Protecting your brand from the counterfeiting threat


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Brand Protection is a key element for any successful company. A company's brand and trademark are worth protecting for the sake of employees, existing and prospective clients, and the future of the company.

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Protecting your brand from the counterfeiting threat

  1. 1. Protecting Your Brand From The Counterfeiting ThreatBrand Protection is a key element for any successful company. A companys brand and trademark areworth protecting for the sake of employees, existing and prospective clients, and the future of thecompany. The brand is one of the most important assets for every organization and like any otherasset they need to be protected. Organizations irrespective of the type of business, normally spendsmillions of dollars and years of hard work to develop their brand. However, as soon as they make it,counterfeiters come along and steal their intellectual property. One of the most visible aspects ofenterprise brand protection is the constant battle against the counterfeiters. Any successful brandruns the risk of someone producing a replica product using their styling, design or colors.An organization’s brand not only comprises of its trademark, but also its product range, trade dressand its marketing strategy. The intellectual property being one of the most critical components ofintangible assets that a company owns, it is essential to secure the brand from the adverse effects oftrademark and brand valuation and other forms of brand abuse. Today there are many who don’tunderstand the effects that theft of intellectual property have on a company. It not only representspotential lost sales, but also diminishes the value and truly tarnishes the brand. The bottom line isthat you are taking someone else’s property without their permission. Theft is a theft.Why protection solutions have become a necessityThe counterfeiting industry is booming and it’s not just the consumer goods market that is affected.Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in counterfeit prescription drugs, car parts, andtechnology such as cell phone batteries flooding the market. Its important that any company that isinvesting in its brand make the effort to monitor their company, brand, product and executive namesonline. With counterfeiting of goods being a huge problem for businesses, effectiveanti-counterfeiting solutions are essential. As more companies outsource production to foreign
  2. 2. countries, they lose control of their designs, plans, processes, trademarks and copyrights. The reasonmanufacturers work so hard to combat the counterfeiters is to protect their brand and keep theirreputation for a quality product.Choose the right solutionIn order to overcome these issues, solution providers have come up with brand protection solutions.These solutions operate from a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform offering a dynamic day-to-dayvisibility into a huge selection of market intelligence data that can be utilized to recognize suspectproducts and companies. This visibility helps in taking proactive measures to combat counterfeitingbefore it impacts the company’s bottom line. Ensure your brand retains its equity in the face ofinfringement, choose your brand protection solution wisely.Read More About: enterprise risk management, brand management, gray market