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4 Killer Tricks to Maximize HTC Battery Any Moment


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Besides using HTC battery case, there are more of tricks, particularly 4 tricks, using which, one can easily boost the battery of his HTC phone at any moment.

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4 Killer Tricks to Maximize HTC Battery Any Moment

  1. 1. 4 Killer Tricks to Maximize HTC Battery Any Moment According to a survey, it was found that most of the customers keep looking for various tricks and tips for extending their phone’s battery life. However, it should be understood that the battery life of a phone, to some extent, depends on its usage by the beholder. Talk of any brand these days, say HTC, the smartphones have ‘n’ number of features and certain smart apps that consume a significant amount of mobile’s battery. It
  2. 2. is next to impossible to live without certain apps. But, you can still make sure that your phone’s battery never lets you down. If you are an HTC user, the following points might definitely help you: a)- Power Management  Adjust settings such as timeout, screen brightness, Auto- Sync and Wi-Fi. Press and hold open spot on your home screen, after that from the widgets drop-down list, select ‘Settings’ and then finally select ‘Power Dashboard.’  Software updates in your HTC phone might often include battery usage improvements. Go to Settings and then tap About > Software updates.  Figure out what’s consuming the most power, by monitoring the battery usage stats. [ Must Read: come-the-new-member-of-sony-xperia-family-in-india- today/ ]
  3. 3. b)- Settings for Syncing  Syncing the unused services continually adversely impact over the battery performance. Hence, most of the HTC Battery Case providers suggest for syncing only essential items and use such cases, at times when there is no source of power available.  While you are not travelling, it is advisable to sync the weather updates for only your current city. Tap Menu > Edit for removing the unnecessary cities from the Weather app. c)- Display Settings  Keep the screen brightness lower while listening to music over the lock screen. You can even set screen timeout for a shorter duration of time.  Tap Menu > Settings > Accessibility > Dim screen over the internet app. This will set your mobile to auto-dim option.
  4. 4.  Make sure that you create a Basic scene in all apps for the home screen. Choose non-animated wallpaper, eliminate any extra home panels and add your favorite shortcuts. While your phone’s power is going low, this basic scene will help you. You can switch to the regular home screen once the phone is properly charged. [ Read: Ways-to-Boost-iPhone-6s-and-6s-Plus-User-Experience- in-2015 ] d)- Settings for Wireless Connections  Usually, more power is consumed by the phone in low coverage areas. Hence, it is important to check the network signal and make appropriate mobile network settings.  Turn off Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi, when you do not need them. This will help you in maximizing the battery life. Simply slide the notifications panel, tap on Settings and disable the items.
  5. 5.  If you are connected to location services, then it might consume much of your phone’s battery. So, it is better to shut down the navigation app, when not in use, such as Locations and Maps. So, if you follow such tips and tricks, this would be assured that you are utilizing your phone’s battery quite smartly. On the other hand, it would be beneficial in boosting the battery life, giving more power to you and your HTC smartphone.
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