general helpdesk or call centercompanies.Andrius Šemeškevičius„RIMI Baltic" IT director
    13. 13. Call to Action Let’s talk Free diagnostics and customer-tailored presentations Visit Visit