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Overview of Facebook Integration with Websites.

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White paper integration facebook

  1. 1. FACEBOOK INTEGRATION ON WEBSITES JENN KORELL NEW NECTAR MEDIAHouston -- Honolulu -- Paris • t e l e p h o n e : 3 0 7 - 2 5 6 - 9 9 2 9 • w w w. n e w n e c t a r. c o m
  2. 2. Online Resources:Facebook Developers Blog Great place to keep up with what Facebook has in store....Open Graph Overview of the open graphSocial Plugins Plugins like “like” , “recommendations” , etc... can be found hereFacebook Forums Question about something related to developing with Facebook? You may find the answer here.How to Create a Facebook Page Overview of how to create a Facebook pageNew Nectar Social Media Blog Our look at social mediaMashable Social Media Blog Mashable is the primary resource for keeping up with social media happeningsApplications Directory: AppsBistro a decent listing of some applications that can benefit businesses on Facebook GlossaryA) Facebook Page E) ApplicationsThis is the core tool for using Facebook as a business. “Apps” are used in many ways on Facebook. You canFrom a page, you can engage & interact with people who use an app to play a game -- or as a developer, you can“like” your page . Pages can be customized, provide use an application to pull information from your websiteanalytics, and can even be advertised on the FB plat- to FB via iframes. All sorts of out-of-the-box app solutionsform. also exist for businessesB) Facebook Profile F) Custom Facebook TabsThe personal profile is at the heart of Facebook. While These are created via the aforementioned “apps”. Theyyou’ll need a personal profile to create a business pres- can be anything from an image map to dynamic contentence (via “The Page”) you do not want to use the profile from your site or another site. Contests are common fea-as a business entity (e.g. “Joe’s Garage” as a “person” tures on custom tabs.on FB.) This violates the TOS and is not as robust as apage. G) Open Graph Facebook’s attempt to spread their API throughout theC) Newsfeed web. . This is phase one in Facebook’s attempt to ruleThe newsfeed is sort of the “personalized newspaper” of the world -- but it sure is awesome! The Open Graph hasFacebook. You get alerts on the newsfeed of what friends simple solutions (see social plugins below,) and it also& family are up to. Businesses also have access to the allows developers to come up with more unique ways tonewsfeed when people “like” their page. integrate their site with Facebook.D) iframes H) Social Pluginsiframes are now supported by Facebook. This is a big Part of the aforementioned attempt to take over thechange. Essentially, an iframe is a “frame” through which world. Social plugins are easy ways to add things like:you can view content from another source. As of March, likes, comments, recommendations, and login w/ FBFBML was replaced by iframes completely -- though ex-tantN e w N e c t a r M e d i a : w w w. n e w n e c t a r. c o m! Facebook Integration
  3. 3. NEW NECTAR MEDIA Why Create a Facebook Facebook Fan Page for your business? {Fan Page}Facebook Pages for Business: An OverviewThere are more than 500 A Facebook “Page” (or “Fan This type of “marketing” is or-million people on Face- Page”,) gives you the opportunity to ganic, real, and powerful for busi-book..... get your brand in front of people in nesses of all shapes and sizes.And that number grows everyday. a credible, trusted environment --It’s about more than quantity though surrounded by news, events, and-- it’s about the quality location that images they care about. This isn’tFacebook Pages can give you. advertising -- this is becoming a part In a Nutshell • Facebook users login to up- of an ongoing conversation! Newsfeed Overview 2 date their status & see what friends & family are up to. This info ap- This brings us to the next key to Word-of-mouth Overview 2 pears in the “newsfeed.” the tremendous potential of Face- • Businesses can publish directly book. Word-of-mouth marketing The Tools of Pages 3 to that same valuable “newsfeed.” takes place online when people • This gives you the potential to share information about your busi- Best Practices 3 be right in the heart of what your ness with their friends & acquain- current & potential clients care tances on Facebook and other on- most about! That’s powerful. line platforms. 281-713-6442 N e w N e c t a r M e d i a : w w w. n e w n e c t a r. c o m! Facebook Integration
  4. 4. fan pages {using the power!}Social media marketing is powerful stuff.Let’s explore the two biggest opportunities on Facebook. Friends, Family, & YOU!The Newsfeed : As we mentioned earlier, Facebook users login to the social network to interact with friends & family and share information about themselves. This information can be im- portant or trivial -- and it can be in the form of a status update, a news link, a photo, or even a “like”. Users also view & interact with the information their friends & family share with them. All of this info & interaction occurs in the “newsfeed” -- Facebook’s equivalent of a real-time newspaper featuring news and updates about the people and things you care most about. The best part of all of this is that your page’s updates will go directly to the newsfeeds of people who “like” your page. How’s that for a prime location? Straight from the Horse’s Mouthword-of-mouth-marketing Here’s a likely scenario: Jenn has a great cup of espresso from her new espresso maker. She posts this info on her Facebook. She isn’t intentionally trying to promote a product -- she’s just sharing info with her friends on Facebook. Word-of-mouth marketing like this is common -- just like this type of info-sharing is common offline as well. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful force for businesses on Facebook. Whether it comes in the form of a status update, a comment, a photo, or a “like” -- it’s a credible endorsement of your product, brand, or service! N e w N e c t a r M e d i a : w w w. n e w n e c t a r. c o m! Facebook Integration
  5. 5. fan pages {the tools} The WallBest Practices: This is the place you share your updates, news links, etc.. that are then pushed to the all-important newsfeed. This is also where fans can post directly to you.Is there a right orwrong way to use InfoFacebook as a busi- This is a tab where you can share basic info about your business -- including hours,ness? location, and website.1. Use a Page vs. a Profile Notes Pages have been created specificallyfor businesses by Facebook. Face- Another default Facebook page tab that allows you to write & share short notes.book’s Terms of Services (TOS) makesit a violation to use a personal profile Custom Tabsfor your business presence. Custom Facebook applications allow you to add unique tabs. These tabs can be static2. Be Real. or dynamic and display anything from basic brochure info to product listings.Facebook is an ongoing conversationbetween real people. You should treatyour Facebook posts as an opportunity Applicationsto participate in the conversation and Apps can be used to create anything from the custom tabs mentioned above toeven interject new thoughts, ideas,information, or opportunities. You games, quizzes, promotions, contests, you name it! Almost anything is possible.should not treat your Facebook pageas an opportunity to recycle marketingor promotional material. Facebook Advertisingusers don’t want to be “spammed” or Ads on Facebook can be tied directly to a page or to an outside website. They can be“blasted” with your promotional info -- targeted to users based on their likes, interests, location, and demographic informa-they want to engage in a dialoguewith you. tion. An ad campaign can be set up with multiple versions of the copy and with a daily budget. We recommend ads that are CPC (cost-per-click,) instead of per impres-3. ListenIf you are lucky enough to have inter- sion.action with your page -- listen & re-spond when applicable. Analytics:4. Respect Facebook provides information on who is looking & interacting with your page.On Facebook and other social mediaplatforms -- the voice of the individualcan sometimes be as powerful as thatof a corporation. Respect that this and Widgets & Open Graph Integrationother new mediums give everyone avoice. Widgets allow integration between Facebook and your page. Likewise, the “open graph” allows the integration of “like” & “share” buttons on your page. Comments and other types of integration between your web content and Facebook are possible. N e w N e c t a r M e d i a : w w w. n e w n e c t a r. c o m! Facebook Integration
  6. 6. fan pages {checklist} Step 1:You, yourself, & Create a page. You can do this from the Facebook homepage before you login -- or,your page: from any page on Facebook (look on the bottom-left.) Step 2:When are you interacting Some things can be changed -- some can’t. When setting up your page, think long &on FB as yourself, and when hard about the name (which cannot be changed after a certain point,) but rememberare you interacting as your that info, profile images, etc... can be changed later.page? Step 3:1. You must click over to “use Face- Try to match the branding of your website with your FB page. Use a logo, and includebook as page,” the right colors & copy where applicable.Once you select this option (which canbe found on the right side of your Step 4:page,) everything you do on Face- Reach out. Once your page is created, share it with friends & family. While you ulti-book will be done as the “page.” mately want to have mostly customers & clients -- your immediate FB network is a2. Profile & Newsfeed will change good place to start.when you are a pageWhen you are acting as the page -- Step 5:your profile & newsfeed will be page- Spread the word. Add the link to your Facebook page to your email signature. Beginspecific. You will no longer see yourpersonal information. integrating FB in newsletters, promotional materials, and within your website itself.3. You can go back to being “you” at Step 6:any time! Interact. You may choose to add admins to your page to increase the number ofYou will have the option to “use Face-book as” yourself at any time. You can people posting & interacting. You can do this under “edit page.” Whether it’s justselect this option from the right side of you -- or you & a team -- it’s important to interact & engage with people on your pagethe page, or from the drop-downmenu. and on other pages as well. Some people find it helpful to set up a time each day to checkin with Facebook.4. There is a time to be the “page”and a time to be “yourself” Step 7:While personal activities will obviouslybe done as “you” -- there are some Always be on the lookout. As you’re perusing the web for work or pleasure -- taketimes when it’s best to be “you” onyour page as well! note of links, videos, images, etc... that might be valuable on your Facebook page.Facebook is about communicating and Information is one of the most valuable things you can share with your “fans.”engaging. Have a personality is ac-ceptable! It’s up to you when you want Step 8:to engage as the page -- and when Be patient. You won’t have a million fans at first. That’s okay! It takes time.you want to do so as you.Some basic tips would be: a.) make allposts and link-sharing as the page, b.) Step 9:“like” and comment on things as your-self when it feels appropriate. Experiment & learn. The more time you spend on Facebook (either as an individual or a page,) the more you’ll learn about what works & what doesn’t when it comes to in- teracting N e w N e c t a r M e d i a : w w w. n e w n e c t a r. c o m! & engaging. Never stop learning -- and know thataexperimentationi isnokay! F cebook Integrat o
  7. 7. NEW NECTAR MEDIA AN INTRODUCTION Who We Are: New Nectar is a passionate team of creatives, marketing pros, & techni- cal web wizards focused on one goal: cre- ating a seamless online package that at- tracts, interacts, & engages. Who We Work With: We work with com- panies across the gamut -- from large or- ganizations to small consultants. The uniting theme? Our clients want to be a part of the online conversation & they arenʼt afraid to rethink whatʼs possible. How We Work: We get down & dirty. Whether itʼs a site redesign, a Facebook appl, or a brand-new web presence, we learn who are clients are & who they want to engage in conversation. What An Online Presence Should Do: Meet your new employee -- your online presence! Your sales, marketing, PR, & ad departments all just gained a bright & shiny (& incredibly earnest) new addition. Your online presence will work for you 24 /7. It will meet your potential customers where they are -- whether itʼs a search engine like Google or a social networking site like Facebook. This is your new employee of the month -- every month.CLICKABLE FINDABLE SOCIAL MOBILEInteractive Web Design that 95% of people find what Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, What does your web pres-is user friendly and effective. they’re looking for on the YouTube... We know the ence look like on a mobileAll our sites are also built first page of Google search tools-- & we also know Social device? Mobile is now a keywith a content management results. That means you Media marketing is about a lot part of your online market-system at their core that need to be very findable. We more than the platforms. We ing. We create an effectivemakes site management a use SEO to get you ranked. focus on creating integrated, mobile presence for yourbreeze. effective campaigns. business New Nectar Media Houston * Honolulu * Paris www.newnectar.com 307-245-9929 jenn@newnectar.com