Safeguard your Brands with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions


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The technological upgrade available today has provided the business world with opportunities to market their products and services both at the local and global marketplace.

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Safeguard your Brands with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

  1. 1. Safeguard your Brands with Anti­Counterfeiting SolutionsThe technological upgrade available today has provided the business world with opportunities tomarket their products and services both at the local and global marketplace. The growth of theInternet has facilitated the use of e-commerce and social networking sites, emails, blogs andauction sites that offer possibilities for brand promotion and selling to a larger audience. In thebargain the enterprises with a web presence become more susceptible to cyber crime attacks ascyber criminals also make use of the online marketplace to deploy their malicious activities suchas counterfeiting, Phishing, and search engine manipulation.Counterfeiting is an activity that makes fake replicas of products, often produced and sold with theintention to take advantage of the market value of the original product. Used to describe forgeriesof currency, documents, work of arts, toys, clothing as well as software, this mainly affects theelectronic products, pharmaceuticals, and luxury products. This activity erodes the brandreputation and has an adverse effect on the brand equity of the enterprise and at times can be lifethreatening irrespective of the industry vertical. With counterfeiting causing such serious damageto the business, enterprises need to take up effective measures such as anti-counterfeitingsolutions to secure their environment and IT infrastructure from the activities of cyber criminals.Because of the vast reach of the Internet it may not be practically possible to completely stopcounterfeiting activity affecting the brand reputation. Though governments are working to bringabout solutions to tackle the counterfeiting issues, enterprises need to deploy anti-counterfeitingsolutions and strategies that can protect their brands from counterfeiters. A successfulanti-counterfeiting strategy is one that has several quantitative techniques incorporated to ensureprotection of the brands. Leading service providers of brand protection solutions offeranti-counterfeiting solutions along with brand monitoring solutions to help enterprises face the
  2. 2. challenges posed by counterfeiters.However, with todays counterfeiters being skilled, leading service providers offer globalenterprise anti-counterfeiting solutions that are intelligent, intuitive and one that spans acrossthe length and breadth of the enterprise. The cohesive anti-counterfeiting solutions helpenterprises with effective brand management through ● Trademark protection by confiscating of counterfeit goods ● Protecting intellectual property by working with trade groups having common interests ● Deploying Anti-counterfeiting solutions that facilitates global monitoring of e-commerce for actionable intelligenceOffered as software-as-a service anti counterfeiting solution helps enterprises encounter thecounterfeiters with end-to-end brand protection and real-time monitoring of the sources.Read More About: Enterprise Risk Management, Anti-Fraud, Gray Market.